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1) Who is the oldest player to win the US Open golf championship?
a Arnold Palmer
b Gary Player
c Hale Irwin
d Jack Nicklaus

2) Boxer Rocky Marciano won all of his proffessional fights, how many did he win?
a 5
b 28
c 37
d 49

3) The New York Yankees have won the baseball World Series a record how many times?
a 17
b 19
c 21
d 27

4) Which country has won the most gold medals at the Olympics?
b Great Britain
c Japan
d Kenya

5) Carl Lewis won 4 golds at the 1984 Olympics. Which of the follo
wing did he not win?
a 100m
b 200m
c Long Jump
d High Jump

6) What is the longest javelin throw ever?
a 93.14 metres
b 96.79 metres
c 98.48 metres
d 100.02 metres

7) Hassiba Boulmerka became the first African woman to win a world title, but which event did she win?
a 100 metres
b 1000 metres
c 1500 metres
d 15000 metres

8) What team beat New Zealand by a record breaking score of 58-0 at ice hockey in 1987?
a Australia
c Canada
d England

9) Where were the first winter olympics held?
a Nagano
b Calgary
c Lillehammer
d Charmonix

10) Which country has won the world four-man bobsledding title 20 times?
a Switzerland
b Denmark
c Sweden
d Norway

11) Which ice hockey player is known as "The Great One", scoring 1072 goals in a 20 year career?
a Wayne Gretzky
b Mario Lameux
c Sergei Fedorov
d Igor Larionov

12) Who has won the men's singles title at Wimbledon the most times?
a John McEnroe
b Bjorn Borg
c Boris Becker
d Pete Samprass

13) When was Speed Skating first made an Olympic sport?
a 1992
b 1994
c 1996
d 1998

14) Who won the first superbowl in 1967?
a Green bay Packers
b San Francisco 49's
c Kansas City Chiefs
d Dallas Cowboys

15) What speed was the fastest cricket ball ever?
a 145 km/h
b 160 km/h
c 175 km/h
d 190 km/h

16) What's par on 455-yard golf course?
a 2
b 3
c 4
d 5

How long is the rest between rounds in a boxing match?
a 30 seconds
b 60 seconds
c 90 seconds
d 120 seconds

18) What wrestler's real name is Shirley Crabtree?
a Big Daddy
b Hulk Hogan
c Giant Haystacks
d The Undertaker

19) Which tennis player won all four grandslam titles in the same year?
a Martina Navratilova
b Jana Navotna
c Steffi Graff
d Martina Hingis

20) What occurred in the 1877 Boat Race that hasn't occurred since?
a One of the boats sank
b A third team took part
c A man fell overboard
d A dead heat


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