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Being a Skeffling village resident

this is my view of our small community.

August 2009:

The website has now grown from an initial six pages to over one hundred pages, with the inclusion of the Parish Plan which was delivered to all villagers in February 2009.  Editions of the Skeffling Newsletter from 2007 to the present have now been added (thanks go to the Parish Council for the Parish Plan and Ms Toni Cornford for their kind permissions in reproducing their work).

The reasons for the reproduction of the Parish Plan (an almost exact copy of the printed version) was because when the Steering Group were looking for examples of how other parishes had compiled their Plans, it proved to be a long and laborious process having to download PDF versions for comparison purposes.  This is why in my version you are able to see each page immediately (if you have ever downloaded a PDF document you’ll know why).

The Skeffling Newsletter is reproduced so that it can reach a wider audience. Demand for the printed version has grown considerably over the years and as the  Newsletter  is  produced  on  a  voluntary basis  and  at  personal cost to Ms Cornford circulation has been limited to nearby villages.  The electronic version can now be read on-line on the website, or e-mailed on request.  With the inclusion of the latest edition it has tripled the number of new and returning visitors to the website and is growing month by month.

Due to growing demand from visitors to be able to have their say on the site, Skeffling Chatter was set up for this purpose.  This is my attempt to make the contents of the website more inclusive and reflect the views of all villagers.

We now have several bloggers associated with the website and new contributors are always welcome.

Recent additions to the website has been the inclusion of a Guestbook page, here visitors can say what they think about the site and how it can be improved.  Any reasonable suggestions will be explored and possibly implemented.  The same facility is available on the Skeffling Chatter page.  Also we are experimenting with a Buy & Sell page where the community can offer their used items for sale. We have endeavoured to make these two pages as user friendly as possible, you only have to give the details that you want to and there is no registration needed to use this service.

With the recession still ongoing we offer a free facility for small local trades people to advertise their talents on the local info page, and encourage visitors to use their services were possible.

The website is continually looking for ways to offer more services.  So if you have any suggestions or would like more information on any of the articles, please telephone me on (01964) 650645, or send an

March 2009:

When I embarked on building this website it was my first attempt at creating a presence on the World Wide Web for Skeffling.  After scouring the Internet I realised there was very little information out there which was relevant to us as a village.

Apologies for the fact that our website address has no mention of Skeffling. It’s not there because the site was set up initially for the benefit of family and friends who lived some distance away, also to practice and enhance my own computer knowledge of how websites were constructed.  I did not at that time envisage the site as a village forum.

For those that would like to see a pictorial view of Skeffling and its inhabitants please follow the link on the left.

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