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Skeffling Community Information

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Sincere Thanks…

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone for helping out during the flooding.  A special thanks to Charlie Hill, John Branton and Mick Wilkins who all really come up trumps   with   the   pumps!

Big thanks to Mick Wilkins for bailing us out with the digger.  Great job.

If the rising levels in the soak dyke had not been reduced, the flooding in the village and surrounding fields would have been much worse.

Yorkshire Water, the Environment Agency and Emergency Services were all contact in an effort to get any help we could.  Not just for Skeffling, but for other villages, too.

Unfortunately all the emergency services were overwhelmed by the scale of the flooding, and we had to cope on our own.

If this should happen again, Charlie Hill now has a pile of sandbags on a palette ready for the use of the village.

Skeffling Parish Council

There were at least 11 homes flooded, 7 of which lost the whole of the ground floor.  The worst hit was the bungalow as they couldn't move anything upstairs for safety.

The Floodline Number is: 01482 393399.  They will answer any queries you have.

For residents affected by the flooding and who still need help, please contact East Riding Voluntary Aid Services (ERVAS).  Their number is:  01482 871077.


I would like to publicly applaud  Skeffling Parish Council for their help and hard work for villagers throughout the dreadful floods.

It may have only been a telephone call to check if people were managing to keep themselves safe or if they  needed  anything. They were there to give support, far exceeding their role as unpaid members of a parish council. They acted as true members of a supportive community and good neighbours.

The village was fighting a loosing battle with the elements. Even while some of  their  own  properties were starting to become immersed in flood water, councillors were seen in dykes clearing out the muck and rubbish.

I myself, became stranded and could not reach my home.  Coming from work I was turned around by police because the road was impassable and I had to return to Hull.

I was lucky to arrive safely at my parents home in Hull. Two of my sisters had also sought refuge there as they had been badly flooded, mostly with the raw sewage that was floating around Hull.

After a very restless night, I attempted to go to work in Hedon. When I arrived   I   was   told   that the  unit  was  closing  and I needed to make a decision    as    to    where I should go. I have a very poorly daughter and a newly bereaved, elderly mother-in-law who was becoming very stressed about   the   situation   they

were in and me not being able to return.

Luckily, the road between Hedon and Skeffling had become passable, and I was able to get to the village with care. I was carrying important medical supplies and essential food shopping so it was imperative that I got home. Naturally, getting from the main road to my house posed a great predicament. I was wearing wellies, but they were quite useless in the depths of water. Carrying boxes of bandages and shopping through all that water was quite impossible.  So I was greatly relieved when a friendly voice enquired - ‘Do you want a lift?’  There was Justin, with his trusty steed. Happy to offer neighbourly help.

I offer many thanks to all of those councillors who demonstrated similar selfless acts. These people work hard to make Skeffling a better place to live.  They do it to help every single villager, often thanklessly.  I strongly hope they continue to do so.  I would also like to congratulate the village hall committee for their efforts. I have resided in Skeffling for 26 years, and I've never seen it look so good.  It is easy for people to criticise and complain and often coming forward and being grateful for work done in a community seems too difficult for some. Its time those who work persistently for this village, are recognised and complimented.

Christine Wilkinson

The following letter was on the Hull Daily Mail web site on 5 July 2007.

"If Hull is the ‘forgotten city’ in the recent floods, then Skeffling is the 'forgotten village'.  Our living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room and hallway carries a lingering smell of damp after the devastating floods.  The water began to come up through the floorboards on the evening of Monday and remained in the house for four days, finally subsiding on the follow Friday.  The invaluable support of our neighbours, friends and fellow villagers can only be commended; everyone pulled together and still continue to help at this difficult time.  We can't thank them enough.  The insurance company were notified of the damage early the following morning and yesterday we heard that the loss adjuster would not be visiting the property until 16th July.  Thus, the house, its contents and the smell have to remain as is until the damage is assessed."



Many thanks to our friends and neighbours who came to our rescue after rain water flooded our house.

They came wading, knee high, through the water and managed to move all the furniture out of the way and pull up the wet carpets.  They even came back with a few sand bags to try to stop it coming back in.

Thanks to all concerned. David and June Small

Council News

The monthly meeting of Skeffling Parish Council was held on the 10th July.

A survey has been carried out for the feasibility of having a speed reactive sign in the village.  It will cost £1,300 plus the electricity cost of £38 per annum.  There would also have to be an electricity supply to the sign.  It was agreed that a letter be written to say we cannot afford the costs of the sign and asking how else we can slow the traffic down.

Cllr. Newsam has looked into the price of a new notice board.  The cost of a hardwood notice board 3' across and 2' down would be in the region of £450. This item will be discussed at the next meeting.

The planning application by Mr. Stothard for a change of use of his property in Church Road was discussed at length.  It is a similar application to the one he made in 2004. The Council have rejected the application on several points.  Church Road is not suitable for constant heavy traffic, it's in a residential area and adjacent to the children's playground, there is no indication as to what would be stored on the site.

There have been several letters from East Riding Council regarding the flooding and their plans for gully cleaning.  All of this will be focused on Hedon and Thorngumbald.  There is nothing planned for Skeffling.

During public speaking Mrs. Beadle asked the Council if they had a contingency plan for when ‘the big one comes’.  Cllr. Turnbull said that the responsibility is with East Riding Council and not the Parish Council.  The Parish Council does not have the resources, facilities or manpower to do the work of East Riding Council.

Mr. Dosdale announced that British Gas would be in Skeffling on Wednesday and Thursday of that week to  give  any  help  needed.

There would be skips for flood damaged property to be thrown away and heaters for those who had been flooded.  They would also be cleaning gullies.

With regard to the flooding Mr. Dosdale said that Cllr. Turnbull had turned down the offer of desperately needed pumps. Cllr. Turnbull replied that he had been to the address Mr. Dosdale had given him and they did not have any pumps.  Mr. Dosdale insisted there were pumps there.  When Cllr. Turnbull refuted this Mr. Dosdale accused Cllr. Turnbull of calling him a liar.

Mr. Dosdale asked why the manhole wasn't marked after someone had fallen down it.

Mr. Dosdale said that there was no point getting speed signs in the village until we had put our own house in order and stopped the off-road bikes and quad bikes.  He asked that the Council put a stop to this.

Mrs. Beadle asked that the Council  restore the notices on the river bank to stop vehicles going beyond a certain point.

Mr. Dosdale complained about the people canoeing outside his house, and others taking photographs of the flood.  He found it very distasteful that people should be enjoying themselves while he was in such an awful predicament.

Mr. Dosdale said the attitude of the Council was disgusting.  He felt that during the flooding the Village Hall should have been manned, and hot drinks and sandwiches made available.  Cllr. Turnbull said that he had offered everyone who had been flooded the use of the Village Hall, but they had all declined, including Mr. Dosdale.

Mrs. Beadle said she was offended by a group of people outside Cllr. Turnbull's house on the Monday night of the flood who were laughing and telling jokes.  She felt this was a very  undignified way

to behave in the circumstances..

There following further accusations from Mr. Dosdale that the Council had done nothing to help him when his house was flooded.  In fact, he said, no one had offered him any help at all.  This was disputed as people had seen Councillors at Mr. Dosdale's house with pumps, pumping away the flood water.

Mrs. Parsonage said that Councillors should be congratulated on the way they rallied round.  They had worked from early morning until after 10.30pm, doing all they could to help everyone who was flooded.  Mr. Meadley donated sand and Cllr. Robinson   donated   bags.

All the Councillors made up sandbags and distributed them.  She also said that even though it wasn't the responsibility of the Council, they had, once again, acted without thought for themselves, and had worked hard digging out dykes and helping people.  They had all taken time off work to do this.

Mr. Dosdale disputed all of this and repeated that he had received no help whatsoever  from the Council.  His main accusations were aimed at Cllr. Turnbull and Cllr. Robinson.

At this point Cllr. Turnbull closed the meeting because Mr. Dosdales remarks were becoming  increasingly personal.

The Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend and put their views and ideas to the Council.

However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Wind Power Celebrations

In the June Newsletter Toni very kindly said I had made the puddings, which was  not  the  case.   I  just

want to put the record straight as Ann, Chris and Julie also contributed their cooking skills.

The Village Hall Committee are a team and contribute towards our social gatherings each in their own way, and none of us wish to take individual praise.

Lynda Payne

My sincere apologies to the Village Hall Committee. It won't happen again… Toni Cornford

Hog Roast

Great news for Country and Western fans.  Keep Saturday 15th September free because not only will there be some fabulous entertainment, supper will be a Hog Roast!

Tickets are now available from Sue at the Post Office.  The tickets will cost £8 for adults, £4 for children, with the family ticket costing £20.  This is for 2 adults and 2 children.

Doors open at 7.30, and the fun starts at 8.

Woops, nearly forgot -- It's   at   the   Village   Hall!

Don't forget to bring your own booze...

Blue Bin Day

For those of you who need a reminder, the next Blue Bin Day is Friday, 17th August

Dates for your Diary

Blue Bin day  - Friday 17 August

Mobile Library - Wednesday, 1st and 15th August

Hot Roast - 15 September, 7.30pm

Bonfire Night -- 5th November at 6.pm

Xmas Fair -- Saturday 1 December 2.pm

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