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Intro. Who, What & Where. Parish Council. Photo Albums. Newsletter. Local Info. Trivia. Blogosphere.


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Skeffling Newsletter


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Skeffling Newsletter

Skeffling Community Information

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Editor's Apology

Sincere apologies for not producing the January issue of Skeffling News. There is a reason - my computer threw a serious strop and I had to buy another one.  Ouch!  So soon after Christmas, too.

Consequently I was computerless until the end of January.  Sorry...

Injured Animals

Last week I was told a very distressing story I know you'll want to hear.  It was from Pat Clarke of Easington. This is her letter...

Dear Toni,

On Wednesday the 30th December, my daughter, her husband and two children aged 7 and 12, armed with their cameras went for a walk from Skeffling to Out Newton in the hope of seeing Deer and taking photographs.

What should have been a nice afternoon turned into a horrible and traumatic experience for adults and children alike.  They came across a very young deer caught up in barbed wire. This was on a piece of land

known as Hodgson's Field and owned by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.  It was obvious at first sight that the back leg was either fractured or broken and the flesh was ripped off right to the bone as you can see from the enclosed photo. My son-in-law had a camping knife with him and was able to cut the wire and release the deer.  It tried to take a step but collapsed in pain and was unable to move.

The children were crying as was my daughter.  The deer was in great pain and crying out.  The family dashed home to ring the RSPCA who showed no real interest.  They said the animal would be long gone by now and when my son-in-law said that would not be the case and if he went back to the scene with a phone and rang the RSPCA again would someone come out and see to the animal.  The reply was that if they could find someone to come out they would, but they doubted it.

My son-in-law went back to the scene and found the animal laid where he had left it, in great pain.  He felt

it his duty to put the animal out of its misery which upset him greatly.

This not the first case I've heard of and many people in this area are very angry that this sort of thing can happen.

Sincerely yours,

Pat Clarke (Mrs)

I've reproduced the photo as best I can, but you can see the animal's suffering.

Our area is home to a lot of wild animals and they are a joy to see.  It's one of the pleasures of living in the country.  People who live in towns don't have the privilege of these animals on their doorstep and  bring their children to our part of the East Riding for this very thing.  They don't come to see animals hurt and in distress.

So what do we do if we come across an animal in distress and can't get help from the RSPCA?

I'd appreciate your comments and any information you have on dealing with this type of situation.  I'll pass on your comments via Skeffling News and Skeffling Community Website.

Moon Boots

Are you desperate for a pair of those fabulously comfortable, fashionable boots?  Some are brand new, some have been worn a few times.  But they're all in excellent condition.

There's a story behind this.  In August last year our T'ai Chi instructor, Paul Swann, sadly died.  Paul was a collector, and one of his obsessions was Moon

Boots.  He had over 100 pairs!  Quite a lot were given to homeless charities, others were put on eBay, but there are loads left.

If you've always wanted a pair of Moon Boots there are still lots for sale.  If you'd like to see them I've got a DVD which you can come and have a look at. Just give me a ring on 650032 to arrange a time.

When I saw them I grabbed a sheepskin and fur pair.  Oh, joy!  They are wonderful, warm, cosy and look great with jeans!

LFA T'ai Chi

Two new LFA T'ai Chi beginners classes have started in our area. Mondays 1.30 - 2.30pm at Patrington Village Hall, and Thursdays 7.30 - 8.30pm at Easington Village Hall.  It costs £14 for 4 weeks, and there are continuous weekly classes throughout the year paid for in 4 week blocks.

The instructor is our own Liz Purdon, who, I'm proud to say, learned LFA T'ai Chi at our Skeffling class.  She soon became a rising star and has worked hard to become an Instructor with her own classes.  An excellent achievement!

For those of you new to LFA T'ai Chi, it consists of slow, graceful movements which aid mobility, suppleness and flexibility of the joints.  I can personally vouch for the benefits of T'ai Chi.  It's certainly helped ease my arthritis, and the regular exercise has been so good for my general health.

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If you think LFA T'ai Chi could help you why not try it for 4 weeks.  For more information give Liz a ring on 631739, she's a lovely lady and will do all she can to help you.

Village Hall News

Here are two special dates for your diary.  The first is Saturday, 27 February.  Afternoon tea and cakes will be served in the Village Hall from 2pm.

There are also tombola, bric-a-brac, and  cake stalls, plus a raffle.

Saturday, 27 March is the other date you need to know, and it sounds great!

It's a 40s night with music and food straight from the decade...

Cherie Lawrence will be providing the music, but it won't be all from the 1940s, she's just as good at modern stuff.

Now for the fun part! Dress will be 1940s style...

So has your granny been hoarding some slinky evening dresses in the attic.  Or maybe a nice tweed suit with a string of pearls.  It's not obligatory, but now and again it's fun to dress up!

It was hard work prising out of the Village Hall Committee what supper would consist of.  All they'd tell me was 'It's Walton pie with a twist'!

Here's the details. It's at the Village Hall, 7.30 for 8pm, ticket prices are: £9 for adults, £4 for children and £22 for a family ticket. Tickets are available from Sue on 650330 or Julie 650069.

There's also a raffle, and any donations for this will be most welcome.   One thing I would like to mention...  Teenagers these days get a lousy press, so here's a good one.  The idea for the 40s night came from Vicky Newsam who's been very involved in the organising.

The posters were researched and designed by her brother Rob Newsam.  Well done, both of you.  You deserve a big round of applause.

The proceeds from both these event will go to the Breast Unit at Castle Hill Hospital.

Shoreline Management

For those of you who couldn't get to the Shoreline Management Exhibition in December, it has been decided to extend the deadline for comments and views from the public.

The exhibition outlined options for the future management of coastal flooding and erosion along the East Riding and Lincolnshire coastline.    It also showed how the coast will be effected by coastal flooding and erosion over the next 20, 50 and 100 years.

Attached to Skeffling News is a Leaflet and Feedback Form.

Emergency Planning

In the February 2010 edition of East Riding News will be a copy of East Riding Council's 'Get ready for the unexpected' booklet. It encourages everyone to prepare for emergencies and gives advice on practical steps to protect yourself.

The booklet is full of helpful tips and information which, hopefully, we won't need, but it's sensible to be prepared just in case.

Council News

During the January Council meeting there was a long discussion on the Woodland Project.  The Regeneration team need to know that Skeffling will provide one member to act as a Trustee of the Woodland Area Project. Withernsea will be responsible for all the administration work and

about nine parishes will be involved.

It was unanimously agreed we write to Phil Milnes that we are happy to support the scheme in principle.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council are currently asking Parish Councils to create their own Emergency Plan.  They want local volunteers to be trained in First Aid and the use of a defibrillator. They have asked for a list of contacts with telephone numbers and any equipment they have for use.

An Emergency Plan was included in the Parish Plan and 48 people said they would like an Emergency Team in the village.  This will be discussed at the next meeting of the Steering Group.

Cllr. P. Payne will arrange a meeting of the Steering Group to prioritise items to be taken forward.  The Steering Group will consist of the same members with the addition of Chris Brooke.

At the February Council meeting it was announced that an Emergency Plan would be discussed at the Steering Group meeting on  8 February and would report back to the Parish Council.

Cllr. Turnbull has been taking tidal levels regularly. This information will be used to persuade the Liaison meeting at the gas site that there is a problem. The results will also justify our need to maintain the flapper door and keep it in good working order.

Mrs. Meadley said a notice has been placed at the Church with information on the refurbishment work to be carried out.

The next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday, 2nd March.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views

and ideas to the Council. However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Blue Bin Days

This month's blue bin collection is on Friday, 19 February.

Brown Bin Days

The next brown bin collections will be on Thursday 11 March and Thursday  25 March.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays, 24 February and 7 March. It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

It's very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as an electric bill and something with your signature on, and that's it. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and if you'd prefer to listen instead of read,  there's a wide selection of audio tapes and CDs which are free of charge.

Police Surgery

This month the Police Surgery will be held on Wednesday, 24 February between 10-11am.

If you have any concerns the police at the surgery will be more than happy to help you.

Dates for your Diary

Brown Bin Days - Thursday, 11 and 25 March

Blue Bin Day  - Friday, 19 February

Mobile Library - Wednesdays, 24 February, 7 March

Police Surgery - Wednesday, 24 February, 10-11am

Afternoon Tea - Saturday, 27 February, 2pm

40s Night - Saturday, 27 March, 7.30pm

February 2010

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