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1) What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?
a Alpha
b Beta
c Gamma
d Delta

2) What takes eight minutes to reach Earth?
a Rain
b Sunlight
c Lightning
d Thunder

3) What does a horologist measure?
a Cloud cover
b Water
c Land
d Time

4) How many nail holes are there in a standard horseshoe?
a 12
b 8
c 4
d 17

5) What's the only place in Europe where monkeys live free?
a Italy
b Germany
c Gibralter
d Turkey

6) Pb is the chemical symbol for what element?
a Iron
b Lead
c Lithium
d Magnesium

7) What two countries border the Dead Sea?
a Morrocco and Egypt
b Algeria and Congo
c Israel and Jordan
d Iraq and Iran

8) What song is most frequently sung in England?
a Happy Birthday
b Merry Christmas
c Y.M.C.A.
d Hokey Kokey

9) What is the BBC's longest running programme?
a Songs of Praise
b Sky at Night
c Panorama
d Antiques Roadshow

10) What's the opposite of the Orient?
a The Far East
b The Orient Express
c The Occident
d Australia

11) Which city is furthest south?
a London
b New York City
c Moscow
d Oslo

12) What inside corn makes it pop?
a Water
b The seed
c The corn
d Air

13) What is the Paper Anniversary, when considering marriage?
a The tenth
b The fifth
c The second
d The first

14) What day of the week was JFK assasinated on?
a Monday
b Tuesday
c Thursday
d Friday

15) Which part of the human body is most commonly bitten by insects?
a The hand
b The leg
c The foot
d The arm

16) How many British Prime Ministers have been assasinated?
a 0
b 1
c 2
d 3

17) How many rooms does Buckingham Palace have?
a 2062
b 346
c 457
d 534

18) Which country has the highest per capita consumption of cheese?
a France
b Italy
c Switzerland
d Netherlands

19) What is the only bird that can fly backwards?
a Penguin
b Cuckoo
c Hummingbird
d Kingfisher

20) What is the hardest bone in the body?
a Jaw Bone
b Skull
c Spine
d Fibula


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