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Intro. Who, What & Where. Parish Council. Photo Albums. Newsletter. Local Info. Trivia. Blogosphere.


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Skeffling Newsletter

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Martin Jackson

For all you lovers of good music and great singers, Martin Jackson will be appearing at Skeffling Village Hall on Saturday, 26th September.

Martin has become a firm favourite in Skeffling, and he's told me he really enjoys appearing here because we're such a lovely audience.

Now for the details...

Tickets will be £9 for the grown-ups, £6 for the children, and £24 for a family of 4.

More important details...

Supper will be a chicken roast, followed by the usual array of low calorie puddings!

Bring your own booze - and yourselves, of course.

Doors will not open until 7.30pm, and Martin will be providing really excellent entertainment from 8.

If you're looking for a fabulous night out with supper included, just let any of the Village Hall Committee know.

Don't take too long though, there's a limit on numbers and seats are going fast.  The organisers are expecting a sell out.

Definitely not a night to be missed...

Marie Curie Cancer Care

A few weeks ago June Small and Mike Turnbull went house to house to collect donations for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The result of this was that they raised £85 for the charity.

June has asked Skeff News to say a very big thank you to everyone who donated. Your money will help enormously.

Holiday in Paradise

So many people recommended Zante as a holiday you must have, I decided to go.  And I wasn't disappointed.

Zante is the place for sun, sea, sand, and anything else beginning with s..!

It's the greenest of the Greek Islands, and the action is mainly beach based. Plenty of water sports for those inclined, with shallow water, totally safe for little ones, and those who just like a paddle.

Now here's a fact.  Zante is the name the Venetians called the island when they occupied it for a few hundred years. The Greeks, however, call it Zakynthos, which is the Greek name.  During my two week stay I didn't hear anyone who lives on the island call it Zante, it's always Zakynthos.

The temperature was almost 100 degrees every day, and it's not much under 80 at night. Having air conditioning is a necessity.  It makes sleep possible, which you need after a hard day lying on a sunbed on the beach.

Well, someone has to do it!

All that heat tended to trigger off forest fires unfortunately.  On our first day on the beach helicopters were gathering water  and flying off to dump it on fires.    Then we

heard there were huge blazes near Athens. Nowhere near us, but there were lots of foresty bits on the island which were prone to ignite.

Zakynthos is an ideal place if you're looking for a relaxing holiday to get a suntan to make the  folks back home envious.  The only drawback are the mosquitoes.  And there are lots of them! They're BIG and very hungry.  So if mozzies look on you as a walking dinner, this isn't the place for you.

You're definitely not going to have a Shirley Valentine experience covered in mozzie bites!


As you get older life changes and your needs change.

East Riding Council want to know more.

Their shared vision for older people in the East Riding is "a community where older people thrive and continue to enjoy the things that are important to them".

What is important to you?

Are there gaps in service provision in your area?

How can East Riding make your area better to live in?

What would help improve your quality of life and maintain your independence?

These are questions East Riding Council want answers to.  If you would like to have your say on any or all of the above, please  feel free to pop in for  an  informal  chat and a

cup of tea/coffee. Representatives of the Council will at The Pavilion Leisure Centre, Withernsea on Monday 21st September at 1 - 3pm.

If you have any points to make and can't get to the Leisure Centre please contact, Lianne Therkelson or Julie G. Arnold, Adult Services, Tel: 01482 392233.

Charity Horse Ride

Kate and Hayley did so well on the charity horse ride at Dalby Forest. Although the weather was good, the going was pretty rough, and some sections were quite boggy and marshy.

It took them 4 hours to complete the course, and Kate said some parts were quite arduous.  However, they did it, and enjoyed their day in the Forest.  I have also been asked to tell readers, the exact course was in fact 15.4 miles and not a mere 15!  So well done to the horses, too.

For all of you who sponsored the girls, please remember all sponsorship money must be in by 1st October.

Used Batteries

Haven't you done well!

Since the Used Battery Bin has been in place it has been well 'used'!

Batteries, weighing 6lbs, have been collected from Easington alone.  That means all those used household batteries have NOT gone into the landfill site.

Page 2

Thank you everyone for helping to save the Planet.

Toilet Training for Adults

Some problems have been cropping up with blockages in the sewage system.  An investigation showed that some things are being put  down the loo that shouldn't be.

These include baby wipes, wet wipes, tampons, J-Cloths. and even babies nappies.

Our sewage system is designed to take natural body waste, water and toilet paper.  Everything else doesn't dissolve in the loo and flow through the system.

Even bleach isn't good for households with a septic tank.  Septic tanks work because the germs which eat the solid stuff turns it into liquid.  Overuse of bleach kills the germs so there's nothing to eat the nasty stuff.

Anything other than natural body waste, water and toilet paper, should be put into the normal household waste bins.

Having been to Greece a few times now I realise how lucky we are to have our sewage system..

In Greece and Turkey not even toilet paper can be put down the loo.  Every toilet, public and private, has a special bin for putting used toilet paper into.  In some Greek resort if you put toilet paper into the loo and cause a blockage, you will be fined about 150 Euros!

Recycling News...

A request from the recycling team...

Please drink more!  The price of glass has gone up considerably and we need more glass!

Since our recycling scheme  began  we  have

clocked up 35 tons of glass and 24 tons of paper.  This is an amazing amount.

And ALL of the money raised has gone into the children's play ground.

If you're putting your paper in the blue bins and your glass and bottles in the green bins, please don't.  Please, please, please use OUR recycling bins at the top of Chapel Lane and help us earn more money for the play area.  Every penny we get is used for the children of Skeffling, and we've only been able to do this with your help.

We've done incredibly well so far, but we need to do more.  The Play Area will always be in need of refurbishment and maintenance, and it's our recycling money which pays for it.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in the past, but I would urge those of you haven't to make a determined effort to do so from now on.  So please, children, persuade your parents and grandparents to do this small thing for you.  After all, It's the children who benefit, and we can proudly say that through the effort of the community we actually provide facilities for the children in our village.

Council News

The September meeting was cancelled due to harvest and holidays.  The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 6th October.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council. However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Need a Gardener

Edward is available in evenings from 4pm for gardening and maintenance.  Give him a ring on 07527 858786 for an estimate.  His rates are reasonable, and his work is first class.  Edward is also a dab hand at bespoke metalwork.  If you've got ideas for an arch, ornaments, in fact anything, why not give Edward a ring and discuss it with him.

Window Cleaning

If you've been looking for a window cleaner, there's a window cleaner who's been looking for you!

The company is FEENEY CLEAN, and they do the lot: windows, fascias, soffits, gutter cleaning and clearance.  Conservatory roofs and paintwork is one of their specialities.

If you'd like to know more the telephone number is 01964 615892, and the mobile number is 07738 116127.

Dates for your Diary

Martin Jackson Concert - Saturday, 26 September. Doors open 7.30pm.

Mobile Library - Wed. 23 September, 7 October

Blue Bin Day - Friday, 25 September.

Police Surgery - Wed, 23 September 3 - 4pm at the Village Hall.

Website Info...


This is the web address to go straight to the Blogs pages.  From there you can sign up to Skeffling Chatter and have your say on any subject.  See you there!

September 2009

Next Month. Last Month. TOP.

Graham Stuart MP.

Do you need to contact our MP, Graham Stuart?

Here are his details:

By post:  House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

Tel: 020 7219 4340.

Or  his Constituency Office: 9 Cross Street, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 9AX.  Te: 01482 679687.


By text:  07841 181896

Website address:  www.grahamstuart.com

Blue Bin Day

The next blue bin day is on Friday, 25 September.

If you'd like to be absolutely positive when the Blue Bins will be collected, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message. It's a free service, and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due.  To get this service text 'Blue' to 07786 201286.

Brown Bin Days

The next brown bin collections will be on Thursdays, 17 September, 1 October and 15 October.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesday, 23 September and 7 October   . It will be at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and stay for 30 minutes.

Personal Carer

Finding a suitable carer for a loved one isn't easy.  Kristina Macinnes-Morrison comes highly recommended by local residents.  She is fully trained in the personal care of the elderly, she will prepare food, clean, garden, and do it all with a friendly, gentle manner.

If you think Kristina can help  you,  please  ring  her

on 01964 612722 or on her mobile 07934 237606 and she'll be happy to talk over any problems you may have.