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1) Who wrote the Ugly Duckling?
a Enid Blyton
b Roald Dahl
c Hans Christian Andersen 
d J K Rowling

2) What's the fifth largest country in the world?
a Brazil
b Australia
c Russia

3) How many stars make up Orion's belt?
a 2
b 3
c 4
d 5

4) What kind of animals was Napoleon terrified of?
a Dogs
b Horses
c Snakes
d Cats

5) What city has the two steepest streets in the U.S?
a San Francisco
b New York
c Los Angeles
d Washington

6) What river are the cities of Patna and Calcutta on?
a The Nile
b The Amazon
c The Ganges
d The Seine

7) How many watts make a kilowatt?
a 10
b 1000
c 100
d 10000

8) Who chauffered Lady Penelope?
a Tin Tin
b Scott Tracy
c Brains
d Parker

9) What is a pyrotechnic display?
a Fireworks
b Parachutes
c Vintage Cars
d Lasers

10) What movie originated the magic word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?
a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
b Mary Poppins
c Sound of Music
d Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

11) What dog is named after a Mexican state?
a The Chihuahua
b The Poodle
c The Cocker Spaniel
d The St Bernard

12) What kingdom claims the birth place of Bhudda?
a Thailand
b Indonesia
c Nepal
d Japan

13) What was originally called the Pluto Platter?
a The Orion Belt
b The Frisbee
c The first plane 
d The first satelitte

14) What was the original colour of post boxes?
a Blue
b Red
c Black
d Green

15) What's the worlds largest department store?
a Bloomingdales
b Macy's New York City
c Fortnum and Masons
d Harrods

16) What unit of heat will raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius?
a The Calorie
b The British Thermal
c The Scolville
d The Gross

17) How many times can a horse win the Derby?
a 9
b 6
c 1
d 3

18) Who decided never to grow up and ran off to live with the fairies?
a Cinderella
b Aladdin
c Snow White
d Peter-Pan

19) Which is Britain's largest lake?
a Loch Ness
b Willowfield Lake
c Loch Lomond
d Dorchester Lagoon

20) What was the biggest selling toy of 1957?
a Hula Hoop
b Swing Ball
c Skipping Rope
d Football


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