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Intro. Who, What & Where. Parish Council. Photo Albums. Newsletter. Local Info. Trivia. Blogosphere.


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Skeffling Newsletter


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Skeffling Newsletter

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May 2011


Joan Robinson

1919 - 2011

When Joan married Harry Robinson in 1949 she moved to Skeffling and helped run Burstall Garth farm.  When Harry died in 1962 Joan continued to run the farm on her own for the next 50 years.  Since then all the local farmers have called her Aunty Joan...

For many years Joan served as a councillor on Skeffling Parish Council, and had a well earned reputation for her dedication to improving the village and helping to create a real community.

Joan lived a long, productive life, insisting on playing her part in the running of the farm, and for as long as she could, taking an active interest in the village.

Unfortunately, in her latter years Joan's health let her down and she was forced to withdraw from the active life she loved.  However, she did leave strict instructions on the funeral she wanted.  These were carried out in full by James, who made sure Joan's final goodbye reflected her love of the countryside and of life itself...

Joan had asked for a willow casket, flowers from her own garden, and ivy and evergreens.  In addition the casket was to be carried to St. Helen's Church on a tractor and trailer.  This final journey was    undertaken    by Mike Turnbull who delivered Joan    safely    to    a    full

congregation at St. Helen's Church.  The casket was beautifully decorated with flowers, and ivy was interwoven through the willow.

It is with sadness we say goodbye to such a well known and respected lady. Joan leaves two sons, James and Mark, and two grandchildren, Shelley and Harry...

Thank you...

In February I reported that the Kingstown Pipe Band gave their fee for Burn's Night to the Village Hall committee to use in any way they chose.  They decided to use the money for a memorial in memory of Dave Small.

Now June has asked me to print a thank you from the family...

“I would like to thank the Skeffling Village Hall Committee for their kind donation towards a memorial seat for my late husband,  David Small. The seat will be placed in the church grounds very shortly.  My family and I thank you all for your kind support...”

June Small...

On Yer Bike!

In a couple of weeks Mike Turnbull and Gaz Watts begin their 1,055 mile bike ride from Land's End to John O' Groats. Approximately 3 weeks later Jenny Turnbull will be meeting them at John O' Groats to bring them home. By then I suspect they'll be looking forward to a nice comfortable car seat!

Sponsorship forms are now available at the Post Office or, if you'd like to ring in your pledge, the number is 650330.

All money raised will be divided equally between two charities, the Stroke Ward of Hull Royal Infirmary and Resolution - Rebuilding Lives.

Resolution - Rebuilding Lives is a registered charity Mike is particularly keen to support.  It is a military charity with an outreach programme to help veterans and TA struggling to reintegrate into a normal work and family life.  So many of our military personnel come home suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following their time in war zones, and they need help to readjust to life.

PTSD Resolution provides valuable treatment therapy to members of the UK army, navy and air force. Amazingly, they have an 80% success rate.

We ask so many young men and women to go to war zones and risk their lives daily, but we never really know how their tours of duty affect them.  PTSD Resolution has many stories which are not reported in the press.

Please have a look at their website and you'll see why Mike has chosen to support this charity and the vital work they do.

The address is:  www.ptsdresolution.org

Good luck to Mike and Gaz      on     their     latest

challenge.  Hope the weather stays fine for you...

Charity Walk...

Ben Briggs has just moved into Skeffling, and he's come with all the right credentials!  As well as getting the house in order, he's doing a charity walk!

On 19th  June, Ben and 7 of his friends start walking from St. Bees on the West coast to Robin Hood's Bay on the East.  It's approximately 192 miles. "Guidebooks say a seasoned walker take at least 2 weeks to complete the trail," Ben told me. "We're hoping to do it in 7 days!"

Which means they'll be walking around 30 miles a day!  They might even get themselves into the guidebooks and claim a record.

The walk is in aid of two charities, Alopecia UK and Dove House Hospice. Everyone is aware of the fantastic work Dove House Hospice does, but Alopecia UK is not very well known.

Alopecia is a condition which is not life threatening but can carry a social stigma and affect a person's confidence and overall  quality  of  life. Money is desperately needed to carry out research into the condition and, hopefully, find a cure.

The young son of one of the walkers has it, so it's a charity close to all their hearts.

During the walk the lads will be camping every night. They'll           also          be

Page 2

cooking their own food.    During the day all their gear will be in a back up mini bus.  Well, if they're aiming to cover 30 miles a day they won't want to be weighed down with clutter!

Donations can be given through a 'just giving' website which will be online soon.  There is also a sponsorship form at Skeffling Post Office.

Welcome to the village, Ben.  You've made a great start, and I know this charity challenge won't be your last...

Wind Turbine

In December 2009 I reported that BT were considering siting 5 wind turbines in Easington and Skeffling.  At the time both Parish Councils met representatives from BT and strongly voiced their objections to any more wind turbines in the area. When the turbines at Out Newton Road were originally proposed there were many objections.  At appeal, the 20 turbines asked for was reduced to seven, and it was stated this should be the maximum for the locality.

BT are now applying for Planning Permission to erect 5 wind turbines just off  Out  Newton  Road. Three will be sited on the Easington side of the boundary line, and the other two will be on the Skeffling side.

On Friday, 13th May, Easington and Skeffling Parish Councils met Bob Swainson who brought them up to date with BTs plans.

BT will be submitting their plans to the Planning Authority in the next month or two.

They are also planning 'information exhibitions' to be held at both Skeffling and Easington, to give residents the opportunity to see  the proposals and give

their views to BT representatives.

Skeffling News will give you details of dates when these are available.  The exhibitions will be open  for at least a week to give everyone a chance to see what BT have in mind.

The latest news will appear in Skeffling News, Skeffling Community Website and Easington Community  Website. We're all working closely together to make sure you have all the facts as soon as possible.

More Wind Turbines

Skeffling News has just become aware that RWE npower renewables are applying to build up to 333 offshore wind turbines off the coast of East Lindsey, East Lincolnshire, East Riding of Yorkshire and north Norfolk.

It is called the Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm.

They are currently planning exhibitions for the public to view the plans and are looking for a suitable venue in the Easington area.

RWE will be issuing newsletters at key stages of the project, and will be asking Councils and Parish Clerks with help in distributing and providing information to their community.  This will include informing the public about events.

The consultation on the offshore wind farm proposals will commence on 1st June 2011.

Bus Services

New bus timetables have been introduced this week for routes 75 and 77.  The 76 bus route from Withernsea to Hull no longer exists and has been replaced by the 75.  There are also changes to the times of the buses.

Anyone who uses these routes  regularly can get an

up to date timetable from Steve, the driver of the 71 bus route.  There are a lot of changes, making the journey to and from Hull far more difficult.

The 71 bus route still remains the same, and the new timetables for this route will be available shortly.

Council News

Following the Council elections in May, Skeffling Parish Council was returned unopposed.  At the AGM, held on Tuesday, 10th May, Mike Turnbull was returned as Chairman of the Council with Justin Sizer being elected Vice-Chairman.

The monthly meeting of Skeffling Parish Council followed the AGM.

This year's Streetscene visit has taken place and a schedule of work to be done has been received from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Annual Audit papers have been completed and were put before the Council.  The figures were agreed as being an accurate account of the Council's financial dealings for the year 2010/2011.

We are still having problems  with  the  clough. It is now totally silted up and the soak dyke has been drained.  It was agreed that the Environment Agency have not been maintaining this properly and immediate action needs to be taken to correct this.  Cllr. Turnbull has spoken to the Environment Agency and discussed the problems with Arthur Hodgson, Chairman of the Flood Liaison Committee.

It was agreed that a letter be written to the Environment Agency with our concerns about maintenance.  This is an ongoing problem which must  be  put  right in order

to avoid any future flooding to the village.  Photographs of the situation will be sent with the letter as proof of the problems.

Skeffling Parish Council will meet again on Tuesday, 7 June at 7.30pm at Skeffling Village Hall.

Everyone is welcome to attend Council meetings and put their views and ideas to the Council. However, please note that abusive, insulting and disruptive behaviour by the public will not be tolerated.

Police Surgery

The next Police Surgery is on Monday 6th June at 7 - 8pm.  If you have any concerns the police at the surgery will be more than happy to help you.

Mobile Library Dates

The Mobile Library will be in Skeffling on Wednesday, 1st and 15th June.  It will be arriving at the top of Church Road at 11.15am, and staying for about 30 minutes.

Blue Bin Days

Blue bin collections are on Thursday, 19th May and 16th June.

If you'd like to be absolutely positive you don't miss it, you can ask East Riding Council to send you a text message.  It's a free service and they'll send you a prompt the day before the collection is due.  To get this service text 'Blue' to 07786 201286.

Brown Bin Days

The next brown bin collections will be on Thursdays 29th May and 9th June.

Dates for your Diary

Brown Bin days - Thursday, 29th May and 9th June.

Blue Bin day - Thursday 19th May and 16th June.

Police Surgery - Monday 6th June at 7 - 8pm.

Mobile Library - Wednesday, 1st and 15th June.

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