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Intro. Who, What & Where. Parish Council. Photo Albums. Newsletter. Local Info. Trivia. Blogosphere.


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Skeffling Newsletter


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Skeffling Newsletter

Skeffling Community Information

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David Small

1932 - 2010

It was with extreme sadness we learned of the sudden unexpected death of David Small.

At his funeral Colin described his father as 'a proud Scot', and anyone who's been to Burns Night will heartily agree.

David was born in rural Scotland and from a very early age developed a love for horses and the countryside.  When, at the age of 16, he moved to Hull to live with relatives he couldn't settle into the bustle of city life.

June first came into David's life when she was 11.  She'd gone to Scotland on holiday and David was just one of the crowd she played with.  David remembered her though, and when he moved to Hull found June was living just a few streets away.

David worked as a butcher until his  National Service when he was 18, When his call up came he joined the 17th/21st Lancers, spending the first year driving tanks.  Then he was given the opportunity to return to his childhood love, taking care of the officers horses.  David kept his links with the regiment and the men he served with all his life.

Returning to Hull his friendship with June deepened into love and two years later they were married.  The children soon followed, Steven, Colin and Sue. David, by this time, had  turned   his  talents  to

driving and worked as a long distance lorry driver. He had a passion for driving and when the children were small he bought a caravan. Holidays were spent touring, frequently returning to David's beloved Scotland.  Eventually David bought his own truck which was his pride and joy.

Hull, however, wasn't the countryside and, when he could, David moved his family to Keyingham.

When Sue and Mike moved to Skeffling David and June were frequent visitors.  On one visit David spotted a bungalow for sale and his dream of moving back to a rural lifestyle came true.

They both quickly became part of the community and were a lively addition to Skeffling life.  When the wind turbine work began David arrived in his overalls eager to help. His offer was greeted with thanks, but his health wasn't too good so he was put in charge of tea making!

Hogmanay was David's favourite time of year, and Burns Night gave him the opportunity to display his Scottish roots to the full. He wore his kilt with pride, and as he followed the haggis being piped into the Village Hall the love of his homeland was there for all to see.

Fate brought June and David together, and they both believed it was meant to be.  Their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are a true testament   to    the  power

love and destiny can play in our lives.

David Small really was 'a proud Scot' and he'll be sadly missed by his family and many friends.

Roy Harrison

1935 - 2010

Roy was evacuated to Lincolnshire during the war, and suffered hard times. He had fond memories of his big sister pushing his pram but they were split up many times to go to different households.

As a teenager he joined the Royal Horse Guards, 'The Blues', where he excelled as a horseman.

When he left the army Roy went to Monte Carlo with £20. He had incredibly good luck and won a great deal of money which he had a very good time spending.  He thought he could only take the original £20 home, but at the border was told there was no limit on how much he could take out of the country. He said his winnings could have made him very well off.

Roy met Shirley who worked in a bakery.  It was love at first sight, and Roy put on quite a few pounds buying buns so he could see her. They married and bought Weeton House Farm in 1960 where they lived happily, and very much in love.

Both Roy and Shirley loved horses and when Roy took up show jumping he competed with the elite such as Harvey Smith and David Broome. His favourite horse   was  the magnificent   'Smokey  Joe'

on which he beat the best, including Harvey Smith, on quite a few occasions. At one time he was offered a blank cheque for Smokey, but Roy wouldn't sell.

While Roy did many things in his life, Shirley quietly pursued her love of endurance riding.

Shirley was the organiser of the family, Roy the entrepreneur. When Shirley died 11 years ago Roy was heartbroken.  Life wasn't life without her.

Roy was diagnosed with throat cancer in December 2008. When he had chemotherapy he proudly defied  the doctors and kept his hair!

Unfortunately he never really recovered and was readmitted to hospital in December 2009 where he died on 30 April 2010.

Roy was a very laid back character, an unstoppable storyteller with a great sense of humour. He will be greatly missed by his many friends.

St. Helen's Update

Phase I of the Church Restoration Programme has now been completed by architects, archaeologists, etc.

The Parochial Church Council wish to thank all who have helped financially, so enabling this amount to be met in full.  £20,000 is still needed for Phase II.

In addition, thanks must go to James Robinson who has organised repairs to be carried out to a vandalised gravestone, and to the stonemasons  involved who

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have undertaken this work free of charge.

Help for Stroke Victims

A timely reminder that intrepid bikers Mike Turnbull and Gaz Watts are well on course to undertake their marathon 220 mile bike ride from the West to the East Coast.  They've been training hard and are looking forward to the challenge.    They'll be taking the cycle route along the Trans Pennine Way, only rarely touching tarmac roads.  Not an easy route and a bit bumpy in places!

Everything they need for the week long trip will be stored in panniers. Even the tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment including pots and pans.

Mike's reason for doing this is to raise money to help the Stroke Ward at Hull Royal Infirmary buy a desperately needed scanner. And Gaz is doing it because he wants to!  He also thinks it's a very worthwhile cause because of the excellent work the Stroke Ward do.  We're with you on that, Gaz.

A lot of people have already signed up to sponsor Mike and Gaz, and sponsorship forms are available from Sue at the Post Office.  If you'd prefer give Sue or Mike a ring on 650330 and pledge your donation.

The dynamic duo are setting off from Southport on Monday 24th May and,

weather permitting, arriving back in Hornsea on Friday.

Next month's Skeffling News will give you an update on how they did, and, no doubt, a few amusing anecdotes.  Those two will never get through a whole week without something daft happening.

Good luck to you both, and bon voyage...

Naming Ceremony Invite

On Saturday, 12th June there will be a Naming Ceremony for little Adelaide Simpson.  Her parents, Stephanie and Karl Simpson would like to invite you all to be there to help them celebrate this special occasion.

The venue is Church House, Humber Lane, Skeffling,and the ceremony begins at 3pm.  Hopefully it will be a lovely sunny day so the ceremony and celebration party can be held in the garden.  During the afternoon there will be a variety of acts, and during the evening there's a band.

Stephanie is providing a full hot buffet for everyone, but could you please bring your own booze!

The celebration is open to everyone, so if you'd like to be there to witness the Naming of baby Adelaide please ring Stephanie on  650633 and let her know.

First Aid Course

Action has begun to implement work outlined in

the Parish Plan.  Residents were asked if they wanted an Emergency Team in Skeffling and 48 of them answered yes.

Part of this is to establish a First Responder scheme. This will ensure that if a health emergency arises a trained First Aider will be contacted when an ambulance is dispatched. They will give assistance and support until the paramedics arrive.

Chris Brooke has been looking into First Aid Courses available and has found one which would suit us.  There are two parts, a 3 hour course in First Aid and a 3 hour course in CPR. (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).  The course costs £252 which will be equally divided between each trainee.  There is a minimum requirement of 10 trainees, which means each person paying £25 for the training and a recognised certificate.  With more than 10 people the cost per person reduces.

Before the course can be booked we need to know how many people would be interested in taking part. Attached to Skeffling News is a form which asks for simple details, so if you would like to be a part of this innovative scheme please fill it in and return it as soon as you can. Details are on the form.

Taking the First Aid Course does not mean you must sign up to being a First Responder. You might want to take the course to be better able to deal with accidents in the home where many things happen which are not serious but still need simple treatment.

Poppy Appeal

Final figures have just been received of last year's poppy appeal.  You generous people contributed £110.97.  A big

thank you from Yvonne Atkinson, who sells the poppies.

Bronze Award Girl

It's a real pleasure to write about teenagers who've done good!  So big congratulations to Shauna Nicholson on receiving the Bronze Award in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

To win the award Shauna had to excel in three different activities.  Skill - for this  Shauna chose singing.  Volunteering - this was achieved by raising over £100 for the RNLI.  Finally, Expedition - this involved camping out overnight, planning a route then walking it over difficult and unfamiliar terrain without getting lost.

Well done, Shauna, enjoy your success.

Dates for your Diary

Brown Bin Days - Thursday 20 May, Friday 4 June

Blue Bin Day  - Friday 14 May, Thursday 10 June Police Surgery - Wednesday, 26 May, 4-5pm


Welwick Quiz Night

Saturday, 5th June is a date to circle in red on your calendar.  It's the date of the Welwick Quiz Night.  Even if you don't get all the answers right, it's always a lot of fun!

It's at Welwick Village Hall, 7.30 for 8pm.  There's a bar and supper, so you won't get hungry or thirsty!

Good luck...

Editor's Apologies

Sorry I've left out some regular items, but I thought it important to pay tribute to David Small and Roy Harrison.


As from Monday 17 May, GREEN BINS will now be collected on FRIDAYS.

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