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Time to relax and while away a moment or two with some frivolous entertainment.  Funny jokes, jigsaws, quizzes and horoscope's.  Not that it is all Trivia, there is some useful bits of information.  So why is this part of the site called Trivia, well quite a number of visitors have made it known that they feel a good part of the Community site is about facts and figures.  So in response to these requests we hope to serve up a more light hearted section.  Not that it is all frivolous, some sections are we feel quite informative.  For instance the page on Healthy Choices gives the reader information that is difficult to find at times unless you visit your local health centre regularly.

Now for the bits that are not useful but provide some light hearted entertainment.  The Quizzes section has something to offer for all ages and level of expertise.  There are the usual suspects Football, Entertainment, General Knowledge and more Sport plus prizes on a selection of quizzes.  But over the coming months we intend to release quizzes on more varied subjects.  Then there is the Jigsaw pages made up from things to do with Skeffling.  If you just want to be cheered up then there is the funny Joke’s pages sent in from readers.  Or how about finding out what the stars have in store for us at the Horoscope section.

Apologies now if the team of researchers at the Skeffling Community website have not answered all the questions correctly, but as it is done on a voluntary basis please bear with us.  Let us know of any mistakes and any suggestions you have for making this section more to your liking please e-mail

I’m off to see what the

stars have in forecast for

us today Barney!!

Mountain Biking 2c

Huh!  These quizzes

Are unhealthy.  I’m off for a ride on the bank top

What can I say.  Except can you give us a clue Toni!!!