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Intro. Who, What & Where. Parish Council. Photo Albums. Newsletter. Local Info. Trivia. Blogosphere.


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Skeffling Newsletter


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Skeffling Newsletter

Skeffling Community Information

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Editor's Apology...

Sorry Skeffling News is late this month.  After a week in Kent visiting my three boys I arrived home with a very nasty chest infection and spent most of the following week asleep on the sofa when I wasn't swallowing antibiotics and steroids!

The medication has now done its work and I'm desperately trying to catch up.

I hope this issue has something for everyone. There's quite a lot happening in Skeffling during the next month, so pens at the ready for filling in your social calendar.

Barn Dance

There are still a few tickets left for the Barn Dance on Friday, 29th October.  Doors open at 7.30pm and the fun starts at 8.  Supper will be cottage pie and veg followed by superb calorie free cream puds.  Tickets are £9 for adults, £4 for children and £22 for a family ticket which is 2 adults and 2 children.

Numbers have been restricted for the Barn Dance to allow for a decent sized dance floor.  All of you who came to the last one will know what to expect and be ready for a fun-packed evening with plenty of laughs.  If you don't want to dance, you'll certainly want to tap your feet to the Country and Western music.  You can even sing along if the mood takes you.

If you'd like to donate anything for the raffle the Village Hall committee would be most grateful for your contributions.

Proceeds from the evening will go towards the spectacular fireworks for Bonfire Night.

Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes and your own booze.

Bonfire Night

This year Bonfire Night will be on 5th November!  Now there's a surprise.  It's a Friday, and promises to be a stupendous success.

Proceeds from the Barn Dance will go towards the fireworks and the Skeffling T'ai Chi Group have donated £100.  If you'd like to make a contribution there will be donations buckets in the Village Hall on the night, but please don't bring your own fireworks we've got plenty!

There'll be a BBQ, and home-made soup, tea, coffee and soft drinks available in the Village Hall.

Bring the kids and come and have a good time.  You can even have your supper while watching the firework display.

The BBQ will be ready about 6.30pm and the fireworks will start to light up the night sky soon after...

Welwick Xmas Auction

This is the 47th year of the Welwick Xmas Auction, and it promises to be a good one.

It will be held at Welwick Village    Hall    on   Friday,

12th November starting at 8pm.

As usual there will be a bar, and if you've missed your supper food will be on sale.

All proceeds will be divided between five charities which include a heart charity, a kidney charity, Baby Unit, Eastend Cancer and St. Mary's Church, Welwick.  We all know someone who's been helped by one of these charities and it's nice to be able to put something back.

Welwick Xmas Auction is always a lot of fun, but be warned, the auctioneers have no conscience about parting you from your money.  Well, they've been doing it for 46 years and have learned a few nifty tricks over all that time. And they do it brilliantly. Their expertise raises thousands of pounds for charity every year, and we're very proud of them...

Coffee Morning

Trev, from Easington, is holding a coffee morning at Easington Community Centre on Saturday, 20th November at 10am.  The proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of St. Helen's Church, Skeffling.

If anyone would like to contribute raffle and tombola prizes could they please deliver them on the 18th or 19th November to 1 Coast Guard Cottages, Easington.

Housing Benefit

Times are getting hard and    everyone    is   being

asked to tighten their belts. For a lot of families this is asking a lot, but there is help available and a simple phone call could make life a little bit easier.

Did you know that 50% of working people who are entitled to Housing Benefit are not claiming it...

Could you be one of them?   The benefits system can be a minefield, but it's money you are entitled to.  If you think you might be eligible for one or more benefit call 0800 915 0381.  It's the Benefit and Money Advice Service run by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and they're there to help you.  More than that, they want to help.

If you'd prefer to send them an email it's: benefit.takeup@eastriding. gov.uk.

The staff are helpful and maybe you just might be entitled to some extra help. Why not give them a ring, you won't know if you're eligible if you don't ask...

Anniversary Party

If you're thinking of giving the love of your life a surprise Anniversary party have a word with Stephanie Simpson.

20th September was Stephanie and Karl's 2nd Wedding Anniversary and Stephanie wanted to make it a special one.  With a sweet, tender smile she suggested to Karl that they go to Ben & Jerry's for spare ribs to mark the occasion.  Karl innocently booked the table for Saturday  which  Stephanie

Page 2

immediately had to cancel before she could start planning their special night....

The guests were invited, venue booked, food organised, and the disco arranged.  With the help of her brother Steve and various family members an elaborate texting code was put in place to alert the guests Stephanie and Karl were on their way.

Guests assembled in the Village Hall by 7.30 leaving Stephanie to get Karl there while keeping the secret intact.

The tension mounted as everyone counted down to the 8pm deadline.  The Village Hall was dark and silent, ready for the surprise.

On a very flimsy pretext Stephanie told Karl she needed to pick something up at the Village Hall before they went for their pre-arranged dinner at Ben & Jerry's.

Coded text messages flew back and fore.  Then came the final message; "Leaving now!"

Lights out, silence asked for, and the wait began. Even the children didn't utter a word.

Then we heard the door being unlocked and every breath was held!  The door opened, Steve flicked a switch, disco lights flashed as Stephanie walked in and the strains of Cliff Richard singing Congratulations filled the room.

Karl looked stunned, amazed and thoroughly delighted.  The party was underway.

You have to hand it to Stephanie, she knows how to put on a party.  So if you want some ideas just ask her.  It took a lot of organising and Karl didn't suspect a thing!  One last little snippet.  The 2nd Anniversary is Cotton. Karl's       present       from

Stephanie was a cotton T-shirt, on the front was printed:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, and on the back: I'M GOING TO SEE ROGER WATERS.

For the uninitiated Roger Waters is part of Pink Floyd and the present included tickets to the concert!  Have you ever seen a really, happy man. Karl couldn't stop smiling. His present to Stephanie was a very beautiful garnet ring.  Garnet is the gemstone for the 2nd Anniversary.

This is one lovely romantic couple.  Good luck to both of you for the future, may it be a long, and very happy one...

Keeping Children Safe

Are you a young person aged between 16 and 19?


Are you aged over 50 and currently volunteer with, or want to volunteer with children and young people?

If the answer to either of these questions is YES, then YOU are invited to take part in a select consultation, exploring issues around keeping children and their communities safe.

This information will then go towards forming part of a national consultation to inform future government initiatives.

The event takes place on Wednesday, 3rd November 2010 between 10.30am and 3pm at The Lawns, Harland Way, Cottingham.

For more information, or to book your place, please contact Detty Tylor on 01482 871077, email: detty@ervas.org.uk.

If you would like to be a part of this consultation please hurry and book your place as they are very limited.

Hiring Fees for Village Hall

If you're looking for a good venue      for     a     special celebration, Skeffling Village Hall is available for hire at very reasonable rates.  There is a fully equipped kitchen and chairs and tables to seat up to 100.

Social events are £5 per hour.

Business events are £10 per hour.

All day events are £75 per day.

To book the Village Hall please ring Julie Newsam on 01964 650069.

Police Surgery

This month the Police Surgery will be held on Monday, 15 November  - 6pm -7pm

If you have any concerns the police at the surgery will be more than happy to help you.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesday, 20 October and 3 November. It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

It's very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as an electric bill and something with your signature on, and that's it. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and if you'd prefer to listen instead of read,  there's a wide selection of audio tapes and CDs which are free of charge.

Blue Bin Days

Blue bin collection is on Thursday, 28th October.

If you'd like to be absolutely positive you don't miss it, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message. It's a free service and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due. To get this service text 'Blue' to 07786 201286.

Brown Bin Days

The next brown bin collections will be on Thursday 21st October and Thursday  4th November.

Need a Gardener...

Edward is available in the evening from 4pm for gardening and maintenance.  Give him a ring on 07527 858786 for an estimate.  His rates are reasonable, and his work is first class.  Edward is also a dab hand at bespoke metalwork.  If you've got ideas for an arch, ornaments, in fact anything, why not give Edward a ring and discuss it with him.

Window Cleaning

If you've been looking for a window cleaner, there's a window cleaner who's been looking for you!

The company is FEENEY CLEAN, and they do the lot: windows, fascias, soffits, gutter cleaning and clearance.  Conservatory roofs and paintwork is one of their specialities.

If you'd like to know more the telephone number is 01964 615892, and the mobile number is 07738 116127.

Dates for your Diary

Brown Bin Days - Thursdays, 21st October and 4th November

Blue Bin Day - Thursday 28th October

Police Surgery - Monday, 15th November 6 - 7pm Mobile Library - Wednesday, 20th October and 3rd November

Barn Dance - Village Hall, Friday, 29th October, 7.30pm

Bonfire Night - Friday, 5th November, 6.30pm Welwick Xmas Auction - 12th November, 8pm Easington Coffee Morning - Saturday, 20th November, 10am

Xmas Fayre - Village Hall, Saturday, 27th November, 11am

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