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1) What is an Atoll ?
a a herb
b a fence
c a coral island
d a boat

What is a banshee ?
a a Chinese vegetable
b a female spirit from Irish folklore
c a cat
d an African tribe

What is Capsicum?
a a pepper spice
b a constellation of stars
c a sea
d an animal

What is a ducat ?
a an old European coin
b a car
c a chest
d a ship

What is an espadrille ?
a a Spanish fruit
b a canvas shoe
c a Mexican drink
d a bag

What is a freisian ?
a someone from fresia
b someone from French Martinique
c a breed of cow
d a breed of dog

What is gingham ?
a a country estate
b a cotton check fabric
c a county
d a type of bread

What is a Hydrangea ?
a a shrub
b a water processor
c a water shortage
d an underwater insect

If something is ineluctable it is ?
a impossible to swallow
b impossible to hold
c impossible to avoid
d impossible to remove

What is a Jacinth ?
a a precious stone
b a species of insect
c a species of plant
d a semi precious stone

What is a Kumquat?
a An Australian mammal
b a Turkish drink
c a fruit
d a boat

What is a Loach?
a an insect
b a fish
c a plant
d a fence

What is a Marmot ?
a a bear
b a rodent
c a cat
d  a dog

What is a Necropolis ?
a a star
b a moon
c a cemetery
d a Greek statue

What is an Ostler ?
a a bird
b a snake
c a stableman
d a mayor

What is a Patella ?
a your shin bone
b your ankle bone
c your kneecap
d your elbow

What is a Paragon ?
a a mathematical expression
b a saying
c a model of perfection
d a car

What is Quinine ?
a a drug for Malaria
b half an octave
c a star
d a poem

What is a Rennet ?
a a jail cell
b a substance for curdling milk
c a legal document
d a part of a church

What is a Scabbard ?
a a beggar
b a sheath for a sword
c a rodent
d a type of rudder


Your Score:

This quiz is as it’s name suggests.  Each question represents a letter of the Alphabet.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 70% on the first attempt.

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