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1) Gary Lineker did not play for which club?
a Leicester City
b Liverpool
c Everton
d Tottenham Hotspurs

2) Who won the 2001 Singles Ladies Tennis Championship at Wimbledon?
a Anna Kournikova
b Venus Williams
c Martina Hingis
d Serena Williams

3) Nick Faldo plays which sport?
a Football
b Tennis
c Golf
d Snooker

4) Tennis is played at?
a Crystal Palace
b Wimbledon
c Chelsea
d Victoria

5) Which football team are nicknamed The Gunners?
a Tottenham Hotspurs
b Liverpool
c Manchester United
d Arsenal

6) What is the last event in a decathlon?
a High jump
b Long jump
c 400 metres
d 1500 metres

7) From which country do the Olympics originate?
a Italy
b Greece
c England
d U.S.A

8) Which game involves a shuttlecock?
a golf
b tennis
c badminton
d squash

9) In which sport do teams play for the Ashes?
a cricket
b rugby
c tennis
d golf

10) What is the duration of an American Football Match?
a 60 mins
b 80 mins
c 90 mins
d 100 mins

11) How long is the Grand National race?
a 2.5 miles
b 3 miles
c 4.5 miles
d 5 miles

12) What is a Bullseye worth in Darts?
a 20
b 25
c 50
d 100

13) Fred Perry was famous for......?
a Squash
b Athletics
c Tennis
d Snooker

14) What is the hop,step and jump event officially known as?
a High Jump
b Long Jump
c Triple Jump
d Ski Jump

15) How often are the Olympic games held?
a 2 years
b 3 years
c 4 years
d 5 years

16) What football team plays in front of the Kop?
a Coventry
b Chelsea
c Newcastle
d Liverpool

17) What number does a referee count to when a professional wrestler is pinned down to the canvas?
a 3
b 5
c 8
d 10

18) How many players are there in a Basketball Team?
a 3
b 5
c 10
d 11

19) How many pins are there in bowling?
a 8
b 10
c 12
d 20

20) Which football player is married to the singer Louise?
a David Beckham
b Ryan Giggs
c Jamie Redknapp
d Alan Shearer


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These questions test your All round Knowledge of Sport.


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