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Skeffling Community Information

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Public Meeting

The Church is holding a Public Meeting on Thursday, 26th February at the Village Hall.   Reverend Stephen Cope will outline the problems St. Helen's is currently experiencing, and to ask for volunteers to help cut the grass in the Churchyard and keep it tidy.   Please try to come to the meeting and give your support to the Church.  

on the work, and the second would be for the work itself.

If this is not done, Skeffling will no longer have a Church. St. Helen's   will be closed and left to fall into disrepair.

Reverend Stephen Cope could not let this happen. He has spent many hours filling in grant forms to try to gain funding for the necessary work, but grants won't provide it all.

Phase One of the project,

building and deep cracks have appeared in several of the walls.  The floor has become very uneven, and the windows and internal monuments are unsafe.

It's a colossal job and will be done in two phases.

Phase One will begin around March 2009, and involve many expert surveyors.  Reverend Cope told me that it won't look as though anything is being done while the Church is undergoing the survey, but

£212,179, of which they will give St. Helen's a grant of £169,000.  This is an 80% grant, but it leaves a massive shortfall of approximately £43,000.

In an effort to cover this Reverend Cope has quite a few grant applications pending, but there is no guarantee the full amount will be found.

Therefore, Reverend Cope is appealing for your help to save St. Helen's.  Needless to say any donations will

Save St. Helen's

Skeffling News has reported on the problems St. Helen's has experienced in the past year.

As well as having lead stolen from the roof twice, windows broken and small items stolen from the interior window sills, the earthquake the area suffered last February took a tremendous toll on the structure of the building.

Parishioners who attended the Carol

service learned that the Church was in serious trouble.

During the past year English Heritage has visited the Church and an architect has investigated the   amount   of   damage.

His report stated that St. Helen's was in urgent need of repair.  If this was not done the Church would fall into decline and have to be closed for safety reasons.

The report suggested the work be split into two phases.  The first would be for a detailed expert survey

will be gratefully received, and if you would like to make an anonymous donation Reverend Cope has assured me he can guarantee complete anonymity.

It isn't just money the Church needs though, it's volunteers for various jobs around the Church.

With the loss of Ronnie Bailey, the Church Warden, the Churchyard is beginning to look a bit unkempt. Spring is not far away

the detailed survey, will cost £26,222, of which English Heritage will provide a grant of £20,000. This leaves a shortfall of £6,222 which St. Helen's must raise themselves.

This money will pay for the necessary experts to investigate, and give a detailed report on the work which needs to be done.

As the Church has no foundations, the earthquake caused serious damage to the structure. The tower is beginning to peel away from the main

there will be lots going on. Once the surveyors have made their reports Phase Two can then proceed.

Phase Two will consist of the actual work, and then you will see work being done!

St. Helen's is a Grade I Listed building and, therefore, must comply with all the rules and regulations listed status brings.  It also means the cost of the work will be higher.  English Heritage estimates that these costs will be in the region of

and there will soon be a problem with grass cutting which Ronnie was responsible for.  So any practical help you can give will be much appreciated.

Reverend Cope has expressed his sincere thanks to everyone who was involved in making the Church roof waterproof, twice!  Without that help the problems inside the Church would be far greater than they are.  He was also more than a little overwhelmed at the phenomenal sum of £580

raised at the Xmas Fayre last year.  This has helped a lot towards the day to day running of the Church. Which in turn means having to raise less towards the £6,000 needed for the survey.

This year the Church is looking to the future.  For this Reverend Cope is appealing for your help to save St. Helen's.  He is, therefore, arranging for a Public Meeting to be held at the Village Hall on Thursday, 26th February at 7.30pm.

At this he will briefly outline exactly what's happening at St. Helen's and what he is doing to raise the necessary funds. He will also explain what help is needed to keep the Church and Churchyard looking well kept and welcoming for parishioners and visitors.   There will be an opportunity for anyone to suggest fund raising events and volunteer work.

St. Helen's has been an integral part of Skeffling since the 15th century and has important historical significance.  Many people are working hard to make sure the Church survives, if you would like to contribute your time and effort into helping protect this lovely Church, please come to the Public Meeting.

Sunday Worship

Whilst the survey is being carried out, it is Reverend Cope's intention to keep St. Helen's open for Sunday Worship.  The times of the services are:-

1st Sunday of the month - 9.30am, Holy Communion

3rd Sunday of the month - 4pm (daylight permitting), Evening Prayer

4th Sunday of the month - 8am (daylight permitting), Holy Communion

Employment Awareness Day

If you've recently been made redundant, have been out of work for a while, or looking for a new direction. There's help available for you.

East Riding Adult Education Service are holding workshops at Withernsea and South Holderness Adult Education Centres.

Whatever the reason you're currently out of work they can offer you help, information and support to give you the confidence and knowledge to apply for jobs, fill skills gaps and access available vacancies, and advise you how the life skills you have gained can be used in a wide range of different jobs.

The Course Date for 2009 is on Friday, 6th February, at Withernsea Adult Education Centre. It consists of a 90 minute session available to book from 10am to 3pm.

To find out more, or to book a place, please contact Claire on 01964 614145.  Your session will last for approximately one and a half hours and sessions will begin every 15 minutes from 10am until 3pm.

Alternatively you can email withernsea.adult.ed@ea striding.gov.uk for more information.

Blue Bins

By now you should have received the 2009 calendar for Blue Bin collection days

Just in case yours didn't arrive, or you threw it out by mistake, here's a list of the dates for this year.

Friday, 16 January

Friday, 13 February

Friday, 13 March

Friday, 10 April

Saturday 9 May

Friday, 5 June

Friday, 3 July

Friday, 31 July

Friday, 28 August

Friday, 25 September

Friday, 23 October

Friday, 20 November

Friday, 18 December

Blue Bin Day

The next blue bin day is Friday, 13th February 2009.

If you'd like to be absolutely positive when the Blue Bins will be collected, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message. It's a free service, and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due.  To get this service text Blue 07786 201286.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays, 28 January and 11 and 25 February. It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

It's very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as the electric bill and something with your signature on, and that's it. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and if you'd prefer to listen instead of read,  there's a wide selection of audio tapes which are free of charge.

Maybe there's a special book you'd like to read. You can order it, free of charge.

Council News

The Skeffling Parish Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 6 January 2009.

The  Parish Plan is now being printed. The amount of copies has been reduced from 150 to 120.  A letter was sent to Awards For All asking for a few weeks extension to the deadline. This was granted and the deadline has been extended to 28th January. Once the printed Parish Plan has been received and delivered to householders and                       relevant

authorities the final paperwork can be sent to Awards For All.

Cllr. Turnbull and Cllr. Robinson had a meeting with Rachel Walker of Yorkshire Water to discuss the problems at the filtration plant, this meeting included the hedging and landscaping.  Ms. Walker agreed all our complaints needed attention and promised the work would be done.  She appeared very positive and has made a priority list of work Yorkshire Water will do.

An email has been received from Kat Sanders notifying the Council of vandalism to the information sign at the Humber Bank.  She has asked if we have any information or knowledge of who was responsible.

During Public Speaking, Mrs. Meadley asked if the Council could help in raising funds for the survey at the Church.  Although the Church has most of the money required there is still a shortfall.  She explained that Hompton and Easington have raised their precept to incorporate a donation to their Churches. The Church also have a problem with grass cutting. They desperately need volunteers on a regular basis to help cut the grass as the Church cannot afford to employ a professional gardener.

Cllr. Turnbull suggested holding a public meeting at which the Vicar can explain the problems the Church is facing.  This will be arranged.

Dates for your Diary

Mobile Library  - Wednesday 28 January, 11 and 25 February

Blue Bin Day - Friday, 13 February

January 2009

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