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1) Where was Leonardo Da Vinci born?
a Palermo
b Milan
c Leonardo
d Vinci

Which part of the body is most important for balance?
a mouth
b nose
c chin
d ears

How many animal signs are there in the Chinese Calendar?
a 3
b 9
c 12
d 18

Orange Pekoe is a variety of what?
a orange
b duck
c tea
d apple

How did Thor Heyerdahl cross the Pacific in 1947?
a rowing boat
b raft
c balloon
d glider

Which of these birds can fly?
a Puffin
b Ostrich
c Kiwi
d Penguin

The currency in South Africa is the ?
a pound
b dollar
c rand
d pand

Which city used to be called New Amsterdam?
a Rotterdam
b Rome
c New York
d Los Angeles

What was the subject of Charles Darwin's famous theory?
a gravity
b light
c evolution
d relativity

Which composer had the middle name Amadeus?
a Handel
b Bach
c Beethoven
d Mozart

Where was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake in 1431?
a Paris
b Marseilles
c Rouen
d London

How many stripes are on the American flag?
a 12
b 13
c 15
d 16

What is currently the most popular style of food in the UK?
a chinese
b italian
c american
d indian

Which Shakespearian character is famous for saying ' A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse'?
a Macbeth
b King Lear
c Richard III
d Othello

What kind of food is ciabata?
a rice
b bread
c pasta
d fish

What does the latin word 'circa' mean when written before a year?
a until
b before
c after
d around

In numerical terms a gross is?
a three score and ten
b a bakers dozen
c a dozen dozen
d a thousand dozen

What is a vegan?
a a plant
b a planet
c a strict vegetarian
d an alien

The drink Port traditionally comes from ?
a Spain
b France
c Italy
d Portugal

Who wrote Dracula?
a Charles Dickens
b William Shakespeare
c Bram Stoker
d Jules Verne


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