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1) What's the only active volcano on the European mainland?
a Bolshoi semiachik
b Mount Vesuvius
c Emi koussi
d Mantai

2) What unit of currency will buy you dinner in Iraq, Jordan and Tunisia?
a The Pound
b The Dollar
c The dinar
d The Bhat

3) What do gorillas do when they get nervous?
a Beat their chests
b Eat bananas
c Swing from trees
d Do a dance

4) What's the capital of Taiwan?
a Bankok
b Shanghai
c Taipei
d Hong Kong

5) Which is the only one of the seven Dwarfs without a beard?
a Doc
b Grumpy
c Dopey
d Sneezy

6) How often were the original Olympic Games held?
a Every two years
b Every ten years
c Every seven years
d Every four years

7) How many tusks does an Indian rhinoceros have?
a 2
b 5
c 1
d 3

8) What country has the third-most satellites in orbit?
a Russia
b Spain
c France
d Australia

9) What is the layer beneath the Earth's crust called?
a The core
b The mantle
c The crust
d The inner core

10) What sport is Jonah Barrington famous for?
a Badminton
b Squash
c Tennis
d Baseball

11) What two colours does a colour-blind person have trouble distinguishing?
a Red and Green
b Blue and Yellow
c Green and Yellow
d Blue and Red

12) What's the largest mammal ever to have lived?
a Dolphin
b Seal
c The blue whale
d Mammoth

13) What's the world's largest museum?
a Science Museum in New York
b Natural History Museum in London
c Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles
d The Louvre in Paris

14) Whose royal birthday is celebrated on June 10?
a Princess Anne's
b Princess Eugenie
c Prince Philip's
d Prince William's

15) What's the smallest continent?
a Africa
b Antartica
c Asia
d Europe

16) Who was Britain's first prime minister?
a Sir Robert Walpole
b John Major
c Tony Blair
d Margaret Thatcher

17) Where's the Sea of Showers?
a The earth
b The moon
c The ocean
d The stars

18) What kind of animal is Babar?
a A fox
b A giraffe
c An elephant
d A monkey

19) What nursery rhyme character was arachnaphobic?
a Humpty Dumpty
b Little Miss Muffet
c Jack Horner
d Little Bo Peep

20) What type of fish is a jack?
a A tench
b A pike
c A carp
d A perch


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