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1. Being romantic is...?

Forever coming up with excuses to surprise your lover.


Giving flowers and presents on Valentine’s Day.

Showing the person you love, you love him...

Making you lover happy by doing stuff together.

2. What do you do on Valentine’s Day?

Something extraordinary but private.

What everyone else does! Eat a nice dinner and give roses.

Stay at home with him.. It’s expensive to eat out or buy gifts on Valentine’s Day.

What you do everyday... Fill him with surprises and fun...

Something extraordinary and dramatic...

3. When is a good time for being romantic?


When you’re in the mood.

When you’re alone with him.

On Valentine’s Day.

Don’t waste my time.

4. Your favourite kind of movies are...?

Unromantic romantic movies... In other words you hate romantic movies.

Titanic... Isn’t that everyone’s favourite?

Romantic comedies.

Tragic romantic movies like Romeo & Juliet.

Any romantic movies you watch with your lover.

5. Which of these actions do you consider the most romantic?

Flowers, gifts on Valentine’s Day, birthday, xmas, etc.

Being practical instead.

Springing surprises on him whenever you feel like it.

Dancing a slow dance under the sunset with your lover alone.

A guy proposing on his knees in the middle of the street.

6. You’re romantic because?

You can’t help it.

You feel in the mood for romance.

You want your partner to be happy.

You do what everybody does for Valentine’s Day, giving presents and flowers.

You’re stupid.

7. How would you give a bouquet of roses to your date?

Passing it personally to him in public.

Passing it to him anytime anywhere you feel like it.

You won’t ever be giving any roses, it is a waste of money.

Sending it over to his house.

Passing it to him personally at his house.

8. Where would your ideal location be for a date?

Anywhere as long as it’s with your date.

A romantic getaway such as a cruise.

A secluded beach where you can have lots of privacy.

At home, it’s cheap private and convenient.

Cinema and a good meal after that, isn’t that what everyone does.

9. When in love, you should?

Do what all lovers do.

Be practical.

Be happy.

Be passionate.

Be yourself.

10. How much do you want to be in love?

Pretty much. Everybody needs love at one point of her life or another.

Depends on your feelings.

Depends on if people around you are in love or not.

Not much. I can do without it.

Are you a Romantic!!!


Classic, Closet or just a Cynic


The answer below will reveal all


Answer these questions as honestly as you can.   If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.

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