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1) In which year was the first modern Olympic Games?
a 1892
b 1896
c 1859
d 1872

2) Where was it held?
a Athens
b Rome
c Crete
d Madrid

3) What is darts' highest possible scoring finish?
a 120
b 150
c 160
d 170

4) How many footballers died in the Munich air disaster?
a 7
b 8
c 9
d 10

5) What is said to be the sport of kings?
a Tennis
b Bowls
c Horse Racing
d Croquet

6) In what year was the first open Wimbledon championship held?
a 1952
b 1956
c 1964
d 1968

7) Where will the 2008 Olympics be held?
a Istanbul
b Toronto
c Paris
d Beijing

8) Which cricket player made the highest individual test score at 365 not out?
a Viv Richards
b W.G. Grace
c Graham Gooch
d Brian Lara

9) Which team won the first Womens Football World Cup in 1991?
a Norway
b Brazil
c England

10) How many dimples are there on a golf ball?
a 128
b 246
c 336
d 482

11) What is the diameter of a basketball hoop?
a 17 inches
b 18 inches
c 19 inches
d 20 inches

12) What identities the leader of the Tour de France?
a Red jumper
b Yellow jumper
c Green jumper
d Blue jumper

13) How many players in a field hockey game?
a 16
b 20
c 22
d 24

14) How many times did "Red Rum" win "The Grand National"?
a 1
b 3
c 5
d 10

15) Which British Athlete won the gold medal in the 100m at the 1992 Olympics?
a Jonathon Edwards
b Linford Christie
c Colin Jackson
d Jamie Baulch

16) Which of these London Clubs has John Hartson not played for?
a Arsenal
b West Ham
c Chelsea
d Wimbledon

17) Which bowler has taken the most test wickets ever?
a Muttiah Muralitharan
b Ian Botham
c Shane Warne
d Courtney Walsh

18) Which of these is not a sports league in America?

19) After winning the World Cup 1986, which team lost in the final in 1990?
a Italy
b Germany
c Brazil
d Argentina

20) How many events are there in the decathlon?
a 5
b 8
c 10
d 12


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These questions test your All round Knowledge of Sport.


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