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1) Who has scored the most goals for England?
a Gary Lineker
b Michael Owen
c Bobby Charlton
d Alan Shearer

2) And how many did they score?
a 41
b 45
c 47
d 49

3) Which country won the first ever World Cup?
a Uruguay
b Brazil
c Italy
d Argentina

4) In what year was the Premier League formed?
a 1991
b 1992
c 1993
d 1994

5) Which football team has the nickname 'The Magpies'?
a Middlebrough
b Newcastle United
c Blackburn Rovers
d Swansea City

6) When was the last time that Tottenham Hotspurs won the league?
a 1961
b 1901
c 2001
d 1981

7) Which team play their football at 'Underhill'?
a Derby County
b Watford
c Barnet

8) What country does Didier Drogba play his football for?
a Cameroon
b France
c Trinidad & Tobago
d Ivory Coast

9) Which team were promoted to the Premier League for the first time ever in 2008?
a Hull City
b Peterborough United
c Yeovil Town
d Brighton and Hove Albion

10) What is the distance between the penalty spot and the goal line?
a 8
b 10
c 12
d 14

11) Celtic and Rangers play their football in which Scottish city?
a Edinburgh
b Glasgow
c Aberdeen
d Dundee

12) Inter Milan and AC Milan play their football at which stadium?
a Old Trafford
b San Siro
c Bernebau
d Nou Camp

13) Who was the first keeper to save a penalty in an F.A. Cup Final?
a David Seaman
b Peter Shilton
c David James
d Dave Beasant

14) Which club is not a PLC ?
a Tottenham Hotspur
b Chelsea
c Arsenal
d Manchester United

15) Who was the first person to miss a penalty in the 2008 Champions League Final?
a Gary Neville
b Nicolas Anelka
c Christiano Ronaldo
d John Terry

16) What number does David Beckham wear for LA Galaxy?
a 7
b 10
c 13
d 23

17) The J-League is the football league in which country?
a Japan
b Jamaica
c Jordan
d Jersey

18) Which Italian team were relegated for corruption in 2006?
a Juventus
b AC Milan
c Inter Milan
d Parma

19) David Beckham scored his
first international goal against which team?
a Tunisia
b France
c Romania
d Columbia

20) Who won the UEFA Cup in 2008?
a Rangers
b Zenit St Petersburg
c CSKA Moscow
d Everton


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