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1) What's the Farenheit equivalent of zero degrees centigrade?
a 30 degrees
b 31 degrees
c 32 degrees
d 33 degrees

2) How many sides does have a heptagon have?
a Seven
b Nine
c Eleven
d Thirteen

3) What's the
numerical answer to the Roman subtraction M minus IX?
a 1
b 41
c 91
d 991

4) What kind of snake is the Egyption asp?
a Carpet
b Rattle
c Python
d Cobra

5) What colour is produced by the complete absorption of light rays?
a Black
b Blue
c Red
d White

6) What is the most common colour of amethyst?
a Green
b Purple
c Orange
d Red

7) What month is showing on the calend
ar when the Earth is nearest the Sun?
a January
b July
c August
d December

8) Who was the first man to hit a golf ball on the moon?
a Buzz Aldrin
b Neil Armstrong
c Alan Shepherd
d Buzz Lightyear

9) What are Cobol, Fortran and Pascal?
a Computer Manufacturers
b Computer Operating Systems
c Computer Networks
d Computer Languages

10) What insect can jump 200 times it's own height?
a The Moth
b The Flea
c The Ant
d The Spider

11) What part of the body is most commonly bitten by insects?
a The Foot
b The Arm
c The Back
d The Shoulder

12) What were the first words spoken from the moon?
a Houston, Tranquility Base here; the Eagle has landed.
b Houston, Tranquility Base here; We've made it.
c One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.
d The landing procedure has been completed successfully.

13) Where is the forelock on a horse?
a Inside the ear
b Under the tail
c Above the forehead
d Below the waist

14) What does a meteorologist study?
a Space
b Water
c Soil
d Weather

15) What cluster of stars is also known as The Plough?
a The Big Dipper
b Orions Belt
c The Milkyway
d The Milkybar

16) What's the international radio code word for the letter O?
a Oscar
b Opera
c Ocean
d Oil

17) What's the common term for the tympanic mebrane?
a Cornea
b Retina
c Iris
d Ear drum

18) Whats the cube root of 27?
a 2.7
b 3
c 7
d 9

19) Which of the five senses are you most likely to lose if hit by lightning?
a Sight
b Hearing
c Taste
d Smell

Where in the body is the bone called femur?
a ankle
b thigh
c arm
d chest


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