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1) Who did William the Conqueror defeat to become king of England?
a Charles II
b Henry I
c Harold II
d George III

2) How long was Henry VIII on the throne?
a 34 years
b 36 years
c 38 years
d 40 years

3) In what year did George Washington become the first president of the USA?
a 1674
b 1732
c 1789
d 1802

4) Which is the oldest town in the world?
a Carthage
b Jericho
c Alexandria
d Lutetia

5) Edmund Hillary & Norgay Tenzing were the first men to do what?
a Go into space
b Reach the South Pole
c Climb Mount Everest
d Win the Wimbledon doubles championship

6) In what year did American "Robert Peary" become the first man to reach the North Pole?
a 1909
b 1911
c 1913
d 1915

7) World War II led to the Cold War - a long period of tension between which two counties?
a England & USA
b USA & Japan
c Japan & Russia
d Russia & USA

8) How many people died in the first world war?
a 8.5 million
b 9.5 million
c 10.5 million
d 11.5 million

9) Who said to his wife after a failed assassination attempt "I forgot to duck!"?
a Lord Mountbatten
b George Bush
c Ronald Reagan
d Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

10) Who was the longest serving US president?
a George Washington
b John F. Kennedy
c F.D. Rosevelt
d Richard Nixon

11) England defeated the French army of 25,000 men in the "Battle Of Agincourt" but how many men did they have themselves?
a 6,000
b 13,000
c 25,000
d 32,000

12) Who was Abrahams' son?
a Isaac
b Moses
c Jacob
d Abraham Jr

13) What year was the Berlin Wall erected?
a 1955
b 1958
c 1961
d 1964

14) What was the Frenchman Marat cleanly murdered in?
a His Bed
b His Car
c His Bath
d His Kitchen

15) How long was Pedro Lascurain president of Mexico before resigning?
a 10 Minutes
b 1 Hour
c 1 Week
d 1 Month

16) Who's assassination sparked off World War I?
a Giacomo Matteotti
b Simon Boliver
c Czar Nicholas II
d Franz Ferdinand

17) What colour is the Queen's Blotting paper?
a Black
b White
c Yellow
d Sky Blue

18) What was Reginald Maudling's last cabinet post?
a Minister of Defence
b Home Secretary
c Minister of Agriculture
d Chief of Staff

19) What was a Mae West on a World War II battleship?
a Anchor
b Rubber Ring
c Rowing Boat
d Life Jacket

20) What unsightly feature did Abraham Lincoln have on his face?
a A Scar
b Freckles
c A Wart
d A Birth Mark


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