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1) What do you do to a Euphonium ?
a Blow it
b Bang it
c Slap it
d Jump on it

If a creature is Arboreal, where does it live ?
a Underground
b In water
c In sand
d In a tree

What is a Zeppelin ?
a a submarine
b a car
c a plane
d an airship

In roman mythology Neptune is the god of ?
a War
b Love
c the sea
d the sun

How far is the earth from the sun?
a 56 million km
b 124 million km
c 228million km
d 317 million km

The Mercalli scale measures what ?
a the movement of the tides
b air pressure
c earthquake damage
d gravity

Liquid lava from a volcano has an average temperature of ?
a 200degrees
b 500degrees
c 1000degrees
d 2000degrees

The worlds largest glacier, Lambert Glacier is how long ?
a 100km
b 200km
c 700km
d 1000km

What is the largest tree ?
a Redwood
b Ash
c Oak
d Elm

Life in the form of bacteria and algae first appeared in the ocean how long ago ?
a 1000million years
b 2500million years
c 3000million years
d 3500million years

What is the estimated number of species of insect in the world ?
a 100,000
b 300,000
c 750,000
d 1,000,000

What is the most dangerous invertebrate to humans ?
a Spiders
b Snakes
c Mosquitoes
d Scorpions

The dodo was declared extinct in 1662. Which island was its natural home ?
a The Maldives
b New Guinea
c Galapagos Islands
d Mauritius

The worlds smallest mammal is the Kitty hog-nosed bat from Thailand. How much does it weight ?
a 2 Grams
b 20 Grams
c 100 Grams
d 200 Grams

The Flying Fox is a type of what?
a Bat
b Bird
c Fox
d Dog

Captain Cook was finally killed by natives in 1779 but where ?
a Australia
b New Zealand
c Hawaii
d Japan

The first man on the South Pole was ?
a Robert Peary
b Ronald Amundsen
c Captain Scott
d Edmund Hilary

Tanks were first used in which war ?
a Boer War
b World War 1
c World War 2
d Korean War

India won Independence from the British Empire in which year ?
a 1946
b 1948
c 1953
d 1958

On average how many times does the heart beat in a lifetime ?
a 100 Million
b 500 Million
c 1 Billion
d 2 Billion


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These questions test your General Knowledge abilities.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 62% on the first attempt.

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