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1) What is the capital of Finland?
a Oslo
b Helsinki
c London
d Madrid

2) What planet is nearest the Sun?
a Mars
b Pluto
c Mercury
d Neptune

3) What year was the Great Fire of London in?
a 1066
b 1996
c 1666
d 1215

4) What is the capital of Australia?
a Sydney
b Summer Bay
c Perth
d Canberra

5) Who discovered America?
a Sir Francis Drake
b Columbus
c Shakespeare
d Walt Disney

6) When did man first land on the moon?
a 1967
b 1968
c 1969
d 1970

7) Who was the first man to climb Everest?
a Sir Edmund Hilary
b Sir Ralph Fiennes
c Richard Branson
d Richard Littlejohn

8) What type of car does Michael Schumaker drive in Formula 1?
a Mercedes
b Porsche
c Ferrari
d Ford

9) What is the name of Michael Jackson’s chimp?
a Trifle
b Gary the Gorilla
c Bubbles
d Troubles

10) Which of the following animals are extinct?
a Tiger
b Elephant
c Mongoose
d Dodo

11) What country is not in South America?
a Argentina
b Brazil
c Chile
d Mexico

12) What is the currency used in Japan?
a Ben
b Den
c Zen
d Yen

13) Which of the following is not a Great Lake?
a Superior
b Michigan
c Eerie
d Lucerne

14) What is the most commonly used punctuation mark?
a Full stop
b Exclamation mark
c Question mark
d Comma

15) Who is the current U.S President?
a Reagan
b Clinton
c Obama
d Bush

16) Which of the following is the odd one out?
a Lisbon
b Oslo
c Sweden
d Copenhagen

17) What is the missing no. 1, 4, 9, 16, ??, 36?
a 27
b 25
c 28
d 33

18) Which of the bands is English?
a Westlife
b Boyzone
c Bewitched
d S Club 7

19) What is the cube root of 27?
a 9
b 5
c 3
d 81

20) What is the hardest natural substance?
a Iron
b Diamond
c Gold
d Platinum


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