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These questions test your General Knowledge abilities.


When you click to view your score, whether your right or wrong will appear to the side of the question.  You can always change your answer and check to see if you have improved your score.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get them all correct most people only achieve 65% on the first attempt.

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1) What country is home to Olympic Airways?
a Greece
b Holland
c France
d England

2) What objects does the hand imitate in the children's game ick-ack-ock?
a Ball, bat, and net
b Paper, Stone, and scissors
c Sun, moon and stars
d Pen, paper, and ruler

3) What country was the most heavily bombed in the Vietnam War?
a China
b Malaysia
c Cambodia
d Thailand

4) What South American country has the world’s highest golf course?
a Peru
b Mexico
c Chile
d Brazil

5) What country includes North Islands, South Island and Stewart and Chatham islands?
a Greece
b Spain
c Finland
d New Zealand

6) What are the two hottest months at the equator?
a June and July
b August and January
c March and September
d December and May

7) Who is the only player on a field hockey team who’s allowed to kick the ball?
a The goaltender
b The right back
c The left back
d The centre half

8) Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was alive?
a Great Pyramid of Cheops
b Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
c Mausolem at Halicamassus
d The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

9) What children’s toy was named after Theodore Roosevelt?
a The doll
b The Teddy Bear
c The rocking horse
d The puppet

10) What’s the name of Snoopy’s secretary?
a Pepermint Patty
b Charlie Brown
c Woodstock
d Franklin

11) What’s the Red Planet?
a Mars
b Jupiter
c Uranus
d Pluto

12) How many plays did William Shakespeare write?
a 23
b 35
c 37
d 83

13) How many astronauts manned each Apollo flight?
a 3
b 4
c 5
d 6

14) What do frogs have in their mouths that toads don’t?
a saliva
b tongue
c taste buds
d teeth

15) What is Africa’s second-longest river?
a Buffalo River
b The Zaire
c Chinko River
d Ivindo River

16) What must a Mensa member be?
a an athlete
b a plumber
c a genius
d a publican

17) What is the world’s longest mountain range?
a Andes
b Alps
c Pennines
d Lemhi

18) What planet travels around the Sun every 248 years?
a Saturn
b Pluto
c Mercury
d Mars

19) How old is a town celebrating it's sesquicentennial?
a 120 years
b 130 years
c 140 years
d 150 years

20) What two countries are linked by the Simpson Pass?
a Switzerland and Italy
b France and Germany
c Norway and Sweden
d Canada and America


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