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1) Which planet has the Great Red Spot?
a Jupiter
b Saturn
c Mercury
d Uranus

2) How many people took refuge on Noah's Ark?
a 2
b 4
c 6
d 8

3) Which football team won the F.A. Cup twice in a row in 1961 & 1962 and then repeated the feat 20 years later?
a Aston Villa
b Liverpool
c Man Utd
d Tottenham Hotspur

4) What comic features Dennis the Menace?
a Playdays
b Beano
c Roy of the Rovers
d Dandy

5) Which city was first home to the Statue of Liberty?
a London
b New York
c Paris
d Madrid

6) What city do Batman & Robin patrol?
a Metropolis
b Dangerville
c Gotham
d London

7) What is the cube of 5?
a 1
b 5
c 25
d 125

8) Who beat John McEnroe in the final to take a second Wimbledon title?
a Jeremy Bates
b Boris Becker
c Jimmy Connors
d Bjorn Borg

9) What was the first James Bond film?
a Goldfinger
b You Only Live Twice
c From Russia With Love
d Dr. No

10) What is the fastest stroke in swimming?
a Front Crawl
b Breast Stroke
c Butterfly
d Backstroke

11) What is the largest train station in Britain?
a Oxford Street
b Leicester Square
c Waterloo
d Liverpool Street

12) What letter accounts for one in every eight letters written in the English Language?
a A
b E
c I
d O

13) How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have?
a 5
b 6
c 7
d 8

14) What feature film attracted the largest TV audience of 1980?
a Moonraker
b Empire Strikes Back
c Jaws
d The Hunt For Red October

15) Who achieved the first maximum break in the Embassy World Snooker Championships?
a Jimmy White
b Ray Reardon
c Steve Davis
d Cliff Thorburn

16) What is the points value for the letter K in Scrabble?
a 2
b 3
c 4
d 5

17) What do the 1981, 82 & 83 F.A. Cup finals have in common?
a They all contained an own goal
b They all had a sending off
c They all went to a replay
d They all contained a penalty

18) How many years of bad luck follow the breaking of a mirror?
a 7
b 9
c 11
d 100

19) What is the square root of 121?
a 8
b 9
c 11
d 12

20) Who was the first boxer to hold the World Heavyweight Championship three times?
a Frank Bruno
b Muhammed Ali
c Evander Holyfield
d Mike Tyson


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These questions test your General Knowledge abilities.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 69% on the first attempt.

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