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1) Which of these diseases is transmitted to humans by the mosquito?
a Malaria
b Psittacosis
c Typhus
d Mumps

2) Which form of transport moves along on a cushion of air?
a Monorail
b Tank
c Ferry
d Hovercraft

3) What is the alternative term for a third molar?
a Molar III
b A fang
c A K-9
d A wisdom tooth

4) What is man's most common pain?
a Headache
b Backache
c Twisted Ankle
d Strained Neck

5) How many wings does a flea have?
a Zero
b One
c Two
d Three

6) Which planet did Percival Lovell discover?
a Mercury
b Uranus
c Jupiter
d Pluto

7) What does an androphobic maiden fear?
a Animals
b Men
c Children
d Women

8) What do you get by adding "Lactobacillus bulgaricus" to milk?
a Cheese
b Whipped Cream
c Yoghurt
d Ice Cream

9) How many times thicker than water is blood?
a Four
b Five
c Six
d Seven

10) What does the Kelvin scale measure?
a Rainfall
b Earthquakes
c Wind Speed
d Temperature

11) What would you usually do with an artichoke?
a Eat it
b Wear it
c Throw it
d Play it

12) What is the main characteristic of a person described as extrovert?
a Shy
b Clumsy
c Greedy
d Socially Confident

13) In the abbreviation PVC, what does the letter C stand for?
a Cloth
b Chloride
c Carbon
d Cheese

14) If a surgeon is qualified in orthopaedics, which parts of the body does he or she specialise in?
a Ears, nose and throat
b Joints, bones and muscles
c Hearts and lungs
d Brain and nervous system

15) What pigment gives vegetation its green colour?
a Chloroform
b Chlorine
c Chlorophyll
d Chlorite

16) What does a claustrophobic person fear?
a Confines spaces
b Cats
c Open spaces
d Spiders

17) What name is given to the high speed trains of Japan?
a Rocket trains
b Bullet trains
c Greyhound trains
d Eagle trains

18) How is Hydrogen represented on the periodic table?
a Hy
b Hd
c Hg
d H

19) How many days does an average mayfly live?
a 7
b 30
c 1
d 100

20) What was the name of the world's first test tube baby?
a Louise Brown
b Sarah Evans
c Lucy Bryant
d Sharon Fuller


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These questions test your Knowledge of Science abilities.


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Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 67% on the first attempt.

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