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1) What was the name of Michael Crawford's characters wife in "Some Mothers Do Ave 'em"
a Wilma
b Betty
c Mavis
d Gina

2) What film featured Jack Nicholson as a Californian Private eye?
a Chinatown
b As Good As It Gets
c One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
d Wolf

Gordon Summer is the real name of which pop star?
a Meatloaf
b Seal
c Sting
d Bono

What was Madonna' s first single to enter the UK singles chart?
a Holiday
b Vogue
c Like A Virgin
d Material Girl

What was the sequel to the T.V. sitcom "Porridge"?
a Porridge II
b Back Inside
c Behind Bars
d Going Straight

Who won an Oscar for "The Godfather" but refused to accept it?
a Marlon Brando
b Al Pacino
c Robert De Niro
d Francis Ford Coppola

What was the only number One single for Rolf Harris?
a Two Little Boys
b Sun Arise
c Stairway To Heaven
d Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

What was Grandma Walton's first name in the T.V. series?
a Ellie
b Enid
c Edna
d Esther

Who was the first DJ to be heard on Radio One?
a Jimmy Young
b Jimmy Saville
c Tony Blackburn
d Pete Murry

Which actor played 8 diferent parts in the film "Kind Hearts and Cornets"?
a Laurence Olivier
b Alec Guiness
c John Cleese
d Peter Sellers

What was the name of the T.V. news company in "Drop The Dead Donkey"?
a Globelink News
b Transworld News
c United Broadcasting

In which city was Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart born?
a Salzburg
b Vienna
c Berlin
d Prague

Which "tough guy" actor had the name "Marion Morrison" before changing it?
a Burt Reynolds
b Errol Flynn
c John Wayne
d Bruce Willis

The classic film "Star Wars" was first released in the UK in what year?
a 1971
b 1973
c 1975
d 1977

Who owns the tavern in the "Simpsons"?
a Homer
b Lenny
c Moe
d Barney

How many Rocky films have there been?
a 5
b 4
c 6
d 3

Which musical features the song "Day by Day"?
a Jesus Christ Superstar
b Hair
c Godspell
d Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour 

Who directed the 1992 movie "The Crying Game"?
a Alan Parke
b Neil Jordan
c Mike Figgis
d Stephen Frears

Which James Bond theme song did Tom Jones sing?
a Thunderball
b From Russia With Love
c For Your Eyes Only
d Dr. No

20) Which Hollywood star made an early appearance in the 1984 film "BMX Bandits"?
a Michelle Pfeiffer
b Julia Roberts
c Nicole Kidman
d Meg Ryan


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