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1) What currency is used in the Netherlands?
a pound
b franc
c lira
d euro

The first book of the Bible is called?
a revelations
b exodus
c matthew
d genesis

3) Keanu Reeves, the actor was born in which city?
a Chicago
b Hong Kong
c Beirut
d Sydney

The drink tequila traditionally comes from which country?
a Peru
b Cuba
c Mexico
d Venezuala

Nasi Goreng is what type of food?
a raw meat
b a rice dish
c dried nuts
d fruit

The capital of Nepal is?
a Kathmandu
b Delhi
c Nepal City
d Khartoum

Andre Ampere gave his name to a unit of ?
a water
b air pressure
c electrical current
d time

Where is the National Railway Museum?
a London
b Manchester
c York
d Liverpool

John Betjeman is famous for?
a Photography
b Medicine
c Poetry
d Music

Which of these is NOT a variety of nut?
a Cashew
b Monkey
c Pecan
d House

Ayers Rock is in which country?
a India
b China
c Australia

Which motorway is a circular ring road around London?
a M1
b M25
c M20
d M5

Which of these films is NOT a Bond movie?
a The Man with the Golden Gun
b The Spy who loved Me
c Moonraker
d Live and Let Live

Which character taught Oliver Twist to pick pockets?
a Mr Micawber
b Uriah Heep
c The Artful Dodger
d Bob Crachit

Bart Simpson goes to which school?
a Shelbyville Elementary
b Springfield Elementary
c Shelbyville Middle School
d Springfield Middle School

The Premium Bonds computer has a nickname which is?
a Harry
b Bobby
c Reggie
d Ernie

Who was not a housemate in Big Brother 2?
a Helen
b Penny
c Roger
d Stuart

Which is the more intelligent species?
a hamsters
b snakes
c dolphins
d bears

Who became British Prime Minister in 1979?
a John Major
b Ted Heath
c Neil Kinnock
d Margaret Thatcher

John Constable was a famous?
a policeman
b musician
c artist
d scientist


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