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Local Appeal

Information wanted about a Captain Duncan who lived at Golden Hope, Out Newton Road, Skeffling.

Skeffling News has received an appeal from the present owners of Golden Hope regarding Captain Duncan who lived there in the 1930’s.  They are anxious to find out anything about the Captain.  So far their enquiries have taken them to the SKEALS website, which has a lot of information,  but they would like to find out more about Captain Duncan, the pendant and Golden Hope.

The photograph below is courtesy of Margaret Roberts who realised she had a photograph of Captain Duncan after reading an article in the November 2009 edition of the Skeffling Newsletter.  The only information Mrs Roberts could recall was that to the left of Captain Duncan on the front row was his daughter and wife.

Can any reader help?  It would be nice to fill in another piece of Skeffling history, what was the occasion, do you recognise any of the other people in the photograph.  It is suspected two of the women were wives of local farmers. If you can help please contact the .