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Welcome from all here at Skeffling Community website.  We'd like to thank all visitors who are interested in reading our web pages whether to learn more about our village, keep up with local events or news from the Skeffling Chatter and Skeffling Newsletter pages.

We'd also like to thank our many sponsors for promoting our website or offering services that may be of use to our visitors i.e. Heart Internet for hosting our web site, Google for providing a direct search from these pages, Amazon for their vast array of products which I know many visitors are grateful for, also other commercial companies Expedia for when you start thinking about your summer & winter holidays, these are just a few examples.  We must also not forget our local trades people and businesses, information on their services can be found on the Local Info page.

Last but not least, an invaluable member of the team who has provided the bulk of our local news for over 10 years “Toni Cornford” and if you’re an avid reader why not visit her personal website "Love Zone".  Since 2010 Diane Horncastle has supplied the Easington Newsletter.

Once again thank you all and we look forward to you returning to these pages throughout the year.


To begin with one of our main attractions on the website is the Skeffling Newsletter, this is provided by our excellent editor Toni Cornford whose career before she moved to our small community was as a journalist and author.

Our latest attempt at involving the whole community in the production of this website is a section where they can get involved in blogging.  We also feature a guest blogger each week from around the World Wide Web to showcase their talents and provide encouragement to our newly subscribed bloggers.  On our local info page we provide free advertising for local trades people and information on how to get to know more about the local area.

Now to some of the more factual bits about Skeffling (apologies for the dry nature of the facts), before I go any further the introduction page to the Parish Plan written by Councillor Richard Newsam provides a more comprehensive view of the village and its history.

We are situated on the East Yorkshire coast not far from Spurn Point (only fulltime residential lifeboat station in the country) at the mouth of the Humber Estuary, with approximately 50 plus houses and 150 residents.  To reach us by road you should travel east from Hull and take the B1445 Patrington to Easington Road for 5 miles. You cannot miss us, as you approach the village you will see Wind Turbines in the distance at Out Newton and the Gas Terminals at Easington which incidentally provide one fifth of the UK's natural gas supplies.

The main focal points in the village are the church of St Helens (more of this later) and the village hall which now boasts of having its own wind turbine that provides energy for itself and any surplus going to the national grid.  The village has many open spaces between the various groups of houses and we locals find it is a very attractive place to live.

St Helens church is a grade 1 listed building which was built in the 15th century. Sadly today it is in need of extensive renovations made worse by a minor earthquake in 2007.  At present various groups are fundraising to help with the costs that are expected to run to several hundred thousand pounds.

A more modern landmark in the village is a 6kw Proven wind turbine which stands 15 metres tall at the village hall.  Further details of this and its performance can be found at the Sunny.  This is our community playing its part in the efforts to use more renewable energy.  The prime mover in bringing this to fruition was Councillor James Robinson who has followed on in the footsteps of his mother (Joan) who was a former chairman of the parish council for a good number of years; on James website you will find a pictorial view of the village and the building of the wind turbine.

Some of the villagers involved in the erection can been seen here

I hope you enjoy visiting our community website and will browse the various offerings we have.  Should you wish to contact us or add further pages and content please see the contact page for telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

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At present the Skeffling Community Website is not fully optimised for mobile & tablet users.  Therefore if you have trouble locating a page you will find a link to it HERE.

Latest News

Until we get a new editor for the Newsletter any important news will appear on the Chatter website.


Skeffling Parish Council

We are sorry to announce that the Parish Clerk Mrs Toni Cornford has retired.  If you would like to take over this position please contact the Parish Chairman on 650330.

Can You Help

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Our local church

St Helens

Micro-generation Award

Approach to the village

View from the river bank

Thomas of Skeffling

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Thank you to all the people who have contributed and helped build this source of information about Skeffling.