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1) Which player was the first five figure signing in British Football?
a Trevor Francis
b Jimmy Greaves
c David Jack
d Rodney Marsh

2) Which team plays at Kenilworth Road?
a Watford
b Peterborough
c Portsmouth
d Luton Town

3) What is the colour most associated with Barnet?
a Blue
b Red
c Gold
d Green

4) When was the last time Tottenham Hotspurs won the league title?
a 1961
b 1971
c 1981
d 1991

5) In what year was the first colour broadcast of the FA Cup Final?
a 1968
b 1969
c 1973
d 1974

6) In what year was the Munich Air Disaster?
a 1954
b 1958
c 1962
d 1963

7) Which footballer's autobiography is titled 'Where do I go from here?'
a Jimmy Greaves
b David Beckham
c George Best
d Michael Owen

8) Which team holds the record for the most consecutive European Cup wins?
a Inter Milan
b Juventus
c Barcelona
d Real Madrid

9) What is the title of David Seaman's autobiography?
a Safe Hands
b Playing on the Edge
c The Goalkeeping Game
d Kick Off

10) What is the height of a football goal?
a 7 feet
b 8 feet
c 9 feet
d 10 feet

11) Who was the first soccer player to be knighted?
a Kevin Keegan
b Rodney Marsh
c George Best
d Stanley Matthews

12) Which team plays at the Madjski Sadium?
a Cambridge
b Reading
c Rotherham
d Shrewsbury

13) Who were the first British football team to win the European Cup?
a Liverpool
b Tottenham Hotspurs
c Manchester United
d Celtic

14) How many goals were conceded by England in the 1966 World Cup Finals?
a 0
b 1
c 3
d 5

15) Who said 'I was born for soccer just as Beethoven was born was music'?
a Maradona
b Johan Cruyff
c Pele
d David Beckham

16) What was the name of the dog that found the World Cup in 1966?
a Spot
b Laddie
c Pickles
d Pitcher

17) Which country won the first ever World Cup?
a Brazil
b Argentina
c Uruguay
d Mexico

18) Which English football player was the first to get 1000 league appearances?
a Bryan Robson
b Pat Jennings
c Alan Hansen
d Glenn Hoddle

19) What do the 1981, 1982 and 1983 FA Cup Finals all have in common?
a someone was sent off in every game
b goalkeeper was injured in every game
c no substitutes used
d every game went to a replay

20) Who owns the Jules Rimet Trophy?
c Brazil
d England


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