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1) What type of wood are cricket stumps usually made of?
a Oak
b Pine
c Maple
d Ash

2) How many players make up a water polo team?
a 7
b 5
c 9
d 6

3) What number was worn by Brazilian soccer great Pele?
a 1
b 7
c 8
d 10

4) Who kept goal with a broken neck in 1956 F.A Cup final?
a Bert Troutman
b Ron Springett
c Gordon Banks
d Bob Wilson

5) How many strokes are tournament golfers penalized for slow play?
a 5
b 2
c 6
d 1

6) What country won the first gold medal in the first modern-day Olympics?
a The U.S
b U.K
c Australia
d Canada

7) What country saw the origin of lawn tennis?
a France
b England
c Spain
d Germany

8) What’s played on a table measuring nine feet by five?
a Pool
b Snooker
c Table Tennis
d Billiards

9) What does a boxer’s second throw into the ring to stop a fight?
a water
b shorts
c whistle
d a towel

10) What are the odds against cutting an ace from a deck of cards?
a Thirteen to one
b Twelve to one
c Eleven to one
d Ten to one

11) How many golf balls are there on the moon?
a 5
b 4
c 1
d 3

12) What is the world’s largest racecourse?
a Newmarket
b Ascot
c Aintree
d The Shatin Racecourse in Hong Kong

13) What colour of boxing trunks did Muhammad Ali wear?
a Blue
b Red
c White
d Yellow

14) How many feet is it from the service line to the net in tennis?
a 19
b 25
c 20
d 21

15) How many horses are there on a polo team?
a 4
b 6
c 3
d 5

16) What football team was Jasper Carrot previously a director of?
a Colchester United
b Swansea
c Birmingham City
d Luton Town

17) What was Roger Bannister’s number when he broke the 4 mile barrier?
a 47
b 51
c 36
d 45

18) Which two countries have won soccer’s World Cup most times?
a Brazil and France
b Italy and Germany
c Spain and France
d Brazil and Italy

19) How did Rocky Marciano die?
a Car accident
b Heart Attack
c Train collision
d Plane crash

20) What is the bullseye worth in archery?
a 11
b 9
c 7
d 8


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