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1) Mount Vesuvius is in country ?
a Greece
b Italy
c Turkey
d Iran

2) What is the size of the Pacific Ocean ?
a 60 Million Km2
b 110 Million Km2
c 180 Million Km2
d 220 Million Km2

3) The worlds longest mountain chain is ?
a The Himalayas
b The Pyrenees
c The Andes
d The Alps

4) The largest desert in the world covering a huge 9million Km2 is ?
a Kalahari Desert
b Arabia Desert
c Sahara Desert
d Kobi Desert

5) The tallest mountain in Europe is?
a Mount Everest
b Mont Blanc
c Ben Nevis
d Mount Fuji

6) Who first used explosives in the year 1161?
a The Greeks
b The Romans
c The Chinese
d The Incas

7) In which country will you find Calcutta ?
a Pakistan
b Nepal
c India
d The Philippines

8) Which country is not part of Scandinavia ?
a Finland
b Sweden
c Norway
d Iceland

9) Which country has the largest population in the world ?
a United States
b China
c India
d Indonesia

10) If you are travelling from Paris to London you will be travelling ?
a East to West
b West to East
c North to South
d South to North

11) Which Channel island is the largest ?
a Alderney
b Sark
c Jersey
d Guernsey

12) In which US state is the Grand Canyon ?
a Texas
b Nevada
c Arizona
d Iowa

13) Which body of water lies between Australia and New Zealand ?
a Pacific Ocean
b Atlantic Ocean
c Tasman Sea
d Indian Ocean

14) What is the capital of Morocco ?
a Agadir
b Rabat
c Tangier
d Casablanca

15) Which is the longest river in the British Isles ?
a The Thames
b The Severn
c The Shannon
d The Tyne

16) What is the largest train station in Britain ?
a Kings Cross
b Waterloo
c London Bridge
d Euston

17) Where is the Marsh of Decay ?
a In the USA
b In Africa
c In Asia
d On the Moon

18) How many Australian states are there ?
a 4
b 5
c 6
d 8

19) How many stripes on the Israeli flag ?
a 2
b 3
c 5
d 8

20) Which city in the US is referred to as the Windy city ?
a New York
b Atlanta
c Miami
d Chicago


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