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1) Who was the first President of the United States?
a John F Kennedy
b George Washington
c Richard Nixon
d Abraham Lincoln

2) The Magna Carta was signed in which year?
a 1115
b 1215
c 1315
d 1415

3) Which year was the general strike?
a 1726
b 1826
c 1926
d 1956

4) What year followed 348 B.C. ?
a 349 B.C.
b 347 B.C.
c 347 A.D.
d 349 A.D.

5) What was the name of Nelson's ship?
a Golden Hind
b HMS Trafalgar
c The Victory
d HMS Ark Royal

6) What was the 'mother tongue' of Queen Victoria?
a English
b German
c French
d Gaelic

7) Yuri Gagarin was the first man to travel in space. Which year?
a 1958
b 1962
c 1965
d 1969

8) Which ship had it's maiden voyage in 1946?
a Titanic
b Queen Elizabeth I
c Queen Elizabeth II
d Queen Mary

9) Sir Francis Drake sailed in which ship?
a The Mayflower
b The Golden Hind
c The Mary Rose
d Marie Celeste

10) Who was the first British Prime Minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth II?
a Clement Atlee
b Winston Churchill
c Harold Wilson
d Neville Chamberlain

11) The oldest examples of cave paintings are how old?
a 10,000 years
b 20,000 years
c 30,000 years
d 40,000 years

12) The telephone was invented in which year by Alexander Graham Bell?
a 1876
b 1896
c 1926
d 1946

13) Sir Isaac Newton the English scientist lived during which period?
a 905-992
b 1215-1306
c 1642-1727
d 1878-1945

14) The oldest skis in the world have been in Scandinavia and date back to when?
a 1000 years
b 2000 years
c 5000 years
d 10000 years

15) Which ship was not owned by Columbus?
a Santa Maria
b Nina
c Pinta
d Santa Barbara

16) Marco Polo, the great adventurer came from which city?
a Venice
b Rome
c Budapest
d Istanbul

17) The Spanish Armada was famously defeated during whose reign?
a Victoria
b Elizabeth I
c Henry V
d George II

18) Ghengis Khan the famous warrior ( who lived between 1162-1227) came from which country?
a China
b India
c Mongolia
d Nepal

19) Which is the oldest town in the world?
a Jericho
b Jerusalem
c Athens
d Constantinople

20) How many crusades have their been in total?
a 4
b 5
c 7
d 9


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These questions test your History skills.


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