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Skeffling Community Information

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Skeffling Wind Power

This month Skeffling has hit the headlines in a big way.

On the 12th June, Anne Strommen Lyke of Norse Hydro paid us a visit on her farewell tour of the East Riding.  It was the Langeled Rural Community Development Fund, which was set up by Norse Hydro which helped make the wind turbine possible.  The funds they gave us was matched by the Department for Trade and Industry, plus cash from the Yorkshire Forward and the Leader+ scheme.

Not only was Anne Strommen Lyke complimentary about the wind turbine project, but showed a great deal of interest in the play area. When Cllr. Turnbull explained that the playground had been funded solely through our recycling efforts in the village, she was full of praise.

On Saturday the grand opening of the Wind Turbine was a great success.

The plaque was unveiled by Graham Stuart MP.  He praised the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee for their bold decision to ‘go green’.

"It's great to see a local community taking control of its energy needs," he said.  "They have taken their own decision regarding wind energy and can now enjoy many years of free power."

Cllr. Richard Stead of East Riding of Yorkshire Council who helped with funding and planning applications,  was  pleased

to see the scheme finally come to fruition.

"This scheme is one that other village halls and communities should consider for their energy needs," he said.  "This is a milestone for South Holderness."

As well as the plaque commemorating the launch of  the  Wind  Turbine, Proven Energy presented Skeffling with a plaque to celebrate the fact that Skeffling's is the 1000th wind turbine they have installed.

One lady who gets little praise  for  her  work  is Karen Wood, Rural Community's Officer for East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  Karen has held our hand and guided the Council through the minefield of paperwork and applications right from the start.  The process started over a year ago, and during that    time    Karen    has not only been of tremendous help and encouragement, but has become a real friend of Skeffling.

The 16th June was certainly a landmark in Skeffling's history.  It also gave Skeffling the opportunity to show our sincere gratitude and thanks to everyone for their help and support in the project.  Without them it wouldn't have been possible…

Skeffling Celebrates!

Following the formal proceedings of the afternoon, the evening was very different.  It was time to celebrate our achievements, and, as

usual, Skeffling did it in style!

Entertainment was provided by Martin Jackson, an extremely accomplished singer.  He sang a variety of songs, rock ' roll, easy listening, and songs from the shows. He auditioned for the part of Joseph in Any Dream Will Do on the tele.  He got to the third round then the powers that be sent him home.

We didn't though, because he is an exceptionally good singer with a tremendous talent.

For once the catering was done by an outside caterer, although Lynda Payne did insist on making the puddings herself.  Even so, the Village Hall Committee worked really hard all afternoon and evening to make sure everyone had a good time and things ran smoothly.

It was a great day…

Thank you…

Skeff News has been asked by many people from the village and outside to express their thanks and congratulations to the Village Hall Committee for making the Launch Day such a great success, and to the Council for being so innovative and forward looking.

Among the compliments for the Council have been: "They're the best Council we've had for many years." "They're absolutely brilliant, and have done a lot for this village.  Things we can be really proud of."  "It shows how good our Council is when other Parishes come

to see what we've done and look to put our ideas to use elsewhere."

The Village Hall Committee have also been singled out for a lot of compliments.  In particular, I have been asked to mention     Lynda    Payne.

This year she's had a foot in both camps, being a councillor and leader of the Village Hall Committee.  It fell to Lynda to be part of the plans and decision making of the Wind Turbine Project, and then she had to organise the Launch Party.  When asked about this she said that she didn’t do it alone, she had the help and support of the Village Hall Committee and the Council, but the workload of sending out invitations, organising the catering and making sure the day was a success, fell squarely on Lynda’s shoulders.

She worked hard and tirelessly to make it a day to remember, and her hard work paid off.  Skeffling did have a day to remember.

Council News

The monthly Parish Council meeting was held on 5th June.

A refurbishment grant for the Village Hall which Cllr. P. Payne presented has not, on this occasion, been granted.  However, the letter informing us of the decision said that the application was of a high standard and recommended that we seek alternative funding for this project by contacting the Funding Development Officer at ERVAS.

The play equipment which was offered to the Council by Withernsea Town Council was mostly unsuitable.  There was a large amount of matting and two swings which could be of use in the future.  Arrangements are being made to collect these items.

Figures for the Annual Audit were inspected by the Council.  These were agreed as being an accurate account of the Council's business during the past year.

There was a detailed discussion on the contents of the proposed leasing of the Village Hall to the Village Hall Committee by the Parish Council.  Legal advice has been sought on the matter and it was agreed to go ahead with the plans in order for the Village Hall to become a registered Charity.  Two members of the Council will be co-opted onto the Village Hall committee, on a temporary basis, to be responsible to deal with their area of expertise, namely the play area and wind turbine.  They would have no other responsibilities on the Village Hall Committee.  If, for any reason, the Village Hall Committee ceases to function everything will revert back to the control of the Council.

With regard to the insurance for the wind turbine.  It has been agreed that cover will be added to the Council insurance in the sum of £52.

The Local Paths Partnership Guidelines scheme for this year has been oversubscribed and grants of only £470 per annum will be allocated to each Council who agrees to the scheme.  The idea of the scheme is to make local Councils responsible for the countryside in this

area using local volunteers to do the work. These volunteers will have to be trained in the use of any machinery, and Health and Safety Regulations will apply.  After a long discussion it was decided that with a small parish like Skeffling it would not be viable as the costs would far exceed £470 per annum.  This scheme will be considered again next year.

Following a request for flashing 30 mph signs in the village, it was decided to ask the relevant authority for a suitability study to be made on the viability of having these signs in the village.  The cost of electricity and maintenance would have to be borne by the Council.  It was proposed that the Council investigate the costs before a firm decision be made.

Cllr. Robinson has spoken to the Highways Department regarding signage at Bingley Hill. There is no intention of putting a warning sign on this bend as it was felt it was not dangerous. However, Cllr. Robinson pressed the point that there have been some serious accidents on this stretch of road, and the matter will be look into further.

Quotes for a new notice board are to be obtained.  It was agreed that a new, large, notice board be sited outside the Village Hall.

During public speaking, Mrs. Beadle said that the bridge over the sink dyke needs attention.  It was agreed to query this with the Highways Department to ask if anything can be done to strengthen the bridge.  It was further agreed to put this item on the Streetscene inspection which is due in August/September 2007.

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every

month at the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council.

However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Monthly Council Meeting

Due to unforeseen circumstances the next monthly Parish Council meeting will be held on the 10th July.

Blue Bin Day

For those of you who need a reminder, the next Blue Bin Day is Friday, 20th July.

Quiz Night

For all you Trivia fans, Welwick are holding a Quiz Night on Saturday, 30th June.

It's at the Village Hall, Welwick, and they'd love to see you there.  There's an entrance fee of £5 per person, and that includes supper.  Tickets are now available by ringing 630556 or 630226.

Doors open at 7.30pm, and the quiz starts at 8pm. There will be a buffet supper and a raffle, and a bar has been applied for.

So if you think you can hold your own in a quiz, why not give it a try.  You might even win!

World Children's Fund

Quite a few people in the village have been receiving letters from the World Children's Fund asking them to donate to the charity and help children in Africa.

In 2004 this particular charity was investigated by the Charities Commission because of complaints from the public about the way they operated.

The charity was subsequently  found  to  be

retaining 64% of all money raised in order to raise yet more funds.  This was a surprisingly high percentage of the money received, and it was decided that not enough was actually going to the children the charity was claiming to help.

If you are thinking of donating to the World Children's Fund and would like more information, it can be found on the Charities Commission web site.

Summertime 2007

Withernsea Summertime Special has come round again.

For all of you who rocked at the Valley Gardens last year, it's time to do it once more.

Sunday, 19th August from 10am to 10pm it's music all the way at the ‘Free all Day Concert’. There are tribute bands galore, including ‘T-Rex’, ‘ELO’, ‘Michael Jackson’, and lots more.  And for all you bikers there's the Bike Fest 2007 on the Promenade.  Vintage and Classic bikes to make you drool with envy, or nostalgia!

It's an all day gig, so enjoy the fun.  And if you need a breather, you can always sit on the beach to cool off.

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