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This part of the web site is under constant development and the entries are now live examples of what can be done.

This is where the bloggers of Skeffling can put their blogs.  Each week we will display a guest blogger from around the World Wide Web showcasing their particular interests.   Blog is short for weblog - it is really a form of online diary where your thoughts are shared by visitors to the web site.

If you would like to have your own blog included on this page or have difficulties on how to set-up or maintain a blog please contact myself by either Tel: 650645 or  

If you’d just like to make a comment about what appears in these blogs please use our Guestbook to give your opinions on them.

Bloke in the North (578 articles) Prolific Guest blogger

The amazingly unlikely true story of how a grumpy old man and lifelong bachelor won the love of a beautiful young woman and started a family – and all by writing a curmudgeonly blog about his lonely journey to the grave. Now who would have predicted that?  (This blog will open a new tab or window and when you close it you will be returned to this page)

A Game In Four Quarters   (92)Guest blogger

A born & bred "East Ender" from near the Mouth of the Humber in "God's Own County".  Everything you wanted to know about local football.  (This blog will open a new tab or window and when you close it you will be returned to this page)

Skeffling Chatter (70 articles)

Here you can see the views of the community and if you wish you can also publish your ideas and thoughts.  Contact by telephone or send an e-mail to find out how easy it is.

Toni’s Blog (32 articles)

The editor of the Skeffling Newsletter will post articles that were too late for the current edition and others that the villagers need to be updated on.  Plus other posts in her own indomitable style.

Toni’s Chit-Chat (11 articles)

Everything you wanted to know about her website Love Zone

Crystals Chronicles (7 articles)

This is a story about the life and adventures of a puppy, it is likely to tug at your heart strings.

Tom’s Blog (21 articles)

This is where you will find Tom's thoughts mostly on running the Skeffling web site and research that I am doing to improve the website’s resources for villagers .   I’ll try not to provide a running commentary on what a computer addict does, but occasionally provide editorial content on what I believe is happening in the Skeffling area.

This blog is is intended to encourage other residents to participate in relating their experiences of living in a small East Yorkshire County village.

Anjali (114 articles) Former Guest blogger

This young lady is from India and her blog is described as a food blog with a pinch of healthy recipes, and a handful of fun.  Simple recipes to serve up real food for busy families.  (This blog will open a new tab or window and when you close it you will be returned to this page)