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Skeffling Community Information

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Church Thefts

Once again St. Helen's Church has come under attack from vandals.

It happened on the night of Thursday, 17th July.

The police were notified immediately the damage was seen, and a crime number was allocated.

It seems that a brick was prised  from the  porch  of the Church and used to smash 3 windows on the south side.  20 small pieces of glass were broken and some small items were stolen from the window sills.  These comprised of 4 green glass candlesticks, complete with candles, 2 brass candlesticks, with their candles, a brass egg cup shaped vase and a black double candlestick with candles.

None of the items stolen were valuable, but the Church will have to pay to repair the damage to the windows caused by this senseless vandalism.

This is the third time St. Helen's has been the target of thieves.  On the previous two occasions lead was stolen from the roof, this was only discovered when rain began pouring in.

It was thanks to a generous donation of waterproof covering, necessary machinery, and local volunteer help, that the roof was temporarily repaired.

To replace the lead will cost a lot of money, and there's no guarantee it will not be stolen again.

If you have any information which could help   catch   the   culprits

please give this to the police

Dog Fouling

As well as vandals, St. Helen's Church has also become the target for irresponsible dog owners.

The gravel path from the gate to the Church porch has recently become a dog's toilet.  There have also been complaints that the pathway from the Village Hall to the Church has suffered the same problem.

It is regrettable that this item has to appear so regularly in Skeffling News. Most dog owners are meticulous in clearing up after their dogs, but, it seems, some haven't yet got the message.

Please, please make sure when you're walking your dog to have a bag in your pocket to clear up any mess.  As well as being unhygienic it can be dangerous.  A number of people have slipped on the offending debris left on paths, and, of course, someone has to clean it up.

A few people have also asked where they can let their dogs off the lead.  The law says that this is acceptable when you have passed   the   last   house.

This is deemed to then be open countryside, before the last house is residential, where dogs must be kept on a lead.

There have also been complaints about dogs barking continuously during the day and late into the night.  The Dog Warden says this happens when the  dogs  are  not properly

trained.  This type of behaviour is classed as a public nuisance and can be rectified with correct training.  Again, this is not the dog's fault, they behave as their owners allow them to.

Gully Changes

As reported in Council News last month, Cllr. Robinson has approached the Highways Department of East Riding Council with an idea to further alleviate the chance of flooding in Church Road.

This required a pipe bring laid across the road from outside Stamp House to Burstall Garth to feed directly into the 12" combined sewer.  In the event of storm conditions this will give excess water a direct priority route away from properties.

Highways Department agreed this was feasible and would do the work.  Initially they gave 7 to 8 weeks before the work could commence.  Four weeks later they began the work and it is almost complete.

Combined with the other flood defence work which has been done in the village, it is hoped we won't again have to contend with the dreadful flood problems experienced last year.

Lost and Found…

Have you lost a necklace?

A white metal chain necklace was found by the phone  box in Main Road on  Monday  night,  28th July.

If you, or someone you know, has lost this necklace, please ring Toni on 650032 and if it's yours, it will be returned.

Parish Plan

The  Steering  Group would like to give a big thank you to everyone who filled in the Parish Plan Questionnaire.

Your co-operation resulted in an 80% return, which was a magnificent achievement.

The answers you gave will now be collated and analysed.  When this is done there will be an Events Day at the Village Hall to explore your ideas and opinions further.

Rock 'n Roll Night

Rock 'n Roll is definitely here to stay!

The evening was a great success, and the Chicken Roast supper, a first for the Village Hall, was very popular.

Altogether Rock 'n Roll Night was able to contribute £205 to this year's charity, the Macmillan Nurses.

Quiz Night

Back by popular demand, Quiz Night is on Saturday 9th August, at Skeffling Village Hall.

Supper is included in the Ticket price of £3.50p, and there will be a prize for the winners and losers.

Tickets are available from Toni,  please  ring  650032, or Sue at the Post Office.

Last time the winners were  the  Humblebums from   Easington.     Surely

Skeffling can take their crown    away    this   time.

Don't forget to bring a pen, and your own booze to get those little grey cells working in top form!

All the proceeds will go to Macmillan Nurses.

Council News

The monthly meeting of the Council was held on Tuesday, 1st July.

A cheque for £2,500 has been received for grant work to the exterior of the Village Hall.  The work will be completed by the end of July.

Cllr. Newsam and Cllr. P. Payne has met with Phil Hiscott on site to discuss speed  signing  in  the village.  It was suggested by Mr. Hiscott that red signs be painted on the road  surface,  dragons teeth and repeated 30mph signs be marked on the road throughout the village. This meeting was arranged following a letter received informing the Council that our request for a reflective speed sign had been refused.

Cllr. Robinson has made enquiries as to whether Insurance  Companies could find redress for the flooding claims from Yorkshire Water.  In a court case, Medoc v Thames Water, it was ruled that utility companies are excluded from being responsible for damage through flooding.

Cllr. Robinson has had an on site meeting with Highways Department. They have agreed that his idea to improve the drainage at the top of Church Road is feasible. The work will commence in 7/8 weeks to put a pipe across the road from the gully outside Stamp House directly into the 12" combined sewer outside Burstall Garth which will give excess water a priority

route away from vulnerable properties.

Plans on Flood Defences for the area are moving forward.  It is hoped to set up a committee with members from all the estuary parishes.  This will include MPs for each of the regions.

The final draft of the Parish Plan Questionnaire has been approved and the printed  version  will  be ready within the week. Volunteers will distribute the Questionnaires to all the residents of Skeffling during the weekend of 12/13 July.  Completed questionnaires will be collected on 20 July.

The next Council meeting will be held on the 5th August.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council. However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Blue Bin Day

The next blue bin day is Friday, 22 August 2008.

If you'd like a regular reminder East Riding Council will send you a text message.  It's a free service, and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due. To get this service text Blue 07786 201286.


Mobile Library


The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesdays, 12 and 27 August. It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

It's very easy to join.  You need two proofs of identity such as the electric bill and something with your signature on, and that's it. The staff are very friendly and  helpful,  and  if  you'd

prefer to listen instead of read,  there's also a wide selection of audio tapes, both cassette and CD.

Hiring Fees for Village Hall

If you're thinking of a good venue for Weddings, Christenings, Birthday Parties for young and old, Skeffling Village Hall is available for hire at very reasonable rates.  There is a fully equipped kitchen and chairs and tables to seat up to 100.

Social events are £5 per hour.

Business events are £10 per hour.

All day events are £75 per day.

To book the Village Hall please ring Julie Newsam on 01964 650069.

Eastend Hog Roast

It's not long before winter's upon us, so if you're looking for a lively way to brighten up a cold winter's evening, why not have a Hog Roast.

Eastend Hog Roast are available  for  hire  for  all your parties and celebrations.  Public and private events, fetes, shows, in fact anywhere people would enjoy a hot tasty supper.

To book your Hog Roast ring 01964 650330 and you'll be guaranteed a really superb evening.

Window Cleaning

If you've been looking for a window cleaner, there's a window cleaner who's been looking for you!

The company is FEENEY CLEAN, and they do the lot: windows, fascias, soffits, gutter cleaning and clearance.  Conservatory roofs and paintwork is one of their specialities.

If you'd like to know more the telephone number is 01964 615892,    and    the

mobile number is 07738 116127.

Fancy Dress

The trend for fancy dress and theme parties is growing fast, but where do you get the outfits?

Children, especially, love to dress up and now and again they need something really special.

If you don't want to make their costumes yourself, you might like to try Trixters in Withernsea.

They've got several catalogues of all sorts of fancy dress costumes and every accessory you can think of.

So if there's something special coming up why not try them.  They're at 1 Memorial Avenue, Withernsea, just opposite the Memorial Gardens.  As well as costumes they do lots of other things.  Jokes, plastic creepy crawlies, and some really excellent posters they put your own photos in.

If you'd like to investigate this fun emporium, either go and have a look or ring them on 615461 and find out what else they do.  You might be amazed...

Dates for your Diary

Blue Bin day  - Friday 22 August

Mobile Library - Wednesday 12 and 27 August

9 August - Quiz Night - 7.30 at the Village Hall

20 September - Country and Western and Hog Roast.  7.30pm at the Village Hall

5 November - Bonfire Night 6pm at the Village Hall

6 December - Annual Xmas Fayre.  10am - 12noon at the Village Hall January - Burns Night. Details to be confirmed.

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