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Skeffling Community Information

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Just recently there has been a spate of vandalism at St. Helen's Church.

The bench at the side of the porch has been broken  beyond repair.

The oldest headstone in the churchyard has been broken into two pieces. It is dedicated to John Mitchinson who died on the 25th April 1787 at the age of 83 years and has been in the churchyard for almost 230 years.

The Hornbeam tree at the side of the bench dedicated to the memory of Melvin Douglas has been snapped off close to the root. This is a slow growing tree and quite rare. It is unlikely to recover.

The Churchyard is a place of peace for quiet reflection, but has been turned into a playground by teenagers to display their cycling skills.

Whether the damage was deliberate or caused by accident, the behaviour of these teenagers was totally unacceptable and thoroughly disrespectful to the Church.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there.

It took many years and a lot of hard work by the people of Skeffling to create the children's play area at the Village Hall.  Yet for the past few months it has been used and abused by the same group of teenagers who have vandalised St. Helen's churchyard.

People are fed up with clearing up beer cans, cigarette ends and broken glass.  In addition,  part  of

the fence has been deliberately torn away from the supporting post, leaving nails and screws exposed,  A temporary repair has been made.

Feelings are running high in Skeffling about the behaviour of this group of teenagers who have chosen our village to get up to mischief.

All kids need their freedom to grow into good, law-abiding adults, and for this they need guidance from those who have already trod that path - in other words, the grown-ups of today.

The people who live in Skeffling love the village, so if the teenagers responsible for the vandalism want them to respect and welcome them, please return that respect. If you can't do that, please grow up in your own village, because you won't be welcome here.

Skeffling Website

Last month Skeff News announced the grand opening of Skeffling's very own Website.  Since then it's   had   a  lot  of  visitors.

This has resulted in the introduction of two new items:  Tom's Blog and Toni's Blog.

It didn't end there either. Tom came up with the brilliant idea of having a page for anyone to use. He's called it Skeffling Chatter.

So, if you want to have your say you can join the Chatter group and submit your own comments or articles. If you have access to     a     computer     visit http://skeffling.blogspot.com

to see what it's all about and send an e-mail to join now.  Even if you don't have access to a computer or the Internet you can still get involved by simply submitting your comments to Thomas, in writing (ring for postal address 650645), and he will arrange to publish this on the site.

What are you waiting for - get involved now.

The web address is: www.thomas-hessell.co.uk

Innovative Teenagers

Not all teenagers are bad. There are two girls in the village who are a shining example of that.

James Robinson was approached by Molly Dosdale and Shauna Nicholson who asked him if they could do a Lifestyle Project at the Village Hall and donate the money raised to the play area fund for new equipment.  The Lifestyle Project is in association with their school and Humberside Police.

Their idea was greeted with enthusiastic support at the Council meeting.

Molly and Shauna said they'd really, really like a roundabout in the Play Area.  It's being looked into, girls.

71 Bus News

Everyone who travels regularly on the 71 bus from Easington to Withernsea knows the horrendous problems there have been.

Sometimes we've had a different bus every day because of maintenance or repair work.  Because the 71   route  isn't  considered

important we always seem to end up with the most rattly, draughty, bouncy bus in the garage.

This route is mainly used by elderly people, wheelchair users and mums with buggies.  It is the only way people without their own transport can get to Withernsea for doctor and hospital appointments, shopping, or just to take the children to the beach in the summer.

Once, and for one day only, we had a beautiful bus.  It was a low level bus with seats for the disabled, room for wheelchairs and buggies.  It was bliss! Passengers found it comfortable and easy to get on and off.  The following day we were back to old rickety, bouncy bus, and the complaints flew.

We've now been told this ancient bus is going to be the permanent means of transport for the journey to Withernsea.

And it's not good enough!

The only saving grace to East Yorkshire Motor Services is that we have a wonderful driver.  Paul Davig does all he can to help his passengers.

Those who are not so steady on their legs are helped on and off the bus, and heavy shopping is lifted onto the pavement for them.  In fact, nothing is too much trouble for Paul.

All we need now is a bus to match the driver!

If you want to let the bus company know how you feel please write to them at: East Yorkshire Motor Services, 252 Anlaby Road, Hull, HU3 2RS.  

Page 2

Maybe if enough people complain about our shoddy bus maybe they'll do something about it.

Strawberry Tea

Big Skeff Charity have come up with a lovely idea for a sunny summer afternoon.

On Saturday, 8th August there will be a Strawberry Tea at the Village Hall from 2.30pm onwards.

And there's more...

As well as afternoon tea, there will be a raffle, tombola, and for the children, a Treasure Hunt.

This is being held in aid of the Breast Care Unit, Castle Hill.

If anyone has any prizes, could they please take them to Sue at the Post Office.  The Big Skeff Charity would be very grateful for all donations.

Household Batteries

If you've been keeping your household batteries for recycling, you'll soon be able to get rid of them.  A waterproof bin will soon be attached to the aluminium can bin and you can deposit them there.

No car batteries, please! You can't make a mistake because the hole for batteries will be too small.

Drink Problems?

One of the most regular complaints your local neighbourhood policing teams receive is about under-age drinking.  This problem relates to a minority of our young people, but nonetheless the potential for something serious to happen can be considerable.

Local police are asking parents/carers to think about where your kids are and what they are doing.

They are also asking young people to think of their health, their safety and the long-terms effects both on themselves and those       around       them.

To help the police help you please call: 0845 6060222 for advice and information.

Police Surgery

Starting this month the South and Mid Holderness Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding a Police Surgery at Skeffling Village Hall every month.  It will be open for an hour, and is there for advice and information on issues within your community.  If you have any concerns or worries, they are there to help you.

The first Surgery is on Wednesday, 22nd July between 7pm - 8pm.

After this there will be one Surgery a month, always on a Wednesday, but the times will vary.  There will be a reminder in Skeffling News each month.

If you want to know more about our local policing you can visit their website on www.humberside.police.uk/ myneighbourhood.

Recycling Tip

Here's a tip for recycling water from Ann Rollinson.

Keep a bottle handy by the sink, and when you turn on the hot tap instead of letting the cold water run down the sink, collect it in the bottle and use it for watering pot plants.  Ingenious Ann...

Lost and Found

Have you found a brown handled penknife with a brown lanyard, which was lost in Skeffling.  The owner is bereft without it and is offering a reward.  Please ring me on 650032 if you find the knife so it can be returned to its rightful home.

Personal Carer

Finding a suitable carer for a loved one isn't easy. Kristina Macinnes-Morrison is highly recommended by local residents.  She is fully trained in the personal care of   the   elderly,   she   will

prepare food, clean, garden, and do it all with a sympathetic, friendly manner.

If you think Kristina can help you, please ring her on 01964 612722 or on her mobile 07934 237606 and she'll be happy to talk over any problems you may have.

Council News

The monthly Parish Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 7th July at the Village Hall.

Cllr. Robinson said he had been approached by Molly Dosdale and Shauna Nicholson and asked if they could do a Lifestyle Project at the Village Hall and donate the money to the play area fund for new equipment.  This was enthusiastically agreed and the two girls congratulated on their initiative.

It was also agreed that the cost of the two new benches should be borne by the Council and not come from the Play Area fund.  The maintenance work to the Play Area will be done during the evenings and, hopefully, finished in two weeks.

A presentation on the Parish Plan was given to the Rural Partnership by Cllr. Peter Payne and Cllr. Richard Newsam.  It was very well received and attracted some very favourable comments.  The Skeffling Parish Plan is being adopted by the Rural Partnership.

The waterproof container for recycling batteries is under construction.  When ready it will be attached to the aluminium bin in Chapel Lane.

At the Easington Liaison meeting it was proposed that a meeting be organised between the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water, East Riding Council, Centrica, Langeled,            Welwick,

Skeffling and Easington Parish Councils.  The gas site is expanding and all the surface water is coming to Skeffling.

A solution must be found as the pump at Skeffling cannot cope with the increased amount of water.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council. However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Blue Bin Day

The blue bin day in July is on the Friday, 31st July.

If you'd like to be sure when the Blue Bins will be collected, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message. It's a free service, and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due.  To get this service text 'Blue' to 07786 201286.

Brown Bin Day

The next brown bin collections will be on Thursdays, 23 July and  6th August.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesday, 29 July and 12 August. It will be at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and stay for 30 minutes.

Dates for your Diary

Mobile Library - Wed. 29  July and 12 August

Parish Council Meeting Tuesday, 4 August

Blue Bin Day - Friday, 31 July

Strawberry Tea

8 August. Village Hall. 2.30pm

Police Surgery - Wed, 22 July. 7 - 8pm at the Village Hall.

Website Info... http://skeffling.blogspot.com   This is the web address to go straight to the Blogs pages.  From there you can sign up to Skeffling Chatter and have your say on any subject.   See  you  there!  

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