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Westlife I'll See You Again

Tribute to Charmain Denise Parsonage

Westlife - I’ll See You Again

Eva Cassidy - Fields Of Gold

Il Divo - Time To Say Goodbye

Eulogy spoken at Charmain’s funeral

13th July 2011

Charmain was, and always will, be held in high esteem by her many work colleagues and friends.  She had a way of speaking and dealing with people whether they be of a high ranking position or simply an ordinary member of the public, she treated each of them with the respect they deserved.

Charmain was ever the consummate professional secretary.  She was old school, and woe betide anyone who presented her with work that didn't meet her exacting standards.  There are many who have rued the day with an apostrophe out of place.

A lot has been said about her work life here today, but that's who she was.  She would be proud to be known as a hard working woman who worked fulltime for over 40 years and only retired last October.

Charmain was so looking forward to spending her remaining years in her cottage, especially her precious garden.

During the past year she had little free time to concentrate on her love of gardening, and was determined to rectify this when she retired last October.  In early April this year she spent every rain free day in the garden, or gardening centres, turning her neglected patch into a riot of colour and beauty.  Her one aim was to spend the summer enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and appreciating all her hard work.

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be…

But let's not dwell on why we're here today.  Let's celebrate Charmain's life, remember the loving, caring, funny person she was, and let's spend a moment commiserating with the Angels when they're next writing a prayer.  Charmain will be standing next to them making sure the punctuation is right, and any apostrophes are in the right place!

There is so much more we can say about Charlie, as she was affectionately known, but most of all she was a proud mum to Stephen and a sweetheart to Thomas.

8th July 1951 - 2nd July 2011