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1) Worldwide, how many species of plant and animal are at risk of extinction?
a 2000 species
b 5000 species
c 10,000 species
d 15,000 species

2) In hours, how long is an average day on the planet Jupiter?
a 5 hours
b 10 hours
c 20 hours
d 60 hours

3) What is the speed of light?
a 100,000 km/second
b 200,000 km/second
c 300,000 km/second
d 500,000 km/second

4) The USA is the biggest user of paper in the world! How much paper do they use every year?
a 12 million tonnes
b 53 million tonnes
c 67 million tonnes
d 100 million tonnes

5) How many hours a day does a Koala bear spend sleeping?
a 8
b 10
c 12
d 22

6) What is the lightest metal from the list below?
a Lead
b Silver
c Aluminium
d Lithium

7) If you mix iron and carbon together what do you get?
a Rust
b Copper
c Steel
d Diamonds

8) How many elements exist naturally?
a 45
b 65
c 85
d 95

9) How often are brain cells replaced?
a Once a year
b Once every 10 years
c Once in a lifetime
d Never

10) What insect can jump 200 times its own height?
a Grasshopper
b Flea
c Flying ant
d Tsetse fly

11) What is a Rhinoceros horn made of?
a Dried blood
b Ivory
c Hair
d Bone

12) What is the fastest growing thing in the plant and animal kingdom?
a Elephant
b Ivy
c Blue Whale
d Algae

13) What do frogs have in their mouth that Toads don't?
a Tongue
b Gums
c Teeth
d Tadpoles

14) What or who, are Cobol, Fortran and Pascal?
a Explorers
b Classical musicians
c Computer languages
d Satellites in orbit

15) What African animal kills the most people?
a Lions
b Tigers
c Snakes
d Crocodiles

16) On average how many acorns are produced from just one mature Oak tree?
a 1000
b 5,000
c 20,000
d 50,000

17) What is the International radio code for the letter Y?
a Yes
b Yummy
c Yankee
d Yesterday

18) Where is the sea of Showers?
a Off the coast of Greenland
b On the Moon
c Surrounding the Island of Rain
d Arctic Circle

19) What is a Monkey Puzzle?
a A quiz for Monkeys
b A tree
c A fruit
d A nut

20) Which bird lays its eggs in the nests of other birds?
a Swallow
b Magpie
c Eagle
d Cuckoo


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These questions test your Knowledge of Science abilities.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 69% on the first attempt.

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