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1) What is the longest running theatre show in the world?
a Grease
b Mousetrap
c Phantom of the Opera
d Cats

2) What is the name of the island at the end of Italy?
a Capri
b Malta
c Sicily
d Cyprus

3) How many miles is Hong Kong from London?
a 3200
b 12300
c 5500
d 8000

4) Where is Beirut?
a Saudi Arabia
b Lebanon
c Yemen
d Iran

5) What are the colours of the Scottish flag?
a Red, white and blue
b Blue and white
c Red and white
d Red and blue

6) Where do the Oscars take place?
a London
b Los Angeles
c New York
d Cannes

7) Where is the Empire State Building?
a San Francisco
b Toronto
c New York
d Chicago

8) Which magazine is the odd one out?
a Just Seventeen
b Jackie
c Nineteen

9) What is the capital of Chile?
a Rio de Janeiro
b Santiago
c Buenos Aires
d Washington

10) What does a caterpillar turn into?
a Snail
b Butterfly
c Snake
d Bee

11) What part of the body does a Chiropodist work with?
a back
b brain
c hands
d feet

12) Who created Peter Rabbit?
a Enid Blyton
b J K Rowling
c Beatrix Potter
d Stephen King

13) What is the sign of the Zodiac for Capricorn?
a Twins
b Goat
c Fish
d Scales

14) What is the only bird that can fly backwards?
a Penguin
b Swallow
c Cuckoo
d Humming bird

15) What was Constantinople’s name changed to?
a Jerusalem
b Mecca
c Istanbul
d Beirut

16) What does a barometer measure?
a Wind Speed
b Depth of the Ocean
c Air Pressure
d Speed

17) What is the hardest bone in the human body?
a Knee
b Thumb
c Jaw
d Ankle

18) How many Russians have landed on the moon?
a 1
b 2
c 3
d 0

19) What pop group does Ronan Keating manage?
a Boyzone
b Westlife
c Steps
d S Club 7

20) Which player does not play for Manchester United?
a David Beckham
b Ryan Giggs
c Michael Owen
d Paul Scholes


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These questions test your General Knowledge abilities.


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