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Skeffling Community Information

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A Missing Pet

A much loved family cat is missing.

Six years ago Sue Turnbull gave a home to a rescue cat who quickly became a very treasured member of the family.  A few weeks ago he went missing.  Sue has distributed leaflets all through the area as far as Patrington Haven, and despite many calls of possible sightings has been unable to locate him.

He's a male tabby and white cat,  and Sue and the family would love to have him back home.  If you've seen him please ring Sue on 650330 .  Thank you...

Bus Passes

For those of you with Bus Passes, new rules will apply from 1st April.

Everyone who has registered with the East Riding Council for the new free National Bus Pass will receive it by post before the 1st April.  It will entitle you to travel during Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 11pm anywhere in the country.  During weekends the National Bus Pass is valid at any time.  This Pass will replace the current Red and Green Passes.

That just leaves the time between 11pm and 9.30am Monday to Friday!

To cover this time East Riding of Yorkshire Council is introducing the Earlybird Pass.  Which gives you free travel from Monday to Friday from 11pm to 9.30am.

If you want to apply for the Earlybird Pass the application forms are available from the Customer Services Centre at the Council Offices in Withernsea.  They cost £15 a year, and your completed application must be accompanied by 2 passport photos, your current pass and one proof of identity with your name and address.  If this is the first time you've applied for a Bus Pass you will need 2 passport photos, and two proofs of identity, one of which must include your name, address and date of birth.

A lot of people have been somewhat confused with the new rules and regulations, so I hope this has cleared it up.

It will mean having to carry two Bus Passes with you.  As it was explained to me, if you travel to Hull before 9.30am you will use your Earlybird Pass, but can only use your National Bus Pass to come home later in the day.

For more information you can ring East Riding of Yorkshire Council on 01482 887700 and ask for Customer Services.  They'll be very happy to answer your questions.

One quick update on this…

I heard on Radio Humberside today that there might be a delay in receiving your bus passes through the post, so I rang East Riding who assured me that they had been posted.  A few people had phoned them to say they'd received them.  If, however, you don't get yours by the 1st April give Customer Services a ring and they'll tell you what's happening.

If you'd rather ring me, at the number at the top, I'll chase them up for you.

Quiz Night

For all you knowledgeable Quiz Buffs, Skeffling is holding it's very first Quiz Night on Saturday, 26th April.

Needless to say it will be held at the Village Hall, doors open at 7.30pm with the quiz starting at 8pm. Teams will be up to 4 people, and there will be prizes!  There'll be a 1st prize and a Booby Prize. Details of these are still to be confirmed.

Tickets will be £3.50 per person and will include entrance to the quiz and a light supper.  There will also be a raffle.

If you're up for the challenge, tickets are available from Sue at the Post Office or any of the Village Hall Committee.

Don't forget to bring your own booze - it might help stimulate those little grey cells and might even win you 1st prize.  You'll also need a pen or pencil, but you guessed that, didn't you!

Post Office News

Unfortunately your postage stamps will be going up from 7th April.

From then a first class stamp for weights up to 100gms. will be 36p. (currently 34p.)  A second class stamp will be 27p. (currently 24p.)  For large letters weighing up to 100 gms. A first class stamp will be 52p. (currently 48p.) and a second class stamp will be 42p. (currently 40p.).

All parcels and anything over 100 gms will go up accordingly.

Dove House

For those of you who went to Burn's Night in January, you'll know that the proceeds were all going to Dove House.

As you can see from the photo below, the cheque for £384.73p. was handed over by Chris and Julie on behalf of the Village Hall Committee.

Paper Recycling Bin

As you are all aware by now Skeffling is doing extremely well in the Green Lifestyle.  The recycling bins in Chapel Lane are doing very well and since it began has raised £618.36p. All   this   money   has been   set   aside   for   the

children's play area.  So far the play area has cost £440, and there is approximately £180 still in the kitty for more stuff for the kids!

However, there seems to have been a drop in the paper recycling recently. This is a shame as the money we get for recycling our paper is three times as much as for glass.

Don't forget you can now put any coloured paper in the paper bin.  Telephone directories, catalogues, etc.  The only thing you can't put in there are cardboard and old envelopes, because of the sticky bits.

If you'd like to make good use of the paper recycling bin, but for some reason can't get your paper waste there, arrangements can be made to collect it from you.

The recycling is so important to Skeffling as it raises money for the play area.  The kids love it, and the Council would like to add to it.  Unfortunately, pieces of equipment are quite pricey, so your paper is really valuable.

Where Blue Bins are concerned, it now appears you can put washed food cans in.  All the items in the Blue Bins must be in bags, tightly tied.  They will also accept aerosol cans, not squashed please, and, of course, all the usual plastic stuff.  You can mix the plastic and cans in the same bag.

So remember, everything that goes into the Blue Bins must be 'washed and squashed'.

We've done so well with green issues in Skeffling, please keep up the good work.  It's all helping the kids play area and the environment.

Blue Bin Day

The next blue bin day is Friday, 4 April, 2008.

If you're having trouble remembering when the Blue Bin collection is due you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message.  It's a free service, and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due. To get this service text Blue to  07786 201286.

Flood Management

There has been a lot of anger over the Environment Agency's plan to manage flood risk on the Humber Estuary.  This was voiced most strongly at a drop-in session and exhibition held at Welwick Village Hall.  It was attended by almost 100 people, who all had opinions on the matter.

Residents and farmers are concerned the Humber Flood Risk Management Strategy will fail to safeguard homes and land as river levels rise.  It seems that areas near Sunk Island could find the water breaching the land in as little as 15 years.

There don't appear to be any plans to reinforce existing flood defences, or create new ones.  Previous plans to protect houses and land are being ignored.

Philip Winn of the Environment Agency said he understood people's concerns, but didn't expect a serious threat to Sunk Island for 30 or 40 years. This was no help to people wishing to sell their homes. At the end of the meeting he stressed he could not give assurances about what may or may not happen a long way into the future.

No doubt there will be further meetings, as this matter will not simply go away.

Council News

The last Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 4th March.

Following the floods of last year East Riding of Yorkshire Council were giving £5,000 grants to every parish affected by the flooding to benefit the community.  After negotiating with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Yorkshire Water, Skeffling Parish Council decided the best way to benefit the whole community was to lay a pipe, bypassing the filtration plant  to take excess water away from the village and, hopefully, avoid future flooding.

It was announced at the meeting that East Riding has awarded Skeffling Parish Council £7,000 towards this work, which includes the £5,000 grant. The work is now in hand and will be completed shortly.

On the matter of dog fouling, areas on the map from East Riding of Yorkshire Council have now been identified and confirmation sent to them.  There will be a total ban on all dogs  on the children's play are.  This will be clearly marked and notices will be displayed showing 'No Dogs Beyond this Point'.  The area around the Village Hall will allow dogs, but they must be kept on a lead at all times.

Villagers are reminded that they must clear up after their dogs.  It is an offence not to.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays, 9th and 23rd April. It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

It's very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as the electric bill and something with your signature on, and that's it. The  staff  are  very  friendly

and helpful, and if you'd prefer to listen instead of read,  there's a wide selection of audio tapes at a very low borrowing fee.

Eastend Hog Roast

If you're looking for a  way to herald in the spring why not have a Hog Roast!

Eastend Hog Roast are available for hire for all your parties and celebrations. Public and private events, fetes, shows, in fact anywhere people would enjoy a hot tasty supper.

To book your Hog Roast ring 01964 650330 and you'll be guaranteed a really superb evening.

Window Cleaning

If you've been looking for a window cleaner, there's a window cleaner who's been looking for you!

The company is FEENEY CLEAN, and they do the lot: windows, fascias, soffits, gutter cleaning and clearance.  Conservatory roofs and paintwork is one of their specialities.

If you'd like to know more the telephone number is 01964 615892, and the mobile number is 07738 116127.

Dates for your Diary

Blue Bin day  - Friday 4 April

Mobile Library - Wednesday 9 and 23 April Quiz Night - Saturday, 26 April, 7.30pm at the Village Hall

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