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Intro. Who, What & Where. Parish Council. Photo Albums. Newsletter. Local Info. Trivia. Blogosphere.


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Skeffling Newsletter


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Skeffling Newsletter

Skeffling Community Information

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Thank You...

On behalf of  herself and the whole family, June Small would like to thank everyone most sincerely for the wonderful support they received following Dave's sudden death.  The many cards, letters and flowers brought comfort to them all through a very difficult time.

Thank you, too, to Rev. Stephen Cope for such a lovely service.  His words and prayers helped the family very much during what was a very sad day.

Charity Bike Ride

Congratulations to Mike and Gaz.  They did it!  All 220 miles of the Trans Pennine Trail.

A welcoming committee cheered them back at Hornsea on Saturday, 28th May, about 3pm, looking fit and well.

"It was a great week," Mike told me.  "And we're still talking to each other!" The bike ride was Mike's idea.   Following  his stroke

in July last year Mike was so pleased with the care he received on the Stroke Ward of Hull Royal Infirmary he wanted to raise money towards a much needed scanner for the ward.  His target was £1,000, but with the generosity of the many sponsors it's exceeded that amount.

Mike and Gaz set off from Stockport on the Monday morning and were getting quite worried they wouldn't achieve their mileage for the day.  It took them all morning to cover just six miles.  However, once outside the built up area they soon made it up, and thoroughly enjoyed their long journey.  Fortunately the weather was good, especially as they were pitching tents every night.

For those of you who know about these things, they had to get a stamp at various points throughout the Trail to prove they'd done it.  A minimum of 5 stamps is required, but being  a  dedicated  pair  of

lads Mike and Gaz got 13!

They hit their first snag on Sunday night.  The plan was to stay at a local camp site and set off early in the morning.  Unfortunately, the site had stopped letting people pitch tents, so they slept on the beach. Undeterred, they were at the Eco Centre at 8am to get their first stamp and set off on the start of their gruelling 220 mile bike ride.

During the week they met some great people, had a lot of laughs, and were stunningly impressed by the countryside and architecture they saw along the way.  It was the Victorian viaducts which intrigued Mike the most.

"They're massive structures," he said enthusiastically.  "I kept thinking of the people who built them and the tools they used.  Nothing like we have today. And they're still standing.   Absolutely amazing!"

During the week they saw and experienced so much I've persuaded them to write a travelogue of their experiences which will be put on Skeffling Community Website along with the photos Gaz took.

As a celebration of their achievement Mike has organised a special Hog Roast at Skeffling Village Hall.  There will be no charge, but there will be a donations box.  Please see the next item for details.

This venture has certainly whetted Mike's appetite. He's now thinking of a new challenge for next year.

Special Hog Roast

To celebrate the completion of the Trans Pennine Trail bike ride, Mike has organised a special Hog Roast at the Village Hall on Friday, 11th June.

For this special event there is no entrance fee, but everyone will be asked to make a donation to the Stroke Ward fund.

In fact, absolutely everything has been generously donated so at the end of the night whatever's in the donations box will be added to the sponsorship money already collected.

And that's not all!

There's entertainment, too.  A motley crew, locally known as 'The Pub Lads' - aka Charles Hill, Richard Newsam, Guy Moxon and Andy Wells - will provide the music and laughs.  For those of you who didn't know we had such talent in the village, I have heard them and they're pretty good.

It's an 'open mic', so if you fancy jamming along with The Pub Lads, you'd be very welcome.

Sounds like a good night. If you'd like to be there it's at the Village Hall and starts about 7.30pm.  Need I say - bring your own booze!

Paul Swann's Day

Paul Swann was our T'ai Chi Instructor, and his death last August was a great loss.  After his funeral the Skeffling T'ai Chi Group

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wanted to donate a contemplative bench to the village in Paul's memory. This idea, however, soon escalated and has now become an afternoon for Paul's family and many friends to celebrate his life.

For this reason Paul's mother, Barbara, would like to invite anyone who knew Paul to the celebrations. The venue is Skeffling Village Hall, the date is 19th June, and the time is 3pm.

The afternoon will be in two parts.  The first part will be to carry out Paul's wishes to have his ashes scattered in Skeffling.  The second part will be to commemorate a special custom made bench in Paul's memory.  This will be followed by a buffet tea in the Village Hall.

If you were one of Paul's students, or a friend, and would like to join everyone on the 19th June, Barbara would be very pleased and happy to welcome you.

Naming Day Invitation

Just a reminder that on Saturday, 12th June it's the Naming Ceremony for little Adelaide Simpson of Church House, Humber Lane, Skeffling.

Her parents, Stephanie and Karl Simpson would like to invite you all to be there to help them celebrate this very special occasion in their daughter's life.

It starts at 3pm, and everyone's hoping for a lovely sunny day so the ceremony and celebration party can be held in the garden.

Stephanie is providing a hot buffet, but could you please bring your own booze!

The naming ceremony and celebration is open to everyone, so if you'd like to be there to witness the Naming   of  baby  Adelaide

please ring Stephanie on  650633 and let her know you're going.

Hairy Brown Caterpillars


Hairy brown caterpillars have been sighted around the Humber Bank area. They are particularly prevalent by the little bridge.

If you see them - stay away, and don't let the children touch them.  These little devils are very toxic, and the hairs are very poisonous, too.

Adults might end up with a severe rash, but children could become quite ill.

First Aid Course

Thank you to everyone who returned the application forms for the First Aid Course.  As soon as a suitable course is arranged you will be contacted.

If anyone else would like an opportunity to learn First Aid and CPR, please ring Toni 650032.

Birds of Prey

If you're a fan of these beautiful birds and you just happen to be near Bridlington, why not visit Park Rose Birds of Prey Centre and really indulge your interest.

They've got lots going on for all ages, and all the  birds are child-friendly. There's a Nature Reserve, Rabbit Warren, Aviaries, and they have an active Breeding Project with birds for sale if you want to take your interest one step further.  There's also a Wildlife Pond, Woodland Setting and indoor and outdoor picnic areas.

It's a wonderful place to take the children for the day and here's the details: Adults - £3.50, children - £2.50, open 6 days a week - closed Wednesday.  

October to March 10am - 4pm, April to September 10am - 5pm.  Displays are performed daily at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

For all of you who love to kept up close and personal with these gorgeous bundles of feathers, Park Rose actively encourage you to do just that.


Open Farm Sunday

If you've nothing to do on Sunday, 13 June, why not take the family to Densholme Community Care Farm at Great Hatfield, near Hornsea.  It's open from 11am - 3pm and it's FREE.

There's lots going on.  As well as learning about the farm, there's an opportunity to meet the animals, have your face painted, balloon modelling, a tug of war, plus plenty more things to see and do.

No need to book, just turn up on the day.  Food and beverages will be available to purchase, and it's an ideal place for a picnic.

For any avid readers, local author Valerie Wood will be opening the event and signing her new book.

Village Hall News

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall committee is taking place on Wednesday 9th June at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

Members of the public are welcome to attend, and there will also be an opportunity for anyone who would like to join the committee, or who'd like to help on events nights, to put their names forward.

Blue Bin Days

Blue bin collections are on Fridays, 11 June, 9 July.

If you'd like to be absolutely     positive    you

don't miss it, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message. It's a free service and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due. To get this service text 'Blue' to 07786 201286.

Brown Bin Days

The next two brown bin collections will be on Thursdays, 17 June, 1 July.

Green Bin Days

Don't forget your normal green bins for household waste will now be collected on Fridays.

Police Surgery

This month the Police Surgery will be held on Wednesday, 23 June, 3 - 4pm.

If you have any concerns the police at the surgery will be more than happy to help you.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays,16 June and 30 June. It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

Dates for your Diary

Brown Bin days - Thursdays, 17 June, 1 July Blue Bin days  -

Fridays 11 June and 9 July Police Surgery - Wednesday, 23 June, 3 -4pm

Village Hall AGM - Wed. 9 June at 7.30pm

Hog Roast - Village Hall, Friday, 11 June at 7.30pm Naming Day - Church House, Saturday, 12 June, 3pm

Paul Swann's Day - Village Hall, Saturday, 19 June, 3pm

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