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1) How many front toes does a parrot have?
a 1
b 2
c 4
d 3

2) How many pairs of chromosomes does a normal human have?
a 32
b 48
c 23
d 12

3) How many players are there in a Rugby League side?
a 9
b 11
c 21
d 13

4) What colour does the bride wear in China?
a Green
b Red
c Orange
d Purple

5) Who was Shakespeare's fairy king?
a Oberon
b Hamlet
c Romeo
d Tybalt

6) Who won England's first Nobel Prize for literature, in 1907?
a Sylvia Plath
b Rudyard Kipling
c Emily Bronte
d Charles Dickens

7) What number is at 6 o'clock on a dartboard?
a 9
b 18
c 3
d 12

8) What makes plants green?
a Chlorophyll
b Protein
c Photosynthesis
d Starch

9) What would you be in if you did an Eskimo roll?
a Bobsleigh
b A canoe or kayak
c A tyre
d A sack

10) How many yards wide is a soccer goal?
a 8
b 12
c 10
d 6

11) Who became The Fastest Mouse in all of Mexico?
a Mickey Mouse
b Speedy Gonzales
c Minnie Mouse
d Mighty Mouse

12) What finger boasts the fastest-growing nail?
a The little finger
b The index finger
c The middle finger
d The thumb

13) What bird lays the largest egg?
a The bluetit
b The robin
c The ostrich
d The goose

14) What's the only day named after a planet?
a Saturday
b Friday
c Monday
d Wednesday

15) What do fletchers make?
a Balls
b Arrows
c Kites
d Bows

16) In what season are shadows shorter?
a Winter
b Autumn
c Summer
d Spring

17) What's the world's largest island?
a Ireland
b Greenland
c Iceland
d Hawaii

18) What Shakespeare play opens with a storm at sea?
a Romeo and Juliet
b Hamlet
c The Tempest
d A Midsummer Nights Dream

19) How many queen bees reign in a hive?
a 4
b 1
c 3
d 2

20) What's the most expensive sport to compete in?
a Golf
b Large-yacht racing
c Rowing
d Horse racing


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