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1) What is the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth?
a -59
b -69
c -79
d -89

2) And where did it occur?
a Arctic
b Siberia
c Greenland
d Antarctica

3) What South American country took its name from the Latin for "silvery"?
a Uruguay
b Chile
c Argentina
d Peru

4) How many rivers are there in Saudi Arabia?
a Zero
b One
c Two
d Three

5) What percentage of the Earth's surface is covered by water?
a 68%
b 71%
c 75%
d 78%

6) Which of these is not a factor in the cause of global warming?
a Gases from spray cans
b Burning Fossil Fuels
c Pollution from cars & factories
d Swimming in seas

7) How many times was Roy Sullivan from USA struck by lightning during his life?
a 4
b 5
c 6
d 7

8) Which of these is not another word for a tornado?
a Hurricane
b Cyclone
c Ice Storm
d Typhoon

9) What do the blue triangles on a weather forecast represent?
a Strong Winds
b Cold Air
c Thunder Storms
d Warm Air

10) What country is Transylvania in?
b Chile
c Romania
d Slovakia

11) What is the most popular name surname in Sweden?
a Johnson
b Anderson
c Johansson
d Andreson

12) What two countries is Andorra nestled between?
a France and Spain
b Holland and Portugal
c Norway & Denmark
d Germany and Belgium

13) What is the only European country that used schillings?
a Norway
b Finland
c Belgium
d Austria

14) How many points are there on the Statue of Liberty's crown?
a 5
b 6
c 7
d 8

15) What natonality is a Breton?
a British
b Italian
c German
d French

16) What is the largest city in Brazil?
a Sao Paulo
b Rio Da Janeiro
c Brasilia
d Vasco Da Gama

17) Who is considered the patron saint of travellers?
a St. Paul
b St. David
c St. Christopher
d St. Patrick

18) How many Continents are there?
a 5
b 6
c 7
d 8

19) What country has the most movie theatres?
a Hong Kong
b England
c Russia

20) Where's the Royal Liver Building?
a Yorkshire
b Manchester
c London
d Liverpool


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