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Skeffling Community Information

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Auction Night

The Auction Night on 4th July must, unfortunately be postponed.

The organisers have asked me to apologise for this, but it is completely out of their control.  They stress the event will go ahead later in the year.

Speeding Traffic

As  reported in May's Skeffling  News  there  will be  a  meeting  on Thursday, 25th June at Skeffling Village Hall during which the problem of speeding in the area will be discussed.

Whilst this is not a public meeting, representatives of interested groups will be welcome.

Speeding will be discussed, and a talk given by someone who has researched it thoroughly. Ideas for a possible solution will be put forward. This will entail residents in each area being trained to use a speed camera which will provide the police with details of the date, time, and car registration numbers.  The police will then  contact  the  drivers and take action where necessary.

The introduction of this scheme will involve Parish Councils in financing the cost of the speed camera. This will also be discussed, and the costs involved.

Play Area

Volunteers urgently needed to help overhaul the Play Area.    Maintenance work will be done to the fence which is now showing signs of wear and tear.

A goal post will be created on the side of the container in the car park for the  kids  to  use.   There have been complaints about the noise when the side of a house is used for this activity, so the container is a much better location.

The costs of this will come from the money raised from recycling in Skeffling.  So please keep using the recycling bins as every penny we get from ERYC for this goes into a ring-fenced fund for the Play Area.

There is quite a lot of work to be done and anyone who would like to volunteer their help would be welcomed.  It is hoped a lot of the work can be done before the school summer holidays start, which the kids will appreciate!

Mystery Bride

The identity of the happy couple in the wedding photograph has been solved.  It's Wendy and Alistair Hearst who used to live at 5 Burstall Villas.

So there you have it.  Thanks to all you Sherlock Holmes' the mystery has now been solved.

Free Compost

East Riding of Yorkshire Council  is  giving  away up to 150 tonnes of compost to help residents improve the soil in their gardens.  The compost has come from the garden waste collected from residents' brown bins, like grass cuttings, branches and spent bedding plants.

Six giveaways will be held between        July        and

September in Hedon, Withernsea and other areas yet to be announce.

The compost is given away on a first-come basis and residents are asked to bring no more than two bags of their own.

Sort Out Stress

Many people suffer from the unpleasant symptoms of stress and don't know how to get rid of it.

A FREE eight week course aimed at recognising and dealing with stress and anxiety is taking place at the Hornsea Leisure  Centre  every Friday from 19th June to 14th August from 1pm to 3pm.

The topics dealt with on the course include:  signs, symptoms and causes, the effects of stress on health, stress, anxiety and anger, breathing and relaxation techniques.

If you think this could help, you can book your FREE place on the course by ringing Natalie J. Westwell on 01964 614361.

Household Batteries

What do you do with your used household batteries?

Like most people you probably just chuck 'em in the bin.  And, like most people, you won't know this is now illegal.

Recent legislation say they must be disposed of safely.  Shops who sell batteries should have a safe disposal site for you to return used batteries, but this isn't widespread as yet.

So what do you do without breaking the law.

We're good at recycling in Skeffling and James Robinson quickly got on the case.  He found an internet company who provide containers to dispose of used batteries and will collect them and dispose of them safely.

James ordered two and took one to Easington school.  So that's one place you can get rid of old batteries.

The other container will be sited in Skeffling.  The problem is the container must be kept waterproof and a way is being devised of waterproofing the container and attaching it to the aluminium recycling bin.

Until this happens, please hang on to your used batteries and Skeffling News  will  tell  you  when and where you can dispose of them.

Schools Out

so what can keep the kids occupied?

June's edition of East Riding News has lots of ideas.  Action packed sport, play, recreational activities and childcare for children and young people in the East Riding of Yorkshire during the school holidays.

For more information contact FISH - Families Information Service Hub - on 01482 396469, or visit their website www.fish.eastriding.gov.uk

Dew Ponds

Here's another mystery for you.  Do you know the location of any dew ponds?   If you do Nial Adams, principal museums office at

Page 2

East Riding of Yorkshire Council would like to hear from you.

Nial hopes to increase the knowledge of an important local conservation resource, one which few people know about, since the dew pond is a relic of older farming practices.

If you would like more information about the project, or would like to pass some on, please contact Nial Adams at the Treasure House, Champney  Road, Beverley, HU17 8HE or phone 01482 392770.  His email address is: nial.adams@eastriding.gov. uk.

Brown Bin Day

By now you'll have received your Brown Bin.  These  are  for  garden waste only.  This includes: grass cuttings, hedge clippings, plants and flowers, small branches, weeds, leaves, bark and twigs.  Please do not put garden waste in plastic bags.  Keep all the items loose.

What mustn't be included are:  cooked and uncooked food, cardboard, all plastics, soil and rubble, logs, metals and glass, turf, animal bedding.

The bins will be collected every two weeks.  They will be on Thursdays, and the next dates are:  25th June, 9th July, 23rd July and 6th August.

Blue Bin Day

There are two blue bin days in July:  Fridays the 3rd and 31st July.

If you'd like to be absolutely positive when the Blue Bins will be collected , you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message. It's a free service, and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due.  To get this  service  text  Blue 07786 201286.  

Council News

The monthly Parish Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 2nd June.

It was agreed that the Play Area needed attention.  Some of the fencing around the playground must be renewed, and the wooden fence posts changed to concrete.  It was also decided that the side of the container in the car park be turned into a goal post for the children.

Children would like a see-saw.  Plans for a see-saw will be researched to comply with EU regulations, and Cllr. Turnbull will ring Rospa for specifications.

Improvements will also be made to the slide.

One side of the container will be boarded to create a goal post.

It is anticipated that a lot of the work be done by the school summer holidays.  Volunteers from the village will be invited to help with the work.

Cllr. Newsam felt the Environment Agency has made a small U-turn regarding flood defences in the area.  They are now looking  at  future  plans more carefully.

It was agreed that the Environment Agency are not fully complying with their promise to maintain the sluice gate.  The Council  will,  therefore, keep checking the sluice gate themselves to make sure it is working properly.  A reply to our letter has been  received  from Andrew Baron, but the questions we put to him have not been answered in full.  Cllr. Turnbull will ring him regarding the service schedule  asking for firmer details.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday, 7th July.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council. However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Village Hall AGM

The Village Hall Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, 21st May.

Alison Holden resigned as     secretary     and Chris Brooke was elected in her place.

Lynda Payne was again elected as Chairman, Sue Turnbull is Vice Chairman, and Julie Newsam is Treasurer.

In the Chairman's report, Lynda thanked all the Committee for their hard work over the past year.  She said it was nice to see the Village Hall being used more since its refurbishment, not only for Parish Council and other meetings but also for private functions.

The grant received by the Parish Council for outside improvements   enabled new pathways to be placed round  the  Hall  with disabled access and a fenced and paved patio area for outside seating.

She also thanked members of the Parish Council, villagers, and those who came from outside the village, for their time and help with the work.

Big Skeff Charity Group

This is the first full year for the Big Skeff Charity Group.  All events organised by the Group have been well supported and have raised funds above expectation.

The Committee would like to thank everyone, not only from within the village but also from outside, for their support and generosity.

During the year Toni and her friends organised a Rock and Roll night which raised £250 towards MacMillan Nurses.

Lynda Payne thanked all committee members for the time and effort they put into the functions, some being more demanding than others.  She hoped the coming year will be as successful.

Donations to various recipients from the Big Skeff Charity are as follows:  St. Helen's Church £930, Macmillan Cancer Support £577.50, and Skeffling Village Hall £250.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays,1st and 15th July. It will be at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and stay for 30 minutes.

It's very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as an electric bill and something with your signature on, and that's it.  The staff are very friendly and helpful, and if you'd prefer to listen instead of read,  there's a wide selection of audio tapes and CDs which are free of charge.

Need a Gardener

Edward  is  available during the evening from 4pm for gardening and maintenance.  Give him a ring  on  07527 858786  for an estimate.  His rates are reasonable, and his work is first class.  Edward is also a dab hand at bespoke metalwork.  If you've got ideas for an arch, ornaments, in fact anything, why not give Edward a ring and discuss it with him.

Dates for your Diary

Mobile Library - Wed. 1 and 15 July

Parish Council Meeting - Tuesday, 7 July

Blue Bin Day - Fridays, 3 and 31 July

Healthy Lifestyles - Tuesday, 23 June. Pavilion Leisure Centre, Withernsea Speeding Traffic Meeting - Thursday, 25 June

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