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1) How many people have walked on the moon ?
a 2
b 5
c 10
d 12

What is the name of the first space probe to reach another planet when it arrived at  Venus in 1962 ?
a Voyager 1
b Voyager 2
c Sputnik 1
d Mariner 2

How many species of plant are there in the world ?
a over 100,000
b over 200,000
c over 300,000
d over 400,000

Who developed vaccines for Anthrax and Rabies ?
a Alexander Fleming
b Louis Pasteur
c Edward Jenner
d Joseph Lister

90% of the matter in the universe is made from one element-what element?
a Helium
b Hydrogen
c Carbon
d Lead

How many elements have been artificially created in labs ?
a 6
b 14
c 27
d 42

Who is commonly regarded as the inventor of the calculator ?
a Thomas Edison
b Alexander Bell
c Charles Babbage
d Thomas Sowery

How many bones are there in the skull ?
a 1
b 8
c 16
d 22

What travels through space at 66,700 miles an hour ?
a Voyager 2
b Halley's Comet
c Earth
d The Sun

Banana Oil is produced from what ?
a Banana Skins
b Coal
c Oil
d Daffodils

What element do all organic compounds contain ?
a Hydrogen
b Helium
c Carbon
d Oxygen

Where are the Hoversian Canals ?
a Africa
b Jupiter
c In the bones
d On the Moon

Fly agaric is a type of what ?
a Insect
b Mushroom
c Spice
d Airline

Dinosaurs died out how many years ago ?
a 1 million years
b 25 million years
c 40 million years
d 65 million years

What does a horologist measure?
a Space
b Time
c Air Pressure
d Temperatures

What was the worlds first city with more than one TV station ?
a Hollywood
b New York
c London
d Paris

What fraction of an iceberg is above water ?
a one third
b one quarter
c one eighth
d one ninth

Which planet has a pink sky ?
a Jupiter
b Mars
c Venus
d Pluto

How long is an elephant pregnant?
a 21 Months
b 9 Months
c 16 Months
d 36 Months

The smallest bird in the world is ?
a The Robin
b The Hummingbird
c The Kingfisher
d The Bee Hummingbird


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