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Skeffling Community Information

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February 2009

Public Meeting

Just a reminder about the Public Meeting in aid of St Helens on Thursday, 26th February at the Village Hall starting at 7:3 p.m.

Reverend Stephen Cope will outline the problems St. Helen's is currently experiencing, and to ask volunteers to help cut the grass in the Churchyard and keep it tidy.

Everyone from all the villages will be very welcome.  Please try to come to the meeting and give your support to the Church.

St. Helens Coffee Morning

Since the last issue of Skeffling News the plight of St Helens has become a hot topic.

A lot of families in the villages  have  fond  links with Skeffling and many have expressed their fond memories of St. Helens.

Weddings, Baptisms, and funerals have all been remembered.  So many dearly loved family members have their last resting place at St. Helens and anyone who  has visited the church can’t help to notice the family graves.  It’s a place of remembrance and love, more than evident by the fresh flowers at so many gravesides.

It’s because of these links people really want to help.

So, what are you doing on Saturday 28th February?

Ladies in Easington have organised  a  Coffee Morning in aid of St. Helens.  It’s at Easington

Community Hall and will start at 10a.m. but a little earlier wouldn’t hurt.

There’ll be tea and coffee, a raffle and a tombola stall.  Any donations for the tombola and raffle will be gratefully received.  If anyone, or a group of you, would like to put on a cake stall, there will be more than enough room.

In other words, if you can give your time, donate prizes or just go along for a cuppa, you’ll be more than welcome.  All the proceeds will be to help St. Helens.

So make a definite date to     be     at     Easington

Community Hall at 10a.m

on Saturday, 28th February.

If you want any information  about  setting up a cake stall, or where to donate prizes please contact Di Horncastle on 650498.

Xmas Fayre

Deepest apologies for an error which occurred in the last issue.

The amount of money raised at the Xmas Fayre Coffee morning wasn’t £580, it was £700.  All of this has been given to St. Helens for the fabric of the Church.

Burns Night

Once again Burns Night was a huge success.  I have been asked to apologise to all the people on the reserve list who weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket.  The evening was heavily subscribed which just goes to prove the popularity of the night.

The Village Hall Committee have asked me

to thank all the folk from Welwick and Easington who  came,  and  who always support the events at the Village Hall.  It’s always lovely to see people from outside Skeffling who come to support us.

As well as the support I must mention the generous donations, both financial donations and  prizes for the raffle.  This year everyones generosity raised £500!

Massive thanks to you all.

Burns Night is usually the only event in the year where all the proceeds go to the Village Hall Fund to help run the hall.  As so much was raised this year it has been decided to split the money in half.  So £250 will go to the Village Hall fund, and £250 will go to charity.  It hasn’t been decided which one yet, but when it has Skeffling News will tell you.

Thanks again for your support and generous donations.  Thank you, too, to the Kingston Pipe Band for a very lively Burns Night.

On behalf of everyone who came I’d like to thank and compliment the ladies of the Village Hall Committee.  They spent the whole of Saturday cooking!  It’s the biggest night of the year to organise and prepare for, so a big round of applause to the village Hall Committee.  You did us proud, as you always do.  Thank you...

Finally, if anyone lost a glove in the car park, please read Lost and Found...

Criminal Minds!

In these days of financial doom and gloom please spare a thought for  the poor burglar!

This is a true story and was overheard at a police station.

A ‘known’ criminal was locked up for shoplifting.  When he was taken into custody there was a conversation  which  went as follows.

VILLAIN;  why have I been locked up?

CUSTODY OFFICER; Because you’re a thief.

VILLAIN; I’m not a thief I’m a burglar, and anyway this credit crunch has done me.

CUSTODY OFFICER; How do you mean?

VILLAIN; Because no one can afford to go out they’re staying in which means I can’t burgle as much!

Martin Jackson

All of you who went to the Wind Turbine  Launch social evening will remember what a fabulous singer Martin Jackson is.

Since then he’s appeared at the Village Hall on many occasions, private parties, a wedding and social events.

When I spoke to him the last time he appeared he said that Skeffling was his favourite  gig  because  we let him do what he loves doing  best  - a  wide range of songs from opera, swing classics, musicals and a bit of rock ‘n roll.

Martin has a lot of fans in the village who might like a permanent reminder of his wonderful voice.  His second album is now available  to  buy   featuring

many of the songs he’s sung at Skeffling.

If you’d like to buy a copy either go online at www.martinjackson.vpweb. co.uk or contact him on 0796064553.

Not only is Martin a popular solo singer, since October 2007 he’s been singing with the classical pop group Ti Amero.  They perform in theatres all over the country and support artists such as Joe Longthorne.

If you’d like to go and see him he’s appearing at:

28 Feb  -  Haven  Arms, Hedon

8 March - Hornsea  Ex Service.

14 March - Haven Arms

18 April - Sand Le Mere Caravan Park.

Martin is also hoping to perform at the Village Hall sometime in the near future.  If we’re lucky enough to book him, Skeff News will let you know...

084 Numbers

Everyone who’s phoned the doctors surgery knows all about 084 numbers and the menu of ‘options’ to choose from.  Then there’s the cost.  The shortest call can cost 15p., and these have to be paid for no matter what telephone package deal you subscribe to.  Mobiles can be as much as £2!

There have been a lot of complaints about these numbers, now the powers that be are finally looking into it.

The Department of Health is holding a public consultation on whether it should prohibit the use of 084 numbers to access services provided by the NHS.  This consultation booklet is available in GP surgeries and online at: www.dh.gov.uk/consultations

If you have any comments to make on the 084 numbers, why not let the Department of Health know.

They are keen to hear from people who use 084 numbers to call services provided by the NHS.

For those who don’t have Internet access you can pick up the consultation booklet at the surgery and let the Department of Health know how you feel about these so-called ‘lo-call’ numbers.

Lost and found

A ladies glove was found in the middle of the rear car park at the Village Hall after Burns Night.

It’s deep maroon with silver thread running through it.

So if it’s yours please ring me on 650032 and it can be reunited with its partner.

Blue Bin Day

The next blue bin day is Friday, 13th March 2009.

If you’d like to be absolutely positive when the Blue bins will be collected, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message.  It’s a free service, and they’ll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due.  To get this service text blue 07786201286.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays, 25 February and 11 March.  It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11:15a.m. and staying for about 30 minutes.

It’s very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as the electric bill and something with your signature on, and that’s it.  The staff are very friendly and helpful, and if you’d prefer to listen instead of read, there’s a wide range of audio and CD tapes which are free of charge.

Council News

The Parish Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 3 February 2009.

Cllr. Robinson reported that after the bad weather and heavy rain on 2nd February, the new pipe has adequately coped with the excess rain water.

Andrew Barron of the Environment Agency has agreed to send us a letter confirming the Service Plan and their intentions regarding the maintenance of the sluice gate.  So far this has not been received.  The Environment Agency have put facilities in place to be able to plug into the generator to run the pumping station by generated electricity.  The Council will write to Mr. Baron asking for confirmation of the above three points.

The Parish Plan has now been delivered to every household in Skeffling.  If anyone would like a spare copy there are some available.  The required paperwork, copies of the Questionnaire and the Parish  Plan  have  been sent to ‘Awards for All.’ Copies  have  also  been sent to neighbouring parishes and agencies who replied to the initial letter. Karen Wood was sent 4 copies to distribute to the relevant departments at east riding Council.

This project has now been completed.  The Parish Plan will be on the Council agenda every 3 months for updates.  The Steering Group will meet occasionally and any ‘actions’ they feel can be taken forward will be brought to the Council for discussion.

Cllr. Turnbull has attended several meetings regarding flood defences. The last meeting established a working group to monitor low points and  weaknesses  in  the river bank.   This information will be used to stress to the Environment Agency    the     need     to

maintain the area.  Every effort  will  be  made  to involve the Environment Agency in maintenance. Issues must be dealt with annually and the necessary funds budgeted for.

Cllr. Robinson has spoken to Mike Peeke of Highways  regarding  the bad state of Out Newton Road.  Mr. Peeke will refer to his paperwork on our previous complaints and investigate the current problems prior to approaching Langeled with our concerns.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 3rd March at 7:30p.m. in the Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council.  However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Parish Plan

The Parish Plan has now been delivered to every household in Skeffling.

It was a tremendous amount of work which took the Steering Group and volunteers over 900 hours.

Compliments have been received from quite a few people on the professional presentation of the booklet.

If you would like a spare copy please ring me on 650032 or Peter Payne on 650379 and we’ll see it’s delivered to you.

Dates for your Diary

Public meeting - Thursday, 26 February, 7:30p.m at the Village Hall.

Coffee Morning - Saturday, 28 February, 10a.m. at Easington Community Hall.

Blue Bin Day - Friday, 13 March.

Mobile Library - Wednesday, 25 February, 11 March.

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