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Skeffling Community Information

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Sue's Marathon

Sue did it!  She completed all 26 miles of the Leisure Centre Marathon by the end of December, and raised £146 for Asthma UK.

Congratulations, Sue, on a fantastic feat.

What a lot of people don't know is that Sue suffers from a mild form of asthma. There are 5.2million people in Britain with the same condition and money is always needed to further research into the condition.

"Exercise is very important for asthmatics," Sue told me.  "Keeping fit and eating the right food really does help the condition."

Sue is certainly living proof of that.  She was delighted with the amount of sponsorship she received after the marathon was highlighted in Skeffling News.

"I'd like to say a really very big thank you to everyone who backed me," she said.  "I was really thrilled to be able to hand over a cheque for £146 to the charity.  I never expected to raise so much."

Burns Night

Comments on Burns Night ranged from ‘The best ever…', ‘A really ace evening…'. ‘Shame it's so long till next January…'  to ‘Who made that fantastic lemon meringue pie?'

This was the first time the newly refurbished and decorated Village Hall has been used for a function since it was finished.  A big thank you must go to June Small who has made new

curtains for the kitchen and toilets, and more table clothes.  It's the little touches that makes our Village Hall so welcoming and friendly, and the ladies of the Village Hall Committee who spend a lot of time planning and catering for the events.

For Burns Night itself, the Kingstown Scottish Pipe Band strutted their stuff -- and their bagpipes -- to create the perfect entertainment for an excellent evening.  This year they have increased their repertoire to include a fair amount of rock ‘n’ roll - including Status Quo - but didn't leave out any of the favourite Scottish ‘toons’.

Towards the end of the evening Peter Payne thanked the Pipe Band for a wonderful evening, then made a surprise announcement.  It was Mary Blashill's 80th birthday and the Village Hall Committee presented her with a beautiful bouquet. Mary and Bernard from Welwick have always supported our events, and this was by way of a thank you for that support.  For Mary, however, the surprises weren't over. There was one more bouquet to be presented. This was from Graham, Trisha, Eric and Mavis in recognition of all the charity work she has done for Welwick, especially her catering expertise.  Eric asked me to especially mention the chocolate cake she's so good at.

One last thing, all the proceeds from Burns Night will go to the Dove House Hospice.    This   came   to

£384.73p.  A cheque will be on its way to Dove House very soon.

Post Office

Please don’t forget that from the week beginning 4th February  the Post Office will be open  on Tuesday morning from 9am to 12noon, and Wednesday morning from 9am to 1pm.  There will no longer be a service on Fridays.

As well as providing all the usual services of a Post Office it is also a fund of information.

There is a huge display of posters advertising a variety of useful phone numbers and organisations which might be of help to you.

Bay Leaves

It's well known that Skeffling has an abundance of excellent cooks.  And where would they be without all those gorgeous herbs and spices.

With all the rain and miserable weather there's been a huge call for home made soups and casseroles, a lot of which require bay leaves for that added touch of flavour.

So, if any readers are having trouble getting bay leaves, there's a box of them at the Post Office - please help yourselves, it's all for free.

Welwick 2-wheelers

How quick time flies!  It's time for the annual sponsored bike ride from Welwick to Kilnsea again.

The Welwick 2-wheelers is open to anyone who can ride a bike.  I've been told that   a   certain   little   girl

called Lucy is riding her own bike this year, instead of riding tandem with her Dad!  Well done, Lucy.

Details as follows

It will take place on Good Friday, 21st March 2008. Sponsorship forms will be available at Syd Rollinson's. Please give him a ring on 650580 and he'll make sure you get one.

All proceeds are in aid of Castle Hill Heart Unit and Eastend Cancer Fund.

Welwick Relic Night

This is very short notice, but I hope lots of people will be able to get there.

You are cordially invited to the Welwick Relic Night and Mary's Thank You night at Welwick Village Hall on 1st February at 8pm.

It's to celebrate all the wonderful work done in Welwick for Charity this year.  They've raised an astounding £3,500, every penny of which has gone to various charities.  Well done, Welwick.

Dog Fouling

Since the item in last month's Skeffling News new laws have been introduced by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Under the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, East Riding of Yorkshire Council is looking to bring in a single Dog Control Order which will apply across the whole of the East Riding.

The Dog Control Order will ban all dogs from children's play areas, beaches, sports pitches, grounds      of      education

establishments.  Dog faeces must be removed from all streets, pavements, up to and including a 40mph speed limit.  All land belonging to Town and Parish Councils, including car parks.  All dogs must be kept on a lead on the highways, pavements, etc., up to and including a 40mph speed limit.

This legislation also includes noise, etc, due to bored dogs.

The Dog Control Order does not apply to the following land types:- woodland, marshland, moorland, common land, agricultural land, privately owned gardens, forestry commission land.

At the moment the fixed penalty fine is £60, but it is hoped this will increase to £80 for each offence committed.

Parish Plan

The Parish Plan meeting took place on 9th January at Skeffling Village Hall. The hall was still in the process of being decorated, but no one seemed to mind and the hall was full.

Cllr. Peter Payne opened the meeting and introduced Karen Wood, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Rural Communities Officer.  With the aid of a film show, Karen outlined the need for a Parish Plan and the process of putting one in place.

The object of the Parish Plan is to collect ideas for improvements to the village, information, and an increase to the facilities which, if agreed by villagers, will benefit Skeffling over the next ten years.  Having the Plan in place will enable the village to apply for grants to put any relevant plans into action, and to show the

grant givers that we are serious about making Skeffling a better place in which to live and spend our leisure time.

During a general discussion there was a lot of interest from the floor, and quite a few ideas were put forward as to how Skeffling could be improved.  All of these will be taken into account when the Steering Group convenes officially.

It had already been agreed that the best form of Steering Group for Skeffling will consist of two Councillors, to act as intermediaries between the Group and the Council, and three members of the community.  The Councillors will be Cllr. Peter Payne and Cllr. Richard Newsam, the three volunteers will be Susan Allan, Gary Watts and Steve Holden.

As well as the Steering Group, there will be lots of opportunities for other people to get involved on a casual basis.  From delivering pamphlets around the village, to making tea at the meetings.

The first meeting of the Steering Group will be held on Wednesday, 6th February at 7pm at the Village Hall.  For the first meeting it was agreed that the public would be welcome to attend, and put any ideas they have had to the Steering Group.  This will give the Steering Group a better idea of what the people of Skeffling would like to see in the village and any improvements they would like made.

It was stressed that no idea is too large or too small, and it need not be about money.  As well as the Parish Plan enabling us to apply for grant money, having a Parish Plan will give    us    the    ability   to

approach various authorities for changes to be made to improve village life.

From this meeting a questionnaire will be written and delivered to every house in the village.  The object of this is to assess the needs of villagers and formulate a Parish Plan.

It is hoped that as many people as possible will come to the meeting and put their ideas forward.

So please make a note on your calendar:- Wednesday, 6th February, 7pm, the Village Hall.

Council News

The Council meeting was held on Tuesday, 8th January.

Cllr. Turnbull has spoken to Yorkshire Water regarding the installation of an inspection hatch.  No final decision has yet been made as there is a backlog of work still outstanding following the June floods.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has provided the Council with a map and details of traffic calming measure they suggest for the village.  Their plan is to put up a further 10, 30mph signs.  The Council felt it was unnecessary to have more signs and suggested East Riding Council could use the same funding for more police traps in the village.

Cllr. Peter Payne told the Council that they have received funding of £1,600 in the form of a grant to proceed with the implementation of the Parish Plan.  The Public Meeting will take place on Wednesday, 9th January at 7pm at the Village Hall.

Applications have been asked for The Local Paths Partnership Scheme for 2008/2009.  The Council agreed not to apply for the

scheme again this year. The grants available are still insufficient, and the conditions imposed have not been improved.

The Flood Review Panel have sent details of forthcoming meetings.  It was felt that the venues were too far away from Skeffling and the times, 5 - 7pm, are very inconvenient for people to attend.  This matter will be discussed at the next meeting with Phil Milnes.

A letter has been received from East Riding of Yorkshire Council outlining changes to the Dog Control Order.  The rules cover the whole of the East Riding, and dog owners must adhere to them at all times. Failure to do so could result in a fixed penalty fine of £80.  It stressed that no dogs will be allowed in children's play areas at any time, and dogs must be kept on a lead in an area where up to a 40mph speed limit is in operation.

During Public Speaking, Mrs. Dosdale asked about the £5,000 flood relief money. She said that if the fact that she was flooded would help she was happy to lend her weight to the argument and write any letters necessary in support of the Council receiving the money.

The next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday, 5th February at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council.

However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Dates for your Diary

Blue Bin day  - Friday 8 February

Mobile Library - Wednesdays, 6 and 20 February.

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