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Skeffling Community Information

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Barn Dance

Music and dancing always make for a good evening.  Throw in a few folk dances, and it's better than a cabaret!

The atmosphere at the Village Hall was truly magnificent for the Barn Dance.  It was warm and friendly and there wasn't a sad face to be seen.

Some of the dancers got a bit confused by the instructions for the dances, which made it all the better. When their steps didn't quite fit in with everyone else's no one minded, and the spectators cheered them on.

It was a great night, and when the supper interval came everyone had worked up a good appetite.  They weren't disappointed either.

Supper was home made steak pie, mushy peas and very tasty gravy.  The pies were made by Lynda Payne and were really delicious. It's not easy making pies for 70 people, so congratulations, Lynda, on a lovely supper.

The Village Hall committee weren't expecting to make a profit from the evening, so they were pleasantly surprised to find that after the expenses had been met there was £105 left over! This will go into the Village Hall funds towards another evening event later in the year.

Once again, the Village Hall Committee have organised a really enjoyable event.  They just keep getting better and better.

Wind Turbine Launch Party

For all of you who have accepted the invitation to the Wind Turbine Launch Party, you will receive your ticket a few days before the event.

Please don't lose this as entry is by ticket only, and will be collected at the door. The doors will not open until 7.30pm.

The afternoon Official Opening will begin at 2pm. At 2.30pm there will be a short speech by Graham Stuart  MP, followed by introductions and thanks to representatives of the four Organisations who have given us the grants.

Afterwards there will be an informal tea in the Village Hall and a chance to view photos of the installation of the Wind Turbine and discuss the project with the manufacturers and Councillors.

For the day of the Launch Party the Village Hall will be No Smoking.

Post Office

The Post Office will be closed for two days next week.  Wednesday 30 May, and Friday 1 June.

It will be open on Tuesday 29 May as usual.

Good Homes needed

When a neighbour's cat chose Lillian Purdon's house to have her kittens, she certainly made the right choice!

The result was three adorable kittens who now need good homes.

They won't be ready to leave their Mum for a few weeks, but if you'd like to share your life with a kitten

give Lillian a ring on 650463.

Hospital Closures

Latest News

At its meeting to be held on 23 May 2007, the Primary Care Trust Board will receive a report which describes the scope and scale of the consultation process.  A total of 3,559 responses were received by the PCT which has resulted in a range of issues being identified for further consideration.

Feedback and outcome from the public consultation is available on the PCT's website at www.erypct.nhs.uk  This gives a comprehensive list of the objections put forward by the public, carers, GPs, and clinicians.  It includes all the concerns raised at the Public Meeting at the Village Hall, and a few others.

The strength of opinion appears to have made the PCT think a bit harder about our local health services.  As a result the decision has now been further delayed until the end of June.

Karen Knapton, Chair of the PCT Board, confirmed: "It is imperative that we give careful consideration to the range of views and potential solutions for the development of community health services".

Local campaigners are treating this with caution. The fight still goes on, but at least the PCT have delayed the final decision until they have considered the opinions of the public more fully.

Council News

The Council met on 1st May for the regular monthly meeting.

Cllr. Sizer met Mr Mike Metcalf to discuss remedial repairs to the footpaths and bus shelters.  Some of the repairs have been done, Cllr. Sizer has since e-mailed Mr. Metcalfe asking for a list of the work still to be done, but has not yet received a reply.

Following the Council elections on the 3rd May, Skeffling Parish Council were re-elected in an uncontested election.  Two new candidates did submit forms, but these were rejected because they were not filled in correctly and were too late for inclusion in the election.

It was reported to the Council that from a voting population of 106, only 41 actually voted.

It was agreed that the Annual General Meeting would be held on Tuesday, 8th May at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

The Code of Conduct 2007 must be accepted by 1st October 2007.  The papers are circulating amongst councillors and will be put on the agenda for a full discussion.

At Public Speaking Mrs. Meadley asked if Skeffling can have a flashing 30mph warning sign.  Traffic is still ignoring the speed restrictions through the village and a flashing sign might be a sensible way of reminding speeding drivers. This item will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.  In the meantime enquiries will be made as to     the     feasibility     of

this particular kind of sign and any costs which may be involved.

Mr. Beadle asked why council road sweepers did not clean the road along Humber Way.  He said that it wasn't done often enough.  By coincidence the road had been swept that morning, and, following the road repairs the previous week, it had been cleaned then, too.

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The next meeting is on 6th June at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend, and put their views and ideas to the Council.

However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Annual General Meeting - Skeffling Parish Council

The Annual General Meeting of Skeffling Parish Council was held on 8 May 2007.

Cllr. Mike Turnbull was re-elected as Chairman for another year.  Cllr. Peter Payne was again elected Vice-Chairman for the year.

In his annual report the Chairman thanked the Councillors and volunteers for the tremendous amount of work they have done this year.  It has been a very busy year, with some projects ending and some beginning.

The play area has provided a vital benefit for the children, and they are certainly enjoying the swings and other facilities. There is still more to do, and plans are already in place to create further play equipment for the children when time allows.

Main Road has certainly benefited from it's face lift. New kerbing has improved the look of the village, and helped to stop vehicles

cutting into the grass verges.  The bus shelters have also had new roofs and been painted.  This work has not been completed yet, but arrangements have been made to finish it soon.

The biggest project of the year has been the Wind Turbine.  This is now in place and has been producing electricity for almost three months.  As well as the Wind Turbine, the grants covered a complete heating system for the Village Hall, point of use hot water to the kitchen and toilets, loft insulation and low energy lighting.  This has meant making the Village Hall energy efficient and where the electricity is concerned, virtually self-financing

Cllr. Turnbull concluded that the success of this year's projects would not have been possible without the dedicated help and support of the village. Councillors have given their time and expertise in installing the heating and lighting in the Village Hall, as well as organising other projects.  Volunteers have given many hours of their time helping with the heavy work, and donations of money, materials and equipment have kept costs down.

Once again he thanked everyone for getting involved and contributing their time and skills to improving and maintaining the facilities in Skeffling.

Annual General Meeting - Village Hall Committee

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Committee took place on Thursday 24 May at the Village Hall.

Lynda Payne opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending the AGM, and welcoming Chris Fisher as a new member of the Village Hall Committee.

At the election of the new officers, Lynda Payne was elected Chairman for another year, Sue Turnbull was elected Vice-Chairman, Julie Newsam was elected Treasurer and Alison Howden was elected Secretary.

The financial report showed a very healthy year.  There was an increase in hiring fees, mainly due to the weekly meeting of The Ladies Club and T'ai Chi.  There was also an increase in private hiring's for parties which boosted the final amount to £905.

During the last 17 months £1,127 was donated to various charities.

It was also reported that two cheque's amounting to £113 has been received from npower in payment of the electricity generated by the Wind Turbine and added to the national grid. This was for just under three months, and is a healthy return.

Mrs. Payne concluded the meeting by saying it had been a very successful year.  There had been more functions and events than in previous years. Tickets for all the events had been sold out.

She thanked the villagers for their support and help, and for all the generous donations received.

Mrs. Yvonne Atkinson, who unfortunately couldn't attend the meeting, has asked me to pass on her congratulations to the Village Hall Committee.

"They do a wonderful job," she said.  "Every social night is really good, and I'd hate to miss one.  The Committee have made the Village Hall into a nice place to be.  It's also good to have people from other villages coming to enjoy themselves with us.  It's all part of the community spirit, and I'd like to thank the  Village Hall Committee

very much for their hard work and for  giving the village so much pleasure."

Those sentiments have been echoed many time over...

Seaside Radio

The latest exciting project from Seaside Radio is focussing on ‘Your village - Now'.

Speaking with older residents about their memories of how life used to be paints a very graphic picture of years ago, but what about today?

What is your village like now?  What services does it have?  Have you a post office?  What about a shop, and buses.  Is there a cycle route? Local beauty spot?

This project is for local people to make a DVD of their village.  The good things, and the things which could be improved. As well as being given a chance to have their say, participants will learn media skills and be able to work together to form a group to make their own DVD of life in your village as it is now.

If you are unemployed, aged between 16 and 65 and live in Holderness, you can take part.  Call Seaside Radio on 01964 611427 and find out more.   Places are limited so call now  to  book  your  place.

No experience is needed and it's really good fun.  All the equipment is provided and you'll be learning a new skill which could come in very handy in the future.

Dates for your Diary

16 June - Official opening of the Wind Turbine project.

Mobile Library - Wednesday, 6 June and 13 June

Blue Bins in June - Friday, 22 June

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